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Washington: Pistol-packing pharmacist scares away robbers

May 6, 2009

Seattle, Washington

From of May 5, 2009

Pistol-packing pharmacist scares away robbers

A small sign in the Bob Johnson Pharmacy window says it all: Mike Donahue does not put up with anyone trying to steal from him.

The sign lists a half-dozen people who Donahue says have tried to rob the Crown Hill pharmacy since 1988. “None of them got away with it!” the sign reads. Donahue has security cameras set up, a security system and, as he tells KING 5, he’s armed with a Glock 19 handgun under his lab coat.

This is surveillance video of Donahue chasing a would-be robber out the front door. “When someone comes in to rob my pharmacy or put my patients at risk I have something to help protect us,” he says. He’s pulled the gun on three potential thieves, most recently a few months ago.

Bob Johnson Pharmacy isn’t the only business in the area around 85th St. and 14th Ave. that’s been the target of recent crime. Crown Hill Methodist church was broken into early in the morning on Palm Sunday, and just last week, someone broke into Wild Mountain Cafe.


Police Impersonator Does Home Invasion, Shot Dead

April 11, 2009

Wenatchee, Washington

From the April 10, 2009 Wenatchee World:

WENATCHEE — Josh Ray always sleeps with a gun next to him.

“I just feel safer,” he says.

Early Monday morning, he felt he had to use it to defend himself.

The 25-year-old Wenatchee man says he was just falling asleep on his living room couch when “my door flew open and there was a man standing there in the doorway and he said, ‘Freeze, police.’ “

Ray, who says he is an avid viewer of the television reality show “Cops,” was not buying it.

“I kind of got real scared and I jumped in the air and put my hands up but it took me only a couple of seconds to know that this guy’s not a cop,” Ray said. “I know from watching that show that if police are coming to someone’s house, they announce themselves before they boot the door open, not afterwards.”

The next few seconds would culminate in the wounding of Ray, the death of the man at the door, Scott D. Bates, and possibly the solving of three armed robberies at Wenatchee area pharmacies. Wenatchee police say they suspect that Bates was involved with those robberies, one of which was committed with an accomplice. Wenatchee police cannot confirm what happened inside the residence before they were called.

Ray called The Wenatchee World to say that he was never convicted of three misdemeanors, a statement that was published in stories earlier this week. The only charges listed for Ray in the The Washington State Patrol’s criminal data base are the new charges pending against him. After the shooting he was booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center on suspicion of possession of less than 40 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a legend drug, Ambien, a sleep aid. No other charges are pending against him in the WSP database.

Ray said he had a pistol on the coffee table next to the couch, but when he jumped up, the movement put him closer to a semi-automatic rifle, which he grabbed. At that point, he said, Bates shouted, ” ‘Freeze’ at least two more times and I pretty much said BS. Those were the only words I ever said to that man.”

Ray said Bates then shot him in the thigh and “it hurt really bad and I immediately returned fire. I shot him eight to 10 times. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get shot again because he still had the gun in his hand when he was on the ground.”

Police have said Bates was shot four to five times. They note that someone involved in a shooting may think they’ve fired more shots than they really have.

Ray said he thinks he dialed 911 to report the incident, then he took the gun out of Bates’ hand and threw it a couple of feet away. He realized Bates, who did not move after the shooting, was dead within a few minutes of the shooting.

He said the gunshots, fired about 1:30 a.m., scared off his 100-pound pit bull named Kane, so he ran outside looking for the dog. A neighbor rounded up the dog later.

Police have said they think Bates came to the Ray home at 616 Fourth St. to steal drugs, but Ray said he did not have any drugs inside his home that would be worth stealing. He admitted to having a small amount of marijuana and a bong on his coffee table.

Police, however, have said a search of the Ray residence turned up prescription narcotics in unmarked containers.

When asked why Bates came to his house, Ray said, “I have no idea.”

Ray said he never met Bates but was a friend of William B. “Brett” Cooper, the East Wenatchee man suspected of supplying guns to Bates and of being outside the Ray residence during the shooting. Police have not said why they think Cooper was at the scene. Cooper was charged Thursday with supplying weapons to Bates, who could not legally own them.

Police say Bates used a sledgehammer, about three feet long, to break down Ray’s door. It left a big impression on Ray.

“It was the biggest sledgehammer I’d ever seen,” he said. “My door was pretty much open with one hit from this huge guy.”

Spokane Home Invader Shot

March 31, 2009

Spokane, Washington

From the March 30, 2009 Spokesman-Review:

A resident trying to protect himself during a home invasion shot and seriously wounded one of two invaders early Monday.

