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Pennsylvania: Would-be thief shot inside pizza shop

August 13, 2009

Port Richmond, Pennsylvania

From WPVI of August 9, 2009

Would-be thief shot inside pizza shop

A pizza shop owner in Philadelphia fought back when a man tried to rob him at gunpoint.

The attempted robbery happened inside Tony’s Place pizza shop on the 2900 block of Frankford Avenue in the city’s Port Richmond section.

Police say an armed gunman walked into the pizza shop at 11:45 Saturday night demanding money, but the owner pulled out his own gun and shot the robber in the back.

The would-be thief is now in critical condition at Temple University Hospital.


Allentown Robbery Victim Opens Fire

July 16, 2009

Allentown, Pennsylvania

From the June 28, 2009 Allentown Morning Call:

An Allentown man and a 17-year-old juvenile got more than they bargained for when they attempted to rob city resident Michael Dawes early Saturday morning, according to police.

Dawes, 38, of N. 13th Street, was smoking a cigarette near 13th and Union streets about 3:45 a.m. when the juvenile approached and asked for a dollar, said police Capt. Daryl Hendricks. Dawes said he didn’t have a dollar and the youth moved away.

Moments later, Albert Torres Jr., 24, of 841 Tilghman St. approached Dawes and asked for marijuana, getting the same reply, Hendricks said. At that point, the two attacked Dawes, who pulled a registered handgun and started firing.

Dawes got off two shots, but the assailants, who quickly fled, were not hit, Hendricks said. When police arrived, Dawes spotted a car he’d seen lurking in the area before the incident. Police stopped the car, and Dawes identified the two people inside as those who tried to attack him.

Torres was charged with robbery, conspiracy, attempted theft and simple assault, Hendricks said. The youth was sent to a juvenile detention facility.

Pennsylvania: Oakmont police nab shirtless, tipsy home intruder

June 11, 2009

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of May 27, 2009

Oakmont police nab shirtless, tipsy home intruder

Oakmont police said they arrested an intoxicated man early Sunday as he attempted to enter a house in which the owner had armed himself.

The man, Brian Adam Witkovitz of Elicker Road, Plum, gave no statements and indicated no motive as to why he tried to enter two houses in the 600 block of Ninth Street about 3 a.m., according to the police report.

Police said officers responded about 30 seconds after the owner of a house called the Allegheny County emergency dispatcher to report a burglary in progress. Officer Joseph Cattani observed Witkovitz, who was shirtless, open the storm door to the attached garage, according to police.

Despite instructions to the contrary from the dispatcher, the homeowner had armed himself in anticipation of meeting the intruder.

Cattani, backed up by another officer, entered the garage and subdued Witkovitz without incident before the suspect entered the house.

Witkovitz has been charged with burglary, criminal attempt, public drunkenness, loitering and prowling at night, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and simple trespass. He is free on a non-monetary bond.

Oakmont Police Chief Dave DiSanti praised his officers for their quick response.

“They managed to keep the burglar from bumping into the armed homeowner,” he said. “You can see how bad it would have been, had there been a confrontation. It took a lot of fortitude for Cattani to enter the garage.”

Pittsburgh Robber Shot

May 2, 2009

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From April 25, 2009 WTAE channel 4, Pittsburgh:

An alleged robber was shot inside a Northside bar Friday night, emergency dispatchers said.

Emergency dispatchers said a man was shot in the chest while attempting to rob the Cantina Lounge in the 2600 block of California Avenue.

Olney, Pennsylvania Robber Shot By Victim

May 2, 2009

Olney, Pennsylvania

From April 16, 2009 WPVI channel 6, Philadelphia:

An 18-year-old man is hospitalized after being shot in Olney by a man he allegedly tried to rob.

It happened around 9:00 p.m. Thursday night at 3rd Street and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Police say the 18-year-old was found shot in the leg.

He was taken to Einstein Hospital.

His injuries are said to be nonlife threatening.

According to authorities, the 18-year-old was allegedly trying to rob the man who would eventually shoot him.

Pennsylvania: Clerk shoots robbery suspect

March 17, 2009

Bristol Township, Pennsylvania

From the Times of Trenton of March 13, 2009

Clerk shoots robbery suspect

A knife-wielding robber who entered the Windsor Pharmacy on Wednesday night was taken down by a store clerk using a handgun, police said.

