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Woman Who Shot Intruder 3 Times Talks To KNBC

December 13, 2007

Santa Clarita, California

Further to this incident

From KNBC of December 12, 2007

Woman Who Shot Intruder 3 Times Talks To KNBC

A female homeowner who shot a male intruder in her back yard in October 2006 spoke to KNBC’s Laurel Erickson on Wednesday, one day after a jury found the man guilty of all charges.

Nadine Teter shot Michael Lugo twice in the stomach and once in the leg after he broke into her Canyon Country home.

Lugo broke the lock on Teter’s door and barged in. She fled to the back yard with her gun, according to police.

“He was coming at me. He was yelling. I shot him to stop him,” Teter said. “He went down. He got back up. Came back at me. I shot him again. I shot him again, and he turned around and jumped back over the fence. (He) disappeared.”

Teter testified against Lugo and his mother, Cynthia Brandon, who drove the getaway car during the Oct. 18, 2006, attack. Both were convicted Tuesday.

While Teter talked to law enforcement that night, Brandon flagged down a deputy heading to Teter. She told him her son was bleeding to death.

“It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying,” Teter said.

“Did you have any second thoughts about testifying against him out of fear for yourself?” Erickson asked.

“A little bit, but I knew I had to do it. We needed to get him locked up, put away,” Teter said.

Teter said she thinks that every woman should carry a gun.

“Never in a million years, did I think I would use (the gun) — never. And whatever higher power, whatever gave me the strength to pull that trigger … You’re looking at him or me. My life or his life. I was not going to get raped. I was not going to get murdered. There was no way — and I didn’t,” Teter said.

Teter said she was grateful to all the people who helped convict Lugo.

“You know, for something as horrible as this to happen, it could not have ended up any better,” Teter said.

Lugo and his mother face sentencing on Feb. 29.


October 25, 2007

Sharpes, Florida

From Orlando’s WFTV,com of October 17, 2007

Woman Calls 911 To Say She Shot Her Boyfriend

A Sharpes woman called 911 saying she shot her boyfriend after he attacked her.

Rescue crews tried to help the man as he stumbled from the house after being shot in the abdomen. Investigators said the woman claimed it was self-defense.

An unidentified friend said the man was trying to move out of the home off Canaveral Groves Boulevard.

“He was taking a minute to get some clothes and, bam, gunshot. He ran out and came and called the cops,” the friend said.

Investigators were not releasing the names of anyone involved. The man who was shot was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

From of October 17, 2007

Deputies respond to shooting

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a shooting that happened this afternoon at a Canaveral Groves home.

At about 2:16 p.m., a woman called 9-1-1 and reported that she shot her boyfriend in the stomach after he threatened her with a knife, said Lt. Andrew Walters. The man, whose name the sheriff’s did not release, left the residence in the 500 block of Canaveral Groves Blvd. on foot.

The man was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition, Walters said.

No arrests have been made, he said. Deputies are still interviewing witnesses, and haven’t released the name of the woman involved.

November 16, 2003

Not Redundant, I’m Told

I was concerned, after starting this blog, that I might be duplicating efforts of others. I have been assured that while some others are doing this as well, that the style of this is different, and the more people doing this, the better. You will notice that I have added links to others doing similar collections of civilian defensive gun uses as well. The more the merrier!

You’ll also notice that I have one accomplice in this now!

Oh yes, if you think this is a valuable resource–feel free to throw some money in the tip jar, on the button that says PayPal. I would love to devote my energy full-time to gun rights political activism, but I’m still a little short of being independently wealthy….

November 11, 2003

Duplication of Effort?

It turns out that someone else is already doing something very much like this, here. Maybe there’s no point in me duplicating their efforts.

November 11, 2003


What? Why does Clayton need two blogs? Because I started to keep track of civilian uses of guns for self-defense–and there were so many of them that it was hard to find them in my normal blog. So, here’s where they are going to go in the future!

What sort of entries will go here? Just summaries and links to articles about civilians engaged in defensive uses of guns.