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August 6, 2005

Memphis, Tennessee

From the August 1, 2005 Memphis Commericial Appeal:

A man who turned up at Methodist University Hospital with a gunshot wound Thursday night has been accused in the murders of two men earlier that night during a botched robbery.

Steven Lynch Ross, 35, was charged with two counts of first degree murder Sunday in the shooting deaths of Marcelano Lopez, 33, and Candelaro Lopez, 22, Thursday night. Each man was shot several times.

Ross and another man attempted to rob a group of men in front of 2523 Harvard about 9:30 p.m. that night when the shooting started.

Marcelano Lopez was found dead in the backyard of the house. Candelaro Lopez died later at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.

During the shooting, family members of the victims fired several shots. A short time later, Ross came to Methodist University with a gunshot wound in his thigh. Hospital personnel notified police.

Witnesses picked Ross out of a photo spread as one of the shooters.


July 13, 2005

Memphis, Tennessee

From the Memphis Commercial-Appeal of July 13, 2005
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Robbery suspect killed at diner

Shawn Williams pointed to the bullet holes in the wooden walls of the coffee shop where his brother was shot hours earlier Tuesday.

Police say his 22-year-old brother Brandon Underwood and a woman, both armed with knives, came in about 12:45 a.m. and tried to rob the CK’s.

An off-duty security guard having coffee in the shop shot Underwood and killed him.

“I heard he didn’t get no money or nothing,” Williams said, standing on the porch of the restaurant at 3530 Summer, where customers continued to come in for breakfast. “That man that shot him could have just shot him in the arm or leg.”

June 26, 2005

Madison, Tennessee

From the Nashville Tennessean of June 26, 2005

Police: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder

An attempted home invasion Friday evening ended when a homeowner fatally shot one of the intruders, police said.

Bobby Pottinger, 38, of Nashville was shot and killed when he and three other people tried to rob a home at 504 Macfie Court in Madison at about 11:40 p.m., police said.

Metro Capt. Mike Hagar said it appears the homeowner shot Pottinger in self-defense, but detectives still are investigating the incident.

“The homeowner met them at the door and refused admission,” Hagar said.

“When they attempted to force their way in the house, the homeowner fired his pistol.”

June 7, 2005

Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of June 6, 2005

Store owner shoots would-be robber to death

A Memphis store owner shot and killed a would-be robber.

The shooting happened at the Citgo on Jackson Avenue at Interstate 240.

Memphis police say that just after two this morning a gunman tried to rob the Citgo store.

Investigators say the gunman grabbed a clerk who was taking out the trash and entered the store using the clerk as a human shield.

The owner was in the back of the store and shot at the suspect killing him.

The owner also accidentally shot the clerk sending him to the MED in non-critical condition.

Police have not released any names in this case.

May 24, 2005

Greenbrier, Tennessee

From Nashville’s of May 23, 2005

Clerks shoots suspected robber

Greenbrier police are investigating a robbery that led to a shooting at a gun store on Monday. Authorities say a man walked into an indoor gun range and store on Highway 41 and stole several guns.

“He came in and he was threatening to the employee and did try to take several weapons and he tried to leave with them,” say police.

The suspect, Courtney Hall II, walked into “Guns and Leather Indoor Gun Range” pretending to be a customer and stole several weapons. But when he kept returning, the clerk knew something wasn’t right.

When the employee saw Hall make a run to the door of the business, he noticed the suspect was trying to take more weapons from the store.

The clerk shot Hall twice in the lower waist and shoulder. He was taken by Life Flight to Vanderbilt Medical Hospital in critical condition.

The owner of the business says his worker feared for his life since Hall had several weapons in his waistband and he did not wan (sic) to take any chances.

May 7, 2005

Clinton, Tennessee

From the Knoxville News-Sentinel of May 7, 2005

Grand jury refuses to indict woman in husband’s slaying

The detective said it was murder.

The district attorney general reduced the charge to voluntary manslaughter.

The grand jury cut her loose.

An Anderson County grand jury has refused to indict Tamara Johnson of Heiskell in connection with the shooting death of her husband, Tim Johnson, 46, also of Heiskell.

Grand jurors met Tuesday and considered the case. Their decision not to indict was released Friday.

Tim Johnson died of a single gunshot wound to his lower abdomen following an early-morning shooting April 9 at the Sundown Tavern, a bar the couple operated on Clinton Highway.

When a deputy arrived, Tamara Johnson stepped out of the tavern with gun in hand.

She admitted to the deputy she shot her husband after he hit her several times in the face, according to law enforcement reports.

Detective Danny Bowie’s charge of criminal homicide against Tamara Johnson was waived to the grand jury.

But prosecutors asked grand jurors to instead consider a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter.

