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South Carolina: Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

July 14, 2009

Lexington, South Carolina

From The State of July 14, 2009

Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

A Papa John’s pizza delivery man shot and wounded a 17-year-old who called in a pizza order and then robbed him at a vacant house with a fake handgun, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said.

The incident occurred July 5, but deputies delayed announcing it until Monday — a day after the teen was charged with robbery, and eight days after the shooting.

It was the second time in recent months that a pizza delivery man in Lexington County has shot someone trying to rob him.

The other incident was March 7, when a Pizza Hut delivery man shot and killed a 17-year-old assailant who was beating him. Deputies have arrested three other teens in that Irmo-area incident.

But neither pizza delivery man is facing charges, since authorities have ruled both shootings were in self-defense. The two delivery men carried concealed-weapon permits, deputies said.

In the most recent shooting, Sheriff James Metts is withholding the name of the pizza delivery man. He said Monday through a spokesman that deputies feared for the man’s safety — but would not give details of any threats.

The suspect, Raymond Antonio Metze, 17, of 212 Crestridge Drive, Lexington, was booked Sunday at the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of armed robbery and possessing a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He is in jail under $100,000 bond.

A black BB pistol that resembled a semiautomatic handgun was used in the robbery, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said.

Metze was at Palmetto Health Richland for more than a week, though details of his treatment were not released. He got out of the hospital Sunday night.

The July 5 shooting occurred in the Red Bank area of Lexington County, about a mile west of White Knoll High School.

According to warrants and reports from deputies, shortly before midnight, the 29-year-old delivery man — from Papa John’s on 3937 Platt Springs Road — brought pizza to 236 Crestridge Drive. The home was vacant.

After the delivery man knocked on the front door, a man came from the side of the house with what appeared to be a handgun and demanded cash.

The pizza delivery man gave him a little more than $200.

As the pizza delivery man left, the suspect kept pointing his fake pistol at him. Not knowing it was fake and only fired BBs, the pizza man pulled his handgun. It was real, a 9mm semiautomatic.

He fired one shot, wounding the suspect in his chest.

The suspect fled and the pizza delivery man called 911. Acting on a neighbor’s tip, deputies found the suspect within minutes, lying on a porch of a nearby house.

The suspect was airlifted to Palmetto Health Richland.

Metts said the unidentified pizza delivery man was not charged because he acted in self-defense. Deputies and the 11th Circuit solicitor’s office made the determination.

In the March shooting, pizza delivery man Christopher Miller, 43, from an Irmo-area Pizza Hut, voluntarily agreed to have his name released to the public, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The Papa John’s pizza man, a spokesman added, wants confidentiality.


Augusta Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Robber

April 22, 2009

Augusta, Georgia

From April 20, 2009 WRDW channel 12:

AUGUSTA, Ga.—An 18-year-old was shot after investigators say he tried to rob a pizza deliveryman at an empty house.

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A delivery in Augusta turned into a crime scene Sunday for Papa Johns Driver Tavarius Lewis. When he tried to deliver a pizza to this house on Dent Street Sunday night, investigators say Kevin Martin pulled a BB gun and tried to rob Lewis.

“[Lewis] started backing up, reached in his pocket and pulled out a .40 caliber handgun and shot the suspect,” said Sgt. Blaise Dresser, of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

Dresser says Lewis shot in self-defense, not realizing Martin’s weapon was only a BB gun.

It’s a scary situation for neighbor Oscar Lacey, who lives just across the street and heard the shots.

“With things like this happening it means I have to lock up my house. You don’t have the freedom on your own property anymore. You could get hit by a stray bullet,” says Lacey.

Investigators believe this was not Martin’s first robbery. Less than 24 hours before the shooting on Dent street a similar robbery happened just a few streets over, on Truxton Road. Martin lives just a few houses down from there.

Illinois: Cal City pizza delivery man scares off would-be robbers

March 31, 2009

Calimut City, Illinois

From The Times of March 30, 2009

Cal City pizza delivery man scares off would-be robbers

Calumet City Police are investigating an attempted armed robbery in the 100 block of Webb Street at 11:24 p.m. on Sunday.

Three men attempted to rob a pizza delivery man at gunpoint, Calumet City Police Commander Dan Zorzi said.

“(The victim) saw these guys approaching and got nervous,” he said. “When they came up and pulled a gun, he pretended he had a gun, and they took off.”

The suspects fled on foot and the victim drove off in his truck and flagged down Hammond Police at 157th Street and State Line Road, Zorzi said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Calumet City Police Department at (708) 868-2500.

Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Robbers

March 12, 2009

Irmo, South Carolina

From March 8, 2009 WSPA channel 7:

Irmo – A suspected robber is dead after officials say a pizza man shot him in during the robbery.

Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says Saturday night, four men ordered pizza to a house on Avery Place Lane with the intent of robbing whomever delivered it. None of the four lived there and officials say the homeowner did not realize his home was being used for a robbery.

