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South Carolina: Man Shot Intruder, Turned Out To Be Neighbor

August 15, 2009

Lancaster County, South Carolina

From WSOC of August 14, 2009

Man Shot Intruder, Turned Out To Be Neighbor

Authorities said a homeowner shot and killed a teenager trying to rob him Friday morning. Turns out, that teenager lived right next door.

Lancaster County sheriff’s deputies said 18-year-old Jarkevious Ingram walked out of the woods on Culp Street late Thursday night with two other men. One was wearing a ski mask and two of them, including Ingram, had guns, deputies said.

Detectives said they approached 34-year-old Ed Patterson Jr. who was just getting home. According to deputies, the three men demanded Patterson’s wallet and his keys.

Patterson struggled for the gun and was shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the groin. He managed to wrestle the gun away and shoot Ingram, deputies said.

Ingram walked more than 100 yards down Culp Street and collapsed on Fahbian McCullough’s front porch.

“I looked out and he was lying on the porch, and there was blood everywhere,” McCullough said.

He said Ingram was his friend and was at his house nearly every day. He had heard gunshots, but didn’t know what was going on until he opened the door and found Ingram.

“I asked him what happened, and he said, ‘Be quiet.’ He wouldn’t tell me,” McCullough said.

Patterson was able to drive himself to Springs Memorial Hospital, and he was later flown to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. Deputies said his injuries were not life- threatening.

Mikesheia Wade is Ingram’s cousin. She was at his side at the hospital when he died.

“I was there with him the whole time. I was holding his hand. He wasn’t doing too well,” Wade said. “I don’t think he did this. The truth is going to be different than what people think.”

Lancaster County sheriff’s deputies said they don’t yet know why it appears Ingram tried to rob his own neighbor. Cousins said the two families have lived next door to each other for more than a year.

Major David Belk said detectives are still investigating, and it’s not known if Patterson will face charges.

Deputies said they did recover the gun, a .38-caliber revolver that Patterson left in his sport utility vehicle when he drove to the hospital.


South Carolina: Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

August 14, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

From the SC Now of August 14, 2009

Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

An Horry County husband and wife fight off would-be robber inside their business.

According to a press release, a man tried to rob Ron’s Busy Corner, 5709 Juniper Bay Rd, Conway, Thursday afternoon when he placed a knife to the back of the store’s owner.

Police said Roger Lee Green, 34, of Galivants Ferry came into the store and pointed a knife to the back of the store owner while he was sitting at a table.

The owner stood up, struggled with Green, along with a customer, and took the knife away.

The owner’s wife was then able to get a pistol and hold the man there until police arrived.

Green is currently in J. Ruben Long Detention Center charged with Armed Robbery.

South Carolina: Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

July 14, 2009

Lexington, South Carolina

From The State of July 14, 2009

Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

A Papa John’s pizza delivery man shot and wounded a 17-year-old who called in a pizza order and then robbed him at a vacant house with a fake handgun, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said.

The incident occurred July 5, but deputies delayed announcing it until Monday — a day after the teen was charged with robbery, and eight days after the shooting.

It was the second time in recent months that a pizza delivery man in Lexington County has shot someone trying to rob him.

The other incident was March 7, when a Pizza Hut delivery man shot and killed a 17-year-old assailant who was beating him. Deputies have arrested three other teens in that Irmo-area incident.

But neither pizza delivery man is facing charges, since authorities have ruled both shootings were in self-defense. The two delivery men carried concealed-weapon permits, deputies said.

In the most recent shooting, Sheriff James Metts is withholding the name of the pizza delivery man. He said Monday through a spokesman that deputies feared for the man’s safety — but would not give details of any threats.

The suspect, Raymond Antonio Metze, 17, of 212 Crestridge Drive, Lexington, was booked Sunday at the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of armed robbery and possessing a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He is in jail under $100,000 bond.

A black BB pistol that resembled a semiautomatic handgun was used in the robbery, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said.

Metze was at Palmetto Health Richland for more than a week, though details of his treatment were not released. He got out of the hospital Sunday night.

The July 5 shooting occurred in the Red Bank area of Lexington County, about a mile west of White Knoll High School.

According to warrants and reports from deputies, shortly before midnight, the 29-year-old delivery man — from Papa John’s on 3937 Platt Springs Road — brought pizza to 236 Crestridge Drive. The home was vacant.

After the delivery man knocked on the front door, a man came from the side of the house with what appeared to be a handgun and demanded cash.

The pizza delivery man gave him a little more than $200.

As the pizza delivery man left, the suspect kept pointing his fake pistol at him. Not knowing it was fake and only fired BBs, the pizza man pulled his handgun. It was real, a 9mm semiautomatic.

He fired one shot, wounding the suspect in his chest.

The suspect fled and the pizza delivery man called 911. Acting on a neighbor’s tip, deputies found the suspect within minutes, lying on a porch of a nearby house.

The suspect was airlifted to Palmetto Health Richland.