Spokane police said the man underwent surgery at a Spokane hospital for two handgun wounds to his abdomen, and the other suspect ran and remained at large Monday afternoon.

A woman living at the home in the 4100 block of East 16th Avenue called 911 about 2 a.m., reporting that two men had entered the house and that her male roommate was confronting them in another room. The call came in about the same time the roommate fired shots in the other room, said Officer Tim Moses, police spokesman.

Both of the suspects were armed, police said.

Police have been unable to provide a full description of the two suspects, both in their 20s.

Moses said police detectives plan to interview the injured man to learn more about the other suspect and the reason for the confrontation. The home where the shooting occurred was built about 2002 and, according to county records, is owned by a Chattaroy couple.

College students are renting the house, and they had not had any previous problems, the owner said.

UPDATE: A bit more detail about the suspects from the April 1, 2009 Spokane Spokesman-Review:

In 2002, Butler was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for a bank robbery that resulted in federal charges against a California gang member who worked with Butler and another man, according to previously public reports.

It’s unclear how long Butler was in prison in connection with the bank robbery. But records show he was sentenced in Kootenai County in early March to 10 days in jail or 32 hours in a county work program on one count of frequenting a home where a controlled substance is used.

Taylor, the other suspect, has criminal convictions dating back to 1996 in Pierce County, including charges of second-degree theft, third-degree assault, attempting to elude, and several drug charges. He served 10 days in jail in December after pleading guilty to escape from community custody, records show.

Yakima Carry Permitholder Shoots Robber

February 20, 2009

Yakima, Washington

From the January 22, 2009 Tri-City Herald:

YAKIMA — A robbery suspect was shot dead by an armed civilian late Monday, the first incident of justifiable homicide city police said they could recall in recent memory.

Franklin McWain, 33, died at a hospital from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. An autopsy was performed Tuesday.

A police news release said the shooting occurred in the 800 block of North Second Street about 11 p.m. Monday.

According to the release, a 27-year-old Yakima man told officers he was waiting outside a residence for a friend when he was approached by McWain.

The man, identified as Michael Valadez, 27, said McWain struck him on the head with a stick and demanded money. Valadez told police he was struck several more times before firing two shots at McWain. Valadez had a valid concealed weapons permit.

Valadez ran from the area and flagged down a passing police officer. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of a head wound and a broken left arm.

The release said police found evidence at the scene that backed up the man’s story.

He has not been charged with a crime. The case is being referred to the Yakima County prosecutor.

McWain was a longtime Yakima resident whose criminal history included six felonies, police said.

Court records show he was found guilty of charges related to eluding, theft and drugs, among other offenses.

Vancouver Man In Underwear Captures Burglar

February 5, 2009

Vancouver, Washington

From February 3, 2009 KPTV channel 12:

A man wearing only his underpants caught a burglar breaking into his home and held him at gunpoint until officers could arrive, police said.

The suspected prowler was facing serious charges after the alert homeowner caught him in the act and held him at gunpoint early Tuesday morning in northeast Vancouver.

Police said Matthew Morris, 24, was trying to break into the family’s cars and possibly their home, when he ended up facing the barrel of the homeowner’s gun.

Tuesday, a woman FOX 12 will refer to only as “Sandy” was still shaken up over her family’s startling wake-up call.

“We were afraid. I mean, my husband was afraid and I was afraid for my children and for our safety,” Sandy said.

After a recent string of car break-ins, including one right next door, Sandy and her husband set out a motion sensor in front of their house.

So when the alarm was activated early Tuesday morning, they didn’t hesitate.”(We) went to the window and saw the person in between our two vehicles and then trying to look in the front window,” Sandy said.

Her husband grabbed one of their guns and ran out to confront the man.

The firearm probably wasn’t the only thing to catch the accused burglar by surprise since Sandy’s husband was only wearing his underwear.

Washington: Federal Way man dies after wife shoots in self-defense

December 26, 2008

Federal Way, Washington

From the Federal Way Mirror of December 14, 2008

Federal Way man dies after wife shoots in self-defense

At about 3:55 a.m. Dec. 13, Federal Way police responded to a shooting at the Mariposa Apartment Complex, 28120 18 Ave. S, Federal Way.

A 24-year-old white female called 911 to report she had shot her 40-year-old white male husband. Both are residents of Federal Way.

Upon arrival police contacted both subjects inside the apartment. The unresponsive male was on the bedroom floor with multiple gunshot wounds. South King County Fire and Rescue responded along with paramedics from King County Medic One in an attempt to revive the male, but pronounced him dead at approximately 4:43 a.m. The King County Medical Examiner later responded and took control of the body.