Matthew Perry, a 21-year-old Middletown Township resident, allegedly went into the pharmacy just after 8:30 p.m., displayed a knife, and demanded the pill oxycontin. Police said he began to struggle with a store clerk who resisted him.

A second store clerk, who had a valid permit to carry a weapon, pulled out a handgun and fired one shot at Perry, hitting him in the arm and chest, according to police. Police said Perry fell to the floor, and was taken to a local hospital by the Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad.

Perry is being guarded by Bristol Township Police, and will be charged pending a review by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office after his release.

**Account originally posted under “New Jersey” due to the source, but it has since been pointed out that Bristol Township is in Pennsylvania.**

Pennsylvania: Elderly Man Fires Shots At Robbers As They Flee Home

January 28, 2009

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

From WPXI of January 27, 2009

Elderly Man Fires Shots At Robbers As They Flee Home

For the second time in a month, 82-year-old Kenneth Plummer Jr. was the victim of a home invasion, by robbers at his Fayette County home Monday night.

“They got my wallet and ran through the house and got away with $350,” Plummer said.

Just before Christmas, a man broke in, but Plummer chased him away with a butcher knife.

“I want somebody dead if they come back,” Plummer said.

The robbers pried upon a locked door, assaulted Plummer and removed cash from his pocket and another part of the Kaider Road house.

State police said that as they left, Plummer went for his gun and fired three rounds at them.

“Very unusual, yes. I can’t recall seeing anything like this in my 15 years here,” said trooper Thomas Broadwater.

Broadwater said it may be time for Plummer to consider a security system.

“He’s obviously very shaken. He just has no idea why they’re doing this,” Broadwater said.

If you have any information about the three men who invaded Plummer’s home you are asked to call state police at the Uniontown barracks.

Pennsylvania: Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

November 25, 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From NBC Philadelphia of November 21, 2008

Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

he sleeping resident was woken around 1030pm last night after hearing a strange noise in the downstairs of his home in the 1900 block of Montrose Street in South Philadelphia.

After finding an open window on the first floor of his two story row home, the resident started to search the rest of the property from top to bottom, and was startled to find a male hunched up in the corner of a spare bedroom.

The resident pulled his gun and a violent struggle ensued between the robber and resident. During the struggle the robber was shot.

The burglar, a male in his 30’s, was taken to the hospital where he later died.

The homeowner was not injured and will probably not face charges.

Pennsylvania: Steelton Man Fires 3 Shots At Burglar

November 16, 2008

Steelton, Pennsylvania

From WGAL of November 16, 2008

Steelton Man Fires 3 Shots At Burglar

No charges will be filed against a man who shot at a burglar in his home Thursday, Steelton police said.

Officers were called to the 500 block of Lincoln Street just after 3 p.m.

A resident called police and said he was holding a burglar at gunpoint.

The resident had caught the burglar in the second floor of his home, police said.

Before police arrived the burglar placed his hand in his pocket, which made the victim believe he was armed. The victim fired three shots at the burglar who fled.

It’s not known if the burglar was injured.

The suspected burglar is a Hispanic male, about 5 foot 7 inches tall with some facial hair and a pony tail.

Pennsylvania: Barbershop Owner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber

November 14, 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From MyFoxPhilly of November 13, 2008

Barbershop Owner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber

A barbershop owner fought back against a would-be armed robber in the city’s West Oak Lane section.

It happened at ‘Cross Cutz’, on the 7400 block of Briar Road, around 6:07p.m. Thursday.

Police told Fox 29 News that a man in his early 20s stormed the barbershop with a 9mm gun and demanded cash.

The male shop owner forked over everything he had but he and the suspect still got into an altercation, police said.

Minutes later, the shop owner pulled out his own gun and shot the alleged robber in the head. The suspect collapsed right at the door. Police said all of this took place with a 9-year-old boy playing video games in a back room of the business.

“The owner has a 9-year-old son who was in a back room playing video games, in a room right-next-door to where the robbery occurred at the time of the robbery and shooting. However, the 9-year-old boy did not see the actual robbery or shooting,” said Chief Investigator Scott Small of Philadelphia Police.

As police tried to shelter the boy from the scene, medics rushed the wounded suspect to Albert Einstein Hospital where he is in critical condition.

Both weapons were recovered at the scene.

Police are investigating all of the circumstances behind the shooting.