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Utah: Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

July 15, 2009

Lehi, Utah

From KSL of July 14, 2009

Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

Tense moments in Lehi Tuesday after police set up a perimeter looking for a suspect in a home-invasion robbery.

The all clear has been given, but there are a lot of worried neighbors. They saw dozens of police cars in the street and officers with weapons and K-9s looking for a man who tried to stab someone inside his home.

Around 2 p.m. a 23-year-old man reported to police that someone broke inside his home near 2400 North and 800 West. He said the man tried to stab him, so he grabbed a gun and fired a shot at the intruder and chased him away through the back door.

Police from Lehi, American Fork and Saratoga Springs, as well as Utah County sheriff’s deputies, searched for the suspect for nearly an hour.

The victim’s sister, Annie, told KSL, “What happened, what we’ve been told, is that someone tried to stop my brother. I guess my brother shot at him and missed and scared the guy off, and he ran away.”

Greg Neer, with the Lehi Police Department, said, “We do not have a suspect in custody. We have a description of him. He’s wearing … he’s described as wearing a black tank top with cammo shorts, some Nike running shoes and his hair was light brown, has a little bit spiky in the front.”

Neighbors were obviously alarmed to be told by police to stay inside their homes, especially after hearing the suspect could be armed with a knife.

In the end, no suspect was found, and right now detectives are interviewing the victim at the police station to try and find out more information.

Police are still unsure if the suspect was hit, and at this point aren’t giving any more information about what happened.


Utah: Concealed weapons permit holder stops would-be robbers

June 18, 2009

Midvale, Utah

From KSL of June 17, 2009

Concealed weapons permit holder stops would-be robbers

A man with a concealed weapons permit stopped two would-be Midvale robbers from making off with his friend’s stuff.

Police say the men were coming home from an errand around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning when they spotted the suspects with their things. The suspects took off on foot.

One of the men being robbed grabbed a gun from his truck and started running after them.

Midvale police Detective Sgt. John Salazar said, “Grabs a loaded .40-caliber handgun and chases with the gun, shooting rounds either into the air or into the ground as they were chasing.”

The gunfire stopped the suspects dead in their tracks. The men held the robbers at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested them.

No one was hurt.

Utah: Police: Resident shoots, kills intruder in Midvale apartment break-in

May 6, 2009

Midvale, Utah

From the Salt Lake City Tribune of May 5, 2009

Police: Resident shoots, kills intruder in Midvale apartment break-in

Police say they are looking for as many as eight or nine assailants after a home invasion early Tuesday at a Midvale apartment that ended when one of the residents shot and killed a suspect.

Midvale police believe a female assailant was also shot, leaving a trail of blood outside the Springs of the Country Woods apartment complex at 1039 E. Watercress.

Four people, including two sisters, ages 14 and 22, were inside a third-floor apartment at the complex at about 1:30 a.m. when someone knocked at the door, Midvale police Sgt. John Salazar said.

When the 26-year-old uncle of the sisters opened the door, a group of up to 10 tried to force their way inside. In a struggle at the door, one assailant stabbed the uncle in the hand, Salazar said.

As the struggle continued inside, one assailant hit the 22-year-old woman, angering her 23-year-old boyfriend. He fought with another assailant, got hold of the man’s gun and fired about four shots inside, and possibly three outside, Salazar said.

Three of the shots inside struck a 31-year-old suspect, who died at the scene. He was armed with two knives and a handgun, Salazar said.

Everyone else scattered in different directions, and the lone woman in the group appeared to have been shot outside, witnesses told police.

“I’m amazed that no one else was hurt,” Salazar said, noting that the bullets fired inside did not go through walls into neighboring apartments.

Police found a sawed-off, 12-guage shotgun and a 40-caliber handgun on the roof of a parking structure nearby. They forced their way into a neighboring garage, but did not find anyone hiding there.

The uncle was hospitalized for his knife wound, and will be OK, Salazar said. Investigators, who were wrapping up their work at the scene by about 10:30 a.m., don’t yet have a motive for the home invasion.

Armed Robber Shot With Own Gun

March 12, 2009

Centerfield, Utah

From March 9, 2009 KSL channel 5:

Centerfield resident Antonio Ramos, 42, was killed when one of the women he was robbing grabbed his gun and shot him in the head. Surveillance video from the store captured the robbery and Ramos’ final moments on tape.

“[There’s] a lot of talk about, wondering what went wrong and what happened for sure. Until we are done, fully, with our investigation, there will those questions like there would be in any small town,” said Centerfield Police Chief Stewart Jensen.

This is the first robbery Jensen has ever dealt with in his 10 years on the force in Centerfield, which is located south of Gunnison.

Just after midnight, police say Ramos approached an employee as she was taking out the garbage, pointed a gun at her and forced her inside.

