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Oregon: Homeowner Shoots, Kills Bear After it Climbs Through Window

July 31, 2009

Grant Pass, Oregon

From KTVL of July 28, 2009

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Bear After it Climbs Through Window

A Grants Pass man woke up in the middle of the night, and came face to face with an intruder. That intruder was a bear, and the man jumped into action.

Everett Skinner was awakened by his daughter in the middle of the night. Skinner grabbed his shot gun.

“I shot him once with the gun and that didn’t bother him” skinner explained. “I put a third shot into his mid section and he was still growling and roaring” said Skinner. It took three more shots to finally put the bear down.

The bear eventually collapsed dead. Ironically, Skinner explained the bear did with his head next to a picnic basket. Skinner says it was all over in about a minute. He says the bear had run out when the two saw each other, and is sorry that he had to kill the bear, but says it had to be done.


Oregon: Springfield police say fatal shooting was self-defense

April 23, 2009

Springfield, Oregon

From KTMR of April 22, 2009

Springfield police say fatal shooting was self-defense

Police say a fatal shooting in Springfield was an act of self-defense.

The shooting happened Monday night at a home on the 2300 block of E Street. Investigators say Rodolfo Baldenegro, 47, went to the home looking for his estranged girlfriend. Investigators say the woman had filed a restraining order against him.

Police say Baldenegro forced his way into the residence and got into a fight with the woman and another man. Police say the other man shot Baldenegro in self-defense. Baldenegro died at the hospital.

Oregon: Portland homeowner shoots suspected prowlers

June 28, 2008

Portland, Oregon

From KATU of June 27, 2008

Portland homeowner shoots suspected prowlers

Police say a man claiming to be protecting his property shot two people Thursday night in northeast Portland.

The incident began about 10:30 p.m. when the police said a homeowner claimed he heard someone trying to break into his RV, which was parked at his home near the 1400 block of Northeast Marine Drive.

When police arrived they said the homeowner had apparently shot the suspected prowlers with a shotgun, hitting a man in the hand. The suspect was not seriously hurt but had some shotgun pellets lodged in his hand. He was transported to the hospital.

A woman with the man was treated at the hospital but the nature of her wounds was not specified. Both were treated, released and arrested.

Delisa Petersen, 21, and Gary Miller, 37, were charged with one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The man who shot them was not charged.

According to police, the homeowner fired one round into the air as he attempted to stop the suspects.

The man then fired a second round at one of the suspects as they approached him in a threatening way, police said.

Oregon: Man shoots and kills dog

June 12, 2008

Eugene, Oregon

From KVAL of June 11, 2008

Man shoots and kills dog

A man who shot and killed a vicious dog on a neighborhood street will not face charges because he acted in self-defense.

Neighbors say the man followed in a car after seeing two dogs, a pit bull and a doberman, stalking the neighborhood and attack a cat. He got out of the car when he saw the dogs attack another cat. The pit bull turned on the man, at which point he fired two shots and killed the dog.

The cat was taken to a veterinarian, but its injuries were too severe and had to be put down.

An animal countrol officer from Lane County Animal Services responded to the scene, said Tom Howard, LCAS supervisor.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office handled the call.

Both dogs were licensed. The owner of the second dog came and took his dog when contacted by LCAS, Howard said.

Oregon: Brookings man draws gun in self-defense

May 14, 2008

Gold Beach, Oregon

From the Curry County Reporter of May 14, 2008

Brookings man draws gun in self-defense

The Brookings Police Department hasn’t gotten much sleep in the past 24 hours, as a Brookings man drew a gun on multiple individuals on Monday. In a series of recent incidents, Brookings Police Officers have arrested twelve individuals in multiple cases.

On 05-12-08 at about 7:25 p.m., Officers were dispatched to McDonald’s restaurant, 815 Chetco Avenue in Brookings, Oregon for a report of a fight between multiple subjects. While in-route to the call, officers were notified one of the individuals involved in the fight was waving a gun.

Police officers arrived on the scene less than one minute later and found Kerry Von Pohle (9/18/1948) pointing a revolver towards Kevin Eber (10/7/1989) and Jacob Shelton (9/5/1988). Officers drew their firearms and commanded Von Pohle to put his weapon down. Von Pohle complied with these commands. An investigation revealed Von Pohle had drawn his gun in self-defense.

Kevin Eber had thrown a partially full beer can, striking Von Pohle’s car. Von Pohle asked Eber why and Eber became violent, telling Von Pohle he was going to kill him. During that exchange, Shelton attacked Von Pohle, striking him with closed fists and slamming his head into a parked car.