Pizza Hut delivery man, 43-year-old Christopher Miller, says he showed up at the home at 10:30 p.m. and 17-year-old Paul Sturgill was standing on the sidewalk waiting for him. Officials say soon after Miller got out of the car, two other men ran at him from the woods.

When Miller started running away, that’s when authorities say Sturgill continually tried beating him in the face. Miller, who has a concealed weapons permit, says he pulled out .45 caliber handgun that he had in his fanny pack and shot Sturgill in his chest.

Sturgill was taken to the hospital where he later died.

The three other suspects ran and officials are still looking for one of the men.

He’s 18-year-old Justin Roundtree. Metts says he’s wanted for robbery and criminal conspiracy. Roundtree is a member of a criminal gang and is 5-foot-5 and weighs 160 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Also in the March 8, 2009 South Carolina State:

An Irmo pizza delivery man ambushed by a group of young men shot and killed one of his assailants, an Irmo High School senior, late Saturday, causing the others to flee, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said this afternoon.

Alleged robber Paul Andrew Sturgill Jr., 17, of Kenna Drive near Irmo, was pronounced dead of at least one gunshot wound later at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Sheriff James Metts said. An autopsy will be performed Monday.

Relatives and neighbors expressed shock over the death of Sturgill, whom they said had been an honor student and musician. His family said he planned to join the Army, with a goal of becoming an airborne ranger, after graduating from Irmo High School this year.

The family showed photos of a tall, slender, clean-cut young man.

The pizza delivery man, Christopher Steven Miller, 43, had a concealed weapons permit and was trying to retreat from the suspects while being beaten by one attacker, Metts said.

At this point, Metts said, it appears that Miller acted within the law and will not face any charges. However, police have made no final decisions and will discuss the incident with prosecutors, he said.

One of the suspected robbers, Justin Towan Roundtree, 18, of Emery Lane near Irmo, left the scene but turned himself in around 9:15 p.m. tonight, the sheriff’s department said. He is charged with robbery and criminal conspiracy. Roundtree is suspected of having a connection to a gang, Metts said. Metts did not have details.

The dead youth, Sturgill, supposedly had a good reputation and people whom detectives are interviewing are surprised that he might have been involved in a robbery, Metts said.

Metts said the incident happened about 10:30 p.m. on Avery Place Lane near Irmo, near Irmo High School off St. Andrews Road. An order had been called in to Pizza Hut on Irmo Drive for two large, thin-crust pizzas with extra cheese for delivery to a house on Avery Lane. However, when Miller showed up with the pizzas, he was met by a young man outside the house to whom he was delivering the pizza, Miller told detectives.

In fact, Metts said, the suspects had called the order in on a cell phone. The people who lived in the house had no knowledge of the pizza request, Metts said.

Florida: Pizza Man Attacked, Shoots At Attempted Robbers

December 12, 2008

Brevard County, Florida

From WFTV of December 8, 2008

Pizza Man Attacked, Shoots At Attempted Robbers

Titusville Police were searching for a group of robbers who attacked a Dominos Pizza delivery man late Saturday night. The attackers hit Jerry Johnson in the face with a brick, but he scared them off when he pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Johnson said he normally leaves his gun in the car, but when he pulled up to the home on Parkland Street, he knew something was wrong.

“When I pulled up I noticed it was dark. I’ve been doing this for ten years and this looked fishy so I put my gun in me,” he said.

Police dogs searched the area, but didn’t find the suspects. A Dominos Pizza manager told Eyewitness News that it’s against company policy for employees to carry firearms and doesn’t know if Johnson will get in trouble for defending himself.

Texas: Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Fends Off Would-Be Robbers

October 23, 2008

Lufkin, Texas

From Fox News of October 23, 2008

Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Fends Off Would-Be Robbers

A pizza delivery man who was taking an order to a house in East Texas pulled out a gun and opened fire on two would-be robbers, police said.

One of the alleged robbers was hospitalized after getting shot in the back, Lufkin police said. The Papa John’s pizza delivery man, who’s licensed to carry a handgun, wasn’t hurt.

The shooting was Tuesday night, after the delivery man walked up to a house and rang a doorbell, Lufkin police said. It turned out the house was vacant and two armed men approached him from the side of the house, The Lufkin Daily News reported Thursday. The delivery man drew a .22 caliber Derringer and fired two shots, and the assailants ran away, police said.

It appears unlikely the delivery man will face any charges since he “was defending himself at the time of the shooting,” Lufkin Police Lt. David Young said.

A call placed to the restaurant and a call to the chain’s corporate headquarters in Louisville, Ky., weren’t immediately returned Thursday.

Police said Johnx R. Greer, 18, was arrested at a hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the back. He’s been charged with aggravated robbery and was being held in the Angelina County Jail on a $100,000 bond. His attorney, John Tunnell, did not return a call Thursday.