Upon initial interview of the female, she stated she had been separated from her husband for several weeks and that they each had a protection order against the other. The female was later transported to St. Francis Hospital by ambulance for minor head injuries and related pain. After treatment, the female was transported to the Federal Way Police Department for interviewing and is cooperating with the investigation.

Preliminary investigation indicates the shooting was in self-defense. The scene was processed by the Federal Way Police Department with the assistance of the Washington State Patrol Crime Scene Team.

Federal Way police are currently following leads from witnesses and other involved parties in an attempt to further investigate this incident.

The department encourages anyone who has any information regarding this incident to call 911.

Mentally Ill Man Attempts Robbery in Restaurant

July 25, 2008

Tacoma, Washington

From July 22, 2008 KING channel 5:

Diners at Pacific Grill, an upscale downtown Tacoma restaurant, were confronted by a man who was dining alone Monday evening.

According to Tacoma Police, the man sat down and ordered beer, then got up, went into a private dining area and demanded money from the diners.

He told them this was a robbery and demanded their wallets.

“He comes in the room and says, ‘I want your wallet and your cash’,” recalled Dr. Charles Weatherbee who was seated with fellow doctors and drug reps.

One of the doctors, who had been at target practice earlier, pulled out his gun and ordered the suspect out, saying, “Get out of the restaurant now!”

The suspect left and was greeted by police officers outside.

Tacoma Police spokesperson Mark Fulghum says the armed doctor acted within the law, defending himself and others during a crime.

The suspect is now undergoing a mental evaluation. He faces one robbery charge and several attempted robbery charges.

Yakima Drug Dealer Shoots in Self-Defense

February 20, 2008

Yakima, Washington

From February 18, 2008 KIMA channel 29:

The sheriff’s office now says Marcus Bradford would still be alive if he and two others didn’t go into the Terrace Heights home with guns last week.

Investigators think the trio intended to steal drugs and money.

It’s not to say the guy living at the house, Luis Acevedo, is off the hook.

But the sheriff’s office believes he was just protecting his friend and baby last Thursday morning… When Bradford, Khiry Jackson and Lawrence Adams showed up at the door.

Investigators say Acevedo admitted he used to deal drugs with the suspects, but swears that stopped 8 or 9 months ago.

Jackson and Adams now have murder charges thrown on their drug and gun charges.

Campbell says it’s possible another person’s involved.

Cops are looking into it–as well as Acevedo’s past.

But they say a pair of gloves found on the victim and in the getaway car indicate this was a burglary.

Washington: Would-be teen burglars arrested in Burien

February 10, 2008

Burien, Washington

From KOMO of February 7, 2008

Would-be teen burglars arrested in Burien

Four would-be teenage burglars had a bad day on Thursday.

First, the owner of the house they were burglarizing came home and chased them out of his house at gunpoint. Then two of the burglars were caught by police within minutes. Finally, the last two were caught after the area was flooded with King County sheriff’s deputies, Burien officers and a police chopper.

The incident began when a man returned to his home in the 16400 block of Ambaum Boulevard South after walking his dog and found a burglar in his kitchen.

As the suspect ran for the front door, he was joined by his three other suspects coming from various areas of the house. The homeowner grabbed his handgun and gave chase.

A passer-by saw the fleeing suspects and pointed out the direction they fled to the homeowner and arriving deputies. Plain-clothes detectives coming into the area spotted two of the four and they were promptly arrested.

During the search for the remaining suspects, the Sheriff’s Office received a call from a man in Mount Vernon who said his teenage son had just called him and breathlessly related: “The cops are looking for me … and they’ve got a helicopter.”

Finally, workers at a nearby townhouse spotted the last two suspects skulking along a fence line. Deputies converged and took them into custody without incident.

The suspects, ages 14, 14, 16, and 17, were from Burien, Mill Creek, and Seattle. All were booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of burglary.

Washington: Intruder Shot Dead By Kent Man

December 26, 2007

Kent, Washington

From KIRO of December 24, 2007

Intruder Shot Dead By Kent Man

Police said a Kent man interrupting a burglary in progress shot and killed an intruder when he came home to his East Hill apartment complex, reported KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

Police responding to reports of gunshots heard in the 26000 block of 106 Avenue Southeast in Kent spoke to the apartment residents who said that upon arriving home early Saturday night they found an apparent intruder inside their residence.

Authorities said there was a confrontation and multiple gunshots were fired.

The intruder died at the scene. No one else was injured.

No arrests have been made while police continue to investigate.

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