Metts said the unidentified pizza delivery man was not charged because he acted in self-defense. Deputies and the 11th Circuit solicitor’s office made the determination.

In the March shooting, pizza delivery man Christopher Miller, 43, from an Irmo-area Pizza Hut, voluntarily agreed to have his name released to the public, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The Papa John’s pizza man, a spokesman added, wants confidentiality.

South Carolina: Homeowner shot intruder, police say

July 1, 2009

Holly Hill, South Carolina

From the Times and Democrat of June 30, 2009

Homeowner shot intruder, police say

A security alarm went off at a Holly Hill accountant’s residence in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, rousing the sleeping homeowner who grabbed his gunshot, confronted an intruder standing in his doorway and shot the burglar in the shoulder.

L. Glenn Littlejohn, 71, of 1244 Peake St. interrupted the suspect, Roosevelt Elmore Jr., at around 4:55 a.m. as Elmore stood in the doorway of Littlejohn’s home, according to police.

Holly Hill Police Chief Robert Wunderlich said an unarmed Elmore allegedly forced his way though a doorway into the kitchen of the victim’s home.

Littlejohn, after being awakened by the alarm, “grabbed his shotgun, went out the back door and went around to the side of the house where the suspect made entrance and confronted the suspect in the doorway,” Wunderlich said.

He said Littlejohn shot Elmore in his right shoulder with a 12-gauge shotgun. The wounded Elmore fled the scene, and Littlejohn called 911, the chief said.

Moments later, Wunderlich said, a 30-year-old male resident of Gilmore Avenue called law enforcement after observing a man with a gunshot wound standing on his front porch.

Wunderlich said the suspect ran nearly 300 yards from Littlejohn’s house before arriving at the Gilmore Avenue residence. Holly Hill officers were able to follow a trail of blood in tracing Elmore’s escape route from Peake Street to Gilmore Avenue, he said.

“He (Elmore) had several pellet punctures in the upper shoulder area,” Wunderlich said.

Officers recovered one spent three-inch shotgun cartridge from the scene. Sgt. Andy Myers said an unspent cartridge could contain 15 pellets. Wunderlich said Elmore had 14 puncture wounds. However, he said some of the wounds may be the result of shotgun pellets exiting the suspect’s body.

Emergency crews responded and transported Elmore by helicopter to the Medical University of South Carolina, where he underwent surgery on his shoulder, Wunderlich said. He said Elmore’s injuries didn’t appear to be life-threatening.

Elmore was charged with felony first degree burglary, Wunderlich said. If convicted, he could face from 15 years to life in prison, the police chief said.

Wunderlich said Elmore is also a “person of interest” in three previous reported burglaries at Littlejohn’s home in recent months – on Dec. 24, 2008, March 5 and April 10.

Wunderlich said Elmore’s criminal rap sheet is lengthy, including convictions for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, burglary and forgery.

The Times and Democrat attempted to contact Littlejohn; however, he was meeting with a client in Charleston at press time.

South Carolina: Armed robbery at Twisters Ice Cream Shop, suspect arrested

June 30, 2009

Bath, South Carolina

From WRDW of June 27, 2009

Armed robbery at Twisters Ice Cream Shop, suspect arrested

A man from Bath was arrested for robbing Twisters Ice Cream Shop on 421 in Bath just after 6:45 Saturday night.

Witnesses said the suspect walked into the store armed with a gun and demanded money from the employee. He was given an undisclosed amount before being confronted by the owner’s son Shannon Labord.

The suspect shot at Labord hitting the counter. Labord fired back and chased the suspect while firing several more shots to a near by trailer.

23 year old Joey Taylor was arrested.

He is charged with armed robbery, assault and battery with intent to kill and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

No one was injured during the incident.

South Carolina: Man Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect

June 18, 2009

Richland County, South Carolina

From WLTX of June 12, 2009

Man Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect

Richland County deputies are investigating a fatal shooting at an apartment complex.

The incident took place at 12:01 a.m. Friday at the Colonial Villa Apartments on Garners Ferry Road.

According to deputies, a man was sitting in his car doing paperwork at the time of the confrontation. Deputies say he provides security detail for the apartments.

Deputies say a male suspect approached the car demanding the victim’s handgun; however, deputies say the victim pulled out that weapon and shot the suspect.

The suspect was taken to the hospital where he later died. will post further details as they become available.

South Carolina: Citizen holds suspected burglar at gunpoient, aids in arrest

June 11, 2009

Merriweather, South Carolina

From the Edgefield Daily of June 3, 2009

Citizen holds suspected burglar at gunpoient, aids in arrest

Citizens doing their part to stop the rash of burglaries paid off after a Richmond County man was taken into custody by an armed homeowner Wednesday afternoon. Jamie Tyler, of Garrett Road, (Left) said he saw the man the Sheriff’s Office was hunting run from behind a shed in his yard and pulled his Glock 9 mm pistol and ordered the man to the ground. “I had my gun on him and yelled at him to get down, get down, or I’ll put you down.” When the suspect turned around and saw the gun pointed at him he complied and deputies arrived moments later to take him into custody.