Ramos told one employee to tie up the other, and then tried to tie up the second worker himself. A few moments later, video shows the gunman put down his .22-caliber rifle and slip it onto the counter.

The clerk who was already tied up appears to remain calm and, in a brief moment, goes for the gun.

She grabbed the rifle and fired, striking the robber once in the head. When police arrived, Ramos was dead.

“They did a good job defending themselves, under the circumstances. They had no idea what was going to happen to them after they were tied up, so I think they did what they felt they needed to do,” said Sanpete County sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Peterson.

There’s surveillance video of the event.

Utah: Burglary goes bad when would-be thief, homeowner trade shots in Ogden

December 18, 2008

Ogden, Utah

From the Desert News of December 16, 2008

Burglary goes bad when would-be thief, homeowner trade shots in Ogden

Officers have arrested a man they say tried to break into a home and then traded shots with the homeowner in the middle of the street.

Ogden police said it happened about 9 a.m. Tuesday at a home on the 200 block of 29th Street when two men tried to break in.

“They were kicking in the door, and the man was inside with his family,” Ogden Police Lt. Scott Sangberg said Tuesday. “He went to the door with his 9 mm (handgun). Then the guy realized that the place wasn’t vacant and started to leave.”

As he was leaving, police said one of the would-be burglars fired a gun at the homeowner.

“The owner took a shot at him,” Sangberg said.

The homeowner gave police a description of the men and the green Dodge Intrepid they fled in. Police recognized it from an attempted burglary case they dealt with the week before and went to the suspect’s home, where he was arrested.

The 31-year-old man was being booked into the Weber County Jail for investigation of burglary. Detectives were still investigating the case, Sangberg said, including whether the homeowner would face any charges in the shooting.

Utah: Intruder shot by homeowner in West Valley

September 19, 2008

West Valley, Utah

From the Desert News of September 18, 2008

Intruder shot by homeowner in West Valley

An estranged husband who was shot after breaking into the home of his wife’s male friend remained at University Hospital Thursday.

Robert Hunter, 50, was shot in the chest and arms with a 12-gauge shotgun after police say he broke into the home of Joe McIntosh Wednesday night. West Valley Police Capt. Tom McLachlan said Hunter’s injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

The incident began just before 9 p.m. near 3700 South and 6000 West. Hunter allegedly parked his truck a street away and walked to McIntosh’s home. Hunter, who had been separated from his wife for several months, had been served divorce papers earlier that day, McLachlan said.

His estranged wife was in the house with McIntosh. Hunter went to the back sliding glass door and allegedly entered the house after shattering the glass, McLachlan said.

There had been previous incidents between Hunter and McIntosh, including some threats, McLachlan said.

“Those threats may have made (McIntosh) quite leery,” he said.

McIntosh fired a shotgun at Hunter almost as soon as he entered. Hunter was hit and retreated. Investigators later learned that Hunter was carrying 9 mm and .22-caliber handguns with him that were loaded. Police said whether Hunter pointed his weapons at anyone, whether he fired a shot or whether McIntosh even knew he was armed, were all questions being addressed in the ongoing investigation.

Security Guard Shoots Homeless Man in Salt Lake City

July 10, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

From July 9, 2008 KSL-TV:

A bullet fired on a Salt Lake City street at lunchtime killed a man. Now we’re learning the gun may have been fired in self-defense.

The shooting happened during a confrontation between two men near 1400 South and West Temple. Witnesses say 47-year-old Mike James May, a transient in the area, began yelling at people who were sitting outside Mama’s Southern Plantation restaurant.

The witnesses say May took a swing at the customers, threatened them and a security guard and then reached inside his jacket or backpack. That’s when the security guard pulled out his concealed weapon and fired. That single shot, which hit the May in the torso, was fatal.

Mark Cazares, co-owner of Mama’s Southern Plantation, believes it’s a case of self-defense. “For him [the security guard] to defend himself this way, he had to feel his life was in danger. He, once again, he was a Vietnam vet, so he’s had to deal with weapons and things before. I’m sure this was a life-threatening situation to him,” he said.

Police say the security guard has been very cooperative with them and, as of about a half hour ago, they have decided not to book him. They say they will meet with the district attorney very soon to discuss the case.

Utah: W. Valley man foils burglars – in his underwear, with a shotgun

July 5, 2008

West Valley City, Utah

From the Salt Lake Tribune of July 2, 2008

W. Valley man foils burglars – in his underwear, with a shotgun

Next time, maybe some pants?

Still, West Valley City homeowner Tony Gamonal managed to foil burglars when he took out after them with a shotgun — and wearing only his boxer shorts.

2News reports today that he surprised the burglars, then armed himself to give chase. A nearby police officer joined him, eventually capturing one of the pair, a woman. The second suspect, a man, remained at large.