Buffalo Pizza Deliveryman Shoots at Armed Robbers

October 11, 2008

Buffalo, New York

From the October 11, 2008 Buffalo News:

A pizza deliveryman fought off three robbers at gunpoint and shot one of them in the back Thursday night, police say.

The deliveryman, who works for Tomatoes Pizza on Kensington Avenue, walked up to the house in the 400 block of Dartmouth Avenue and was confronted by the three would-be robbers, police said. At least one of the bandits had a gun.

The deliveryman, whose name has not been released, works for the same pizza shop where another deliveryman was fatally wounded during a robbery on New Years Eve 16 years ago.

No charges have been filed in the overnight shooting and attempted robbery, as detectives continue to investigate.

Buffalo police say the deliveryman was not injured.

“He has a permit for the gun, and he apparently used it lawfully to defend himself,” Buffalo police spokesman Michael J. DeGeorge said at mid-morning.

Police also have not identified the 15-year-old male who was shot once in the back during Thursday night’s robbery attempt.

Following the shooting, which occurred at about 9:45 p.m., the three attempted robbers fled to nearby Shirley Avenue, where at least one of them apparently lives. The wounded teen was taken from there to Erie County Medical Center, where police said he’s in stable condition.

Alabama: Dothan pizza delivery man fends off robber with gunfire

October 7, 2008

Dothan, Alabama

From Dothan Eagle of October 6, 2008

Dothan pizza delivery man fends off robber with gunfire

Victor Greenwood said he plans to take a week off work after a man attacked him with a brick as he tried to deliver a pizza.

Greenwood, 32, said although the incident left him traumatized, he managed to escape with only minor injuries. He said he suffered a cut on the shoulder and was left a little sore. Moments after the assault dropped the pizza and hot wings, and opened fire with his pistol.

“As soon as I got back down the stairs, one of them hit me in the head with a brick,” Greenwood said. “A few seconds later, he was charging me. I dropped the food and grabbed my pistol.”

Dothan police Capt. Larry Draughon said Khiry Terrel Beachum, 18, of East Lafayette Street, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg during the robbery, and was caught shortly afterward by police. Police are still looking for Michael Pope, who they say ran after gunfire erupted. Police said the robbery happened about 10 p.m. Sunday in the 400 block of East Crawford Street. Police said Beachum was treated and released from Southeast Alabama Medical Center for an injury to lower right leg.

Both men were charged with first-degree armed robbery.

Greenwood said he’s worked for Hungry Howie’s Pizza for five years and had never been robbed until Sunday night. But he said the two men didn’t get a chance to steal anything.

“It was either me or him,” Greenwood said. “If they’d got me on the ground, it would’ve been over.”

Greenwood said he saw the two men sitting on the steps of what he believed to be a bogus address. After he found no answer at the door, he walked toward his car when he was attacked with the brick.

“I just felt like my life was in danger because I knew there was two of them and they had bricks,” Greenwood said. “I just feel sorry for the kid, but they’re going to have to learn not endanger somebody’s life.”

Alan Hodges, general manager of Hungry Howie’s Pizza, said he had another delivery person robbed earlier this year on Cougar Drive. Hogdes added Crawford Street to a list of streets across the city that the business will not deliver food after 5 p.m. for what Hodges called safety concerns.

“I’m glad he’s all right,” Hodges said, who was a delivery man before he became manager. “He’s a hero to a lot of delivery people. They risk their lives to deliver their food.”

Greenville, N.C. Pizza Delivery Driver Defends Himself

June 20, 2008

Greenville, North Carolina

From June 17, 2008 WITN channel 7:

A pizza delivery driver fought back at a group of suspects who tried to rob him, pulling out a gun and wounding one of them.

Greenville Police say the incident happened early Monday morning at 1105 A Masters Lane when the Chanellos Pizza driver said three suspects began hitting him as he was delivering the pizzas. Police say the delivery driver then pulled out a gun and began to fire. One of the three robbery suspects was struck. Elvis Deans Junior, a 17 year-old student at South Central High School, is listed in stable but critical condition. He’ll be charged with Common Law Robbery and Assault Inflicting Serious Injury.

Police also arrested 18 year-old Thomas James, 18 year-old Sunil Persaud, and 17 year old Kevin Haynie all of Greenville. They are charged with common law robbery. Police also say they charged a 14 year old who they say planned the crime.

The pizza delivery driver was taken to the hospital and was treated and released.

Michigan: Pizza delivery driver shoots teens, police say

April 4, 2008

Detroit, Michigan

From the Detroit Free Press of March 27, 2008

Pizza delivery driver shoots teens, police say

A pizza delivery driver shot two teens who tried to rob him east of downtown Detroit Thursday night, Detroit Police said.

The teens, 14 and 16, were taken to local hospitals; their conditions were listed as temporary serious, police said.

The delivery driver had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police said.

The teens had ordered a pizza be delivered to a vacant lot in the 600 block of St. Aubin St. about 9:55 p.m., police said.