The manhunt began after another citizen heeded recent pleas from the Sheriff’s Office to call in suspicious vehicles and reported a red Mustang pulling in and out of driveways on Republican Road around 1:30 pm. A nearby deputy responded to the area and spotted a red Mustang parked at a home at 708 Republican Road. Deputy Jessie Robles exited his car to run the license plate and a man emerged from the back corner of the house holding a small fire safe and a jewelry box. When ordered to stop the man dropped the goods and fled into the woods.

Edgefield County Sheriff Adell Dobey and every available deputy converged on the area within minutes setting up a perimeter. “We knew he was still in the area,” Sheriff Dobey said. Edgefield and Aiken County Bloodhound Teams began tracking the suspect as a SLED helicopter circled above. “I called everybody I could for help,” Sheriff Dobey said, “We weren’t going to let him get away.”

A caller reported a man fitting the description running behind Buck Tyler’s Taxidermy on the corner of Garrett Road and Martintown Road which was just a few hundred yards away from the crime scene. Deputies in the area began checking homes and informing residents of the situation. That is when Mr. Tyler said he made sure his children were safe inside of his home and went outside to keep an eye out for the suspect. That is when the man emerged and Mr. Tyler held him at gunpoint until deputies could arrive and cuff him.


Female Home Intruder Shot

May 31, 2009

Columbia, South Carolina

From the May 28, 2009 Columbia The State:

A 29-year-old woman who broke windows at a house behind Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia was shot in the head by the homeowner, a Richland County sheriff’s spokesman said.

The bullet grazed the woman, who was slightly injured, the spokesman said Tuesday.

The woman who broke the windows at the house at 618 Hatrick Road was trying to get in and will face charges, the spokesman said.

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The homeowner will not face charges, the spokesman said. Officials did not disclose the names since no charges had been filed.

South Carolina: Shootings found to be self-defense

April 23, 2009

Spartanburg, South Carolina

From the Spartanburg Herald-Journal of April 22, 2009

Shootings found to be self-defense

Spartanburg County deputies determined that a man who shot two people Monday night outside his residence was acting in self-defense and charged the two men on Tuesday.

Daniel Scott Byrd, 22, of 115 Keith Street, Greer and Josh Duncan, 24, of 207 Church St., Wellford were each charged with one count of assault and battery.

Byrd’s stomach was grazed by a bullet and Duncan was struck in the buttocks during a fight Monday night outside a Keith Street residence.

Larry James Pruitt Jr., 41, told deputies that a group of people were causing “a bad ruckus” outside his home and he asked them to keep it down. Pruitt said Byrd and Duncan then came into his yard and began choking and assaulting him.

Pruitt said he pulled a revolver from his pocket and fired several times, then ran into his home, reloaded his gun and waited for deputies.

Multiple people who said they witnessed the incident told deputies Pruitt was truthful about what happened.

When the deputy arrived, Duncan and Byrd were still on the ground outside of Pruitt’s home.

Potential criminals beware, this is the third incident of self-defense in Spartanburg, SC in the past month alone.

South Carolina: Man shot, killed while trying to rob Five Pts. AA meeting

April 14, 2009

Columbia, South Carolina:

From WECT of April 11, 2009

Man shot, killed while trying to rob Five Pts. AA meeting

One man is dead after a shooting in Columbia’s Five Points. Police say it happened when the man tried to rob people in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Blue lights and sirens are common in Columbia’s Five Points on a Saturday night, but it’s not usually because someone was killed.

“This is a very nice area, you know it’s mostly college kids and all that, you never see that kind of trouble so yeah that was different,” said a witness who does not want to be identified. “Yeah because I go there for meetings and from what I heard the guy went in there to rob somebody.”

Police say just before 11pm Saturday 18-year-old Kayson Helms, of Edison, N.J., walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the ACOA Club, pulled out a handgun and demanded money.

That’s when an AA member pulled out a gun of his own and shot first.

The witness we talked to was standing right outside, and saw Helms run out of the building.

“But he only made it like a hundred feet up and collapsed,” the man said.

Helms died at the hospital. He had been shot in the neck, abdomen and chest. The whole incident is alarming to those that live nearby.

“There are times where I tell myself, no, I’m not going to walk down there with my child at this point in time,” says resident Andrea Richardson.

The shooting happened right in the Richardsons’ backyard.

“Listening to the TV and I heard three pops in rapid succession,” says Christopher Richardson.

But some people in Five Points had no idea.

“A little nervous I guess that it happened right around the corner from where we were last night, and I had no idea about it, so I didn’t know that kind of threat was around this area,” says Aleksas Juskys.

It’s a threat people that those that go to the ACOA Club never thought they would have to deal with.

“It’s the most pleasant place you can go if you’re in recovery,” says the witness.

Police say the person who shot Kayson Helms is not facing any charges. They say he has a valid concealed weapons permit.

The shooting remains under investigation.