Von Pohle attempted to fend off the attack but realized Eber was closing in on him as well. Von Pohle drew his concealed 9mm revolver (for which he had a weapon permit) and pointed it at both subjects telling them if they came any closer he would shoot. The suspects stopped their advance. Von Pohle also had called 911 to notify police.

Eber was arrested within minutes and lodged; Shelton had left the scene and was later arrested. Eber was charged with Menacing, and Disorderly Conduct, and Shelton was charged with Assault and Menacing. Both were lodged in the Curry County Jail. Von Pohle was not charged with a crime.

October 4, 2007

Clackamas, Oregon

From Portland’s of October 4, 2007

Three shot in Clackamas home invasion, marijuana grow also found

Clackamas County deputies say an attempted home invasion occurred in Clackamas, leading to the shootings of two suspects and the roommate of a man living there.

Police also found a small marijuana growing operation at the residence.

It happened Thursday morning inside the rural residence on southeast 162nd, near State Highway 212. The home is located on a 30-acre plot of land.

Authorities got a 911 call at about 3 a.m. from a person who lives at the house, telling them he shot two men who came into the basement section of the home, where his roommate was residing. The man also says his roommate got caught in the crossfire and was also shot.

The three have been hospitalized. Their conditions have not been released but the roommate reportedly does not have life-threatening injuries. The nature of the injuries of the two other people has not been released.

Authorities say they think the marijuana grow at the residence may be the reason the suspects broke into the home, which is located in a secluded area at the end of a long private driveway.

September 19, 2007

Springfield, Oregon

From Springfield’s of September 19, 2007

Sprinfield [sic] man shot by motel owner

A Springfield man was in serious condition Wednesday morning after a Tuesday afternoon shooting at a motel near 12th and Main Streets in Springfield.

Police say Columbus Hayles was shot when a fight with the motel owner got out of hand.

Hayles’ wife, Sherry, said they were at the motel to pay for a truck they were buying from a tenant there.

Witnesses say the motel owner, Edward Yu and his wife told them to leave. Apparently, when the Hayles couple refused, the fight began. Police say surveillance video shows Columbus Hayles attacking Yu’s wife. They say the owner then shot Hayles, with a 38-caliber pistol.

Investigators call the shooting justified, saying the motel owners were within their rights to protect themselves and their property.

September 19, 2007

West Salem, Oregon

From the Salem Statesman-Journal of September 19, 2007

Drunken man shot in thigh while attempting apartment entry

West Salem family feared for safety as he pounded on door

A drunken man received a gunshot wound to the right thigh while trying to force his way into a West Salem apartment late Monday night, Salem police said.

Salem resident Christopher Cruz, 35, was shot through the door of the apartment by a resident worried for the safety of his wife and 4-day-old child, Salem police Sgt. Kevin Halvorsen said.

Police were called to the residence at 11:45 p.m. Monday as Cruz aggressively knocked on the door at Deer Creek Crossing Apartments in the 1500 block of Wallace Road NW, dispatchers said.

Cruz and the people in the apartment did not know each other, Halvorsen said. Cruz refused demands that he leave and continued to work the doorknob to get in.

Neighbors in the apartment complex said they heard loud banging that drew their attention, and others rose from a sound sleep.

“I stepped out on my balcony, thinking someone was beating on the cars in the parking lot,” said Zivile Guevara, who had been working on her computer. “I heard some guy shouting, ‘Why are you banging on my door?’ “

Salem officers arrived on the grounds of the apartment complex at 11:52 p.m., seven minutes after the initial call, according to dispatch logs.

As officers approached the apartment on foot, they heard two loud thumps they later learned were gunshots, Halvorsen said.

The man in the apartment had fired a 9 mm handgun through the door twice, and one shot hit Cruz.

Cruz was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted burglary and a probation violation warrant for an earlier conviction of driving under the influence, Halvorsen said. No charges were filed against the man who shot Cruz.

Cruz was taken to Salem Hospital for treatment. Three and a half hours after the incident, his blood alcohol level was 0.227 percent, nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent, Halvorsen said.

From Portland’s of September 20, 2007

West Salem man describes how he gunned down intruder trying to pound down his door.

Yev Gerasimenko lives in a West Salem apartment with his wife and newborn child. On Monday, two men came to his door asking for someone who didn’t live there. He closed the door and one of them returned minutes later and tried to beat the door down.

Gerasimenko told his wife to grab the baby and seek safety in the apartment. The 25-year-old has a concealed weapons permit and a handgun. He loaded it, warned the intruder to away, who ignored him. Gerasimenko then shot him.

The Statesman Journal has the full story, including reader feedback on the use of guns. Here is an excerpt.