That charge alleged Tamara Johnson acted in a “state of passion produced by adequate provocation sufficient to lead a reasonable person to act in an irrational manner.”

Grand jurors thought otherwise. They dismissed the reduced charge.

Tamara Johnson had already been freed on a reduced bond of $25,000.

Court documents filed in connection with the couple’s stormy relationship over the years depicted Tamara Johnson as the victim of ongoing physical abuse.

Tim Johnson knew where to hit her where the injuries wouldn’t show, Tamara Johnson said in an order of protection she took out against her husband last August.

Tamara Johnson said her husband had boasted he learned how to hit her from tips he received during an anger management course he was sentenced to take.

That sentence stemmed from a 2002 domestic assault conviction Tim Johnson netted for an earlier beating of his wife.

Tamara Johnson then had described to deputies a long history of physical abuse at Tim Johnson’s hands that she said dated back several years.

She said she had lost several jobs over the years because she was too embarrassed to go to work with the blackened eyes and bruises she received at Tim Johnson’s hands.

April 29, 2005

Nashville, Tennessee

From the Nashville Commercial-Appeal of April 29, 2005

Store owner shoots robber, police say

A man was wounded yesterday when he tried to rob a Nashville market, Metro police said.

Ralph W. Fleming, 35, of 210 Old Hickory Blvd., broke the front glass door and demanded all the money at the Lewis Country Store, 5106 Old Hickory Blvd., police said.

Store owner Brad Lewis thought Fleming had a gun, police said, so Lewis pulled a pistol and shot Fleming, wounding him in the right arm and right leg.

Fleming attempted to flee but collapsed nearby. He was treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Arrest warrants charging attempted aggravated robbery and burglary were issued in the case.

April 28, 2005

Nashville, Tennessee

From Nashville’s of April 28, 2005

Store owner shoots suspected robber

A suspected robber is recovering at Vanderbilt Medical Center after being shot by a store owner who is also a former Army Ranger. The incident happened in Scottsboro at a family run country store.

Owner Brad Lewis, his fiancee, and another clerk were working late checking inventory when they heard a crash at the front door of their business around 1am.

The owner’s brother says Brad tried to protect his loved ones.

“[Brad came out and saw] the perpetrator who had made his way into the store. He had a hood over his head, hands in pocket and told Brad to give him all his money. At that point Brad feared for his life, and that’s when he started firing,” said Bryan Lewis, Owner’s brother.

Police say convicted felon Ralph Wade Flemming was hit twice, once in the leg and once in the arm. He ran across the street where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Flemming is familiar with police having been arrested 69 times in Davidson County. Police say he may not have been working alone.

“We have not found a car, and we don’t know if he walked or was dropped off. Maybe someone was waiting on him and heard the shots and fled,” said Metro Detective Robert Swisher.

Police say the store owner had a permit for his handgun and will not be charged. His brother says it is the first incident at the store since opening in February. Just a few hours after the shooting, the store was back open for business.

April 25, 2005

Nashville, Tennessesee

From Nashville‘s of April 25, 2005

Security guard shoots suspected robber

A suspected robber was shot early Monday morning in the chest by a security guard at the Welch Bend Apartments off Harding Road in South Nashville.

Police say the security guard was talking at 1:30am to some of the residents of the complex when a car load of people pulled into a parking lot.

Metro Police say Courtney Robertson, 18, got out of the car and walked up the security guard’s unmarked vehicle and started yelling, “Don’t Move”. The guard then un-holstered his weapon.

“Robertson had no idea that the person who was seated in the vehicle was a security guard. Robertson kept looking at his accomplice, back and forth, to make sure he could control the entire situation. As he kept glancing back and forth, the security guard saw an opportunity, pulled his gun and actually opened fire on Robertson from inside the car through the windshield,” said Don Aaron, Police Spokesman.

Robertson was hit in the chest and two of the people with him in the car took him to Baptist Hospital. Those two men have fully cooperated with the police investigation and likely will not be charged.

Arrest warrants have been issued for Robertson including for aggravated assault and two counts of attempted aggravated robbery.

An accomplice who left the scene of the shooting is still at large. Robertson had to have surgery on his wounds Monday at Baptist Hospital.

April 14, 2005

Rhea County, Tennessee

From Chattanooga’s of February 28, 2005

Rhea County Man Shoots and Kills Son-in-Law

No charges yet against a man accused of shooting and killing his son-in-law Sunday afternoon.

43-year old Roger Stone died from a shotgun blast to the chest.

TBI agents say Stone made threatening phone calls to James Blaylock.

When Stone showed up at his father-in-law’s house, Blaylock allegedly shot him twice, possibly in self-defense.

The DA could decide to file charges, or have a grand jury review the case.

No subsequent stories about this incident were found.