Gamonal says it wasn’t until the capture that he realized he was outside, in the street, in his underwear.

“I looked down and said, ‘Oh man . . . here I am,'” he told 2News.

Gamonal says this is the second time robbers have targeted his home in two weeks.

The last time, the hinges were cut off his gate and up to $10,000 worth of property was stolen. The fence around his home has also been vandalized with spray-paint.

He says he’s had it. And he plans to protect his home — regardless of what he is, or is not, wearing

“If you can’t be safe in your own home, where can you be?” Gamonal says. “There was no doubt; I was so mad that I would have shot them.”

Utah: Kearns Shooting Victim Bashes Gunman During TV Interview

May 8, 2008

Kearns, Utah

From KUTV of May 8, 2008

Kearns Shooting Victim Bashes Gunman During TV Interview

A man wounded by a burglar during a home invasion Thursday morning talked to 2News about the incident — in which he was shot with his own gun.

Chad Morley said he found the burglar inside of his home at approximately 9:00 a.m. Thursday after noticing some of his property stacked up by a side door.

Morley decided to go inside the house, located near 6000 West Eaton Way, and retrieve his handgun to fend off the intruder. Moments later, the two men started wrestling for control and Morley was eventually shot in the arm.

“We both fought over the gun and he hit me in the head,” Morley said. “My hands were just completely covered in blood.” (Video)

“We both had a hold of the gun and (he) turned it toward me… and it was so slippery from blood, I couldn’t hang on to it,” he continued. “Then I saw his finger go to the trigger and… that’s when it hit me and knocked me over a loveseat.”

Morley said he was over at his father’s house nearby when the burglar must have entered. Upon returning, and seeing the items stacked near the door, he said it was clear something was wrong.

“I knew something was going on. I catch shoplifters for a living, so there’s a lot of people that would probably like to know a lot about me,” Morley said. “So I always carry my gun with me… constantly, it’s right by me.”

“I didn’t waste any time. I just grabbed my gun… I half-cocked it and made sure there was a bullet in the chamber. I was prepared to shoot him,” he added.

After the struggle, the burglar managed to get away from the home and flee into the neighborhood. He has not yet been captured.

“In a situation like that, it’s either you or them. And people like that don’t have a care for anything and would rather steal people’s merchandise that they worked their tail off for,” Morley said. “They would rather be lazy… and sell it and make their living that way.”

Morley received a gunshot wound to the arm and a laceration to his forehead. When asked if he would have handled the situation differently in a do-over, Morley said he probably would have shot first — and asked questions later.

“Honestly… probably shoot him before he had a chance to take my weapon away and then putting me in 10-times more danger,” he said.

“It’s not something you want to get in front of a news camera and say, ‘oh I should have shot him’… but it could’ve been a lot worse for me,” Morley added.

The burglar is described as a Hispanic man, about 6’0″ tall and weighing between 165-175 pounds. Morley said the suspect wore a baseball cap and a blue bandana around the lower part of his face.

Anti-gun advocates are constantly claiming that a defensive weapon is far more likely to be taken away and used against you. However, this story (the 3,459th story posted on the Civilian Gun Defense Blog to date) may possibly make the third or fourth such story, while we have documented 147 incidents of a criminal’s gun being used against him (also to date). Since our news searching methods are unbiased (that is, they will turn up shootings both by citizens and by criminals), the real world stories are clearly in contrast to this claim.

South Salt Lake Home Intruder Shot

March 17, 2008

South Salt Lake, Utah

From March 15, 2008 KUTV channel 2:

A man shot an intruder in the stomach after the suspect attacked his girlfriend in her South Salt Lake home.

The woman was sleeping in her home in Mountain Shadows Apartments on 3900 south and 700 west, when around 5:45 a.m., she was awakened by a loud bang.

A man, who police have identified as 18-year-old, Daniel Glen Larson, allegedly kicked in the apartment door and shattered the door frame.

The woman immediately alerted her boyfriend, who was also in the apartment and began calling 911.

Just as she was dialing the numbers into her phone, Larson allegedly grabbed the woman and began attacking her.

Seconds later, the woman’s boyfriend retrieved his loaded handgun and shot Larson in the abdomen.

Wounded, Larson ran to the living room where both victims attempted to restrain him until police arrived.

Larson broke free from the man and woman and jumped through a plate of glass window, dramatically exiting the apartment.

Larson then attempted to run across 3900 south, where he was almost hit by motorists.

After a minor struggle with the arriving South Salt Lake officers, Larson was taken into custody.

Police say that this was definitely not what the intruder expected.

“We had a bandit that in this case, bit off a little more than he could chew,” said Gary Keller from the South Salt Lake Police Department.

The man who shot Larson has a concealed weapon’s permit and has received training in operating of handguns.