Salem police arrested the intruder, Christopher Cruz, 35, late Monday, minutes after Gerasimenko wounded him. It happened at Deer Creek Crossing Apartments, in the 1500 block of Wallace Road NW.

Cruz has been charged with first-degree attempted burglary while at Salem Hospital, police said. Three and a half hours after the incident, his blood alcohol level was 0.227 percent, nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent, police said.

Gerasimenko came forward Wednesday to tell his story, stung by public criticism that he’d been irresponsible in his gun use while defending his home.

“I want to let people know I was responsible and that a gun in a good responsible citizen’s hand is a blessing,” said Gerasimenko, 25, a journeyman electrician.

Salem police did not file any charges against him, saying he acted in self-protection.


July 1, 2007

Portland, Oregon

From the The Oregoniann of June 30, 2007

Portland man, 71, wounds intruder

A Northeast Portland homeowner who came face to face with an intruder in the early morning darkness Friday shot him once in the head, leaving him seriously injured, family members and authorities said.

About 4:50 a.m., Leroy Hudson, 71, and his wife, Janice, 62, awakened to the sound of a break-in, said Walter Hudson, 49, the second of the couple’s nine children. Walter Hudson relayed his parents’ account of events:

Leroy Hudson was asleep upstairs and Janice Hudson was asleep downstairs in their home near Northeast 107th Avenue and Glisan Street. When they heard suspicious noises from their enclosed back porch, they met in a hall and got out a gun.

Janice Hudson called 9-1-1 to report an intruder. Leroy Hudson opened the back door of the house and found a man standing in front of him. He demanded to know what the man was doing, hoping to scare him off.

But the man said nothing. Instead, he walked toward Leroy Hudson, and Hudson raised the gun and shot him. Police arrived soon after.

Police have not released the intruder’s identity but think he’s about 26 years old, said Officer Brian Schmautz, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman.

The man’s gunshot wound was life-threatening and he had surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center, Schmautz said. No condition report was available.

Janice Hudson had stayed on the line and told 9-1-1 operators that a gun had been fired and someone was down, Schmautz said. When police reached the home, they stood outside and called for the homeowners to step out. Police then found the man lying on the back porch amid signs of forced entry. The intruder was not armed.

The Hudsons’ home was busy Friday with the couple’s children and grandchildren stopping by to offer support and help clean up.

Walter Hudson said he was grateful no one in his family was hurt but his thoughts also were with the intruder’s family.

“It’s so terrible on both sides,” he said.

Walter Hudson said his father served in the military about 50 years ago, but he didn’t know the details. He didn’t believe his father had used a gun on a person outside the military.

His parents and his aunt, who turns 84 today, moved into the house a year and half ago, he said. His father hasn’t told him how the incident affected the couple emotionally, but it was a surprise to encounter such a threatening situation in the peaceful neighborhood.

Schmautz cautioned residents about keeping guns at home. An intruder could turn a weapon against a resident in such a confrontation, he said.

Also, Schmautz said residents should weigh the risk of personal danger against the loss of belongings.

No charges have been pressed in the incident. The Multnomah County district attorney’s office will consider what action is warranted, Schmautz said.

From the KATU of July 9, 2007

Police: No charges for homeowner who shot intruder

An elderly man who shot a suspected intruder in the head at his northeast Portland home late last month will not face criminal charges, officials announced Monday.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office completed its review of the June 29 incident and determined the case would not go before a grand jury, police said.

According to police, 71-year-old Leroy Hudson awoke in the early morning hours to the sound of breaking glass and someone moving around in an enclosed porch area of his home in the 10700 block of Northeast Glisan Street.

Police have not elaborated on what happened next but at some point Hudson shot at the suspected intruder.

The injured suspect, 26-year-old Brent Alexander Sweet, was treated at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and released over the past weekend.

Police have charged Sweet with first-degree criminal trespass, and he was scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

June 16, 2007

Depoe Bay, Oregon

From Portland’s of June 16, 2007

Alleged Intruder Held At Gunpoint By Homeowner

A Depoe Bay homeowner took matters into his own hands Friday morning when he found an intruder in his house.

Lincoln County Sheriff”s deputies responded to a home on Breeze Street shortly after 1:30 a.m. Friday after the homeowner called police to report that he was holding a suspected intruder at gunpoint.

The homeowner told police he saw the man trespassing in the back yard and that the man entered his home without permission. There were three people inside the home, one of which was a small child.

Authorities took 25-year-old Justin James of Portland into custody on charges of first- and second-degree criminal trespassing.

Stewart is being held in the Lincoln County Jail on $10,000 bail.