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Ohio: Man Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder, CPD Says

July 31, 2009

Columbus, Ohio

From NBC4i of July 30, 2009

Man Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder, CPD Says

A man fatally shot an armed intruder while protecting his 5-year-old relative late Wednesday, authorities said.

Columbus police continued to investigate an overnight shooting on the city’s Southwest Side.

CPD said the incident started with a home invasion but it was the suspect who was fatally shot.

CPD was called to a home on the 1500 block of Autumn Village Drive on reports of a shooting at about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Officers found a man on a front porch with a gunshot wound to his neck.

The armed suspect broke into home shortly before he was fatally shot, CPD said.

“There was a knock on the door. The resident went to the door, at which time the victim out front entered the house with a firearm in commission of an aggravated robbery,” said CPD homicide Sgt. Dana Norman.

As the armed suspect entered the home, a man picked up his 5-year-old relative to protect child as well as a firearm and fired shots, according to authorities.

The suspect attempted to flee the home after being wounded but collapsed on the porch. He died a short time later.

Detectives have not released the identity of the suspect currently, but NBC4 was told the shooter and suspect did not know each other.

The police report listed the suspect as an unknown black male in his 20s.

The man who fatally shot the suspect was not a resident of the home; he was staying there with relatives. There were four people in home at time of the invasion: a woman, child and two men, one of whom is bedridden.

Authorities have have not released additional information on the shooter’s identity, either.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood,” said neighbor Gary Dulaney.

No other injuries were reported from the incident.

“Five-years-old, man. You’re always concerned about the kid. I mean you hope you don’t bring your child into that situation. It is scary. I feel bad for him,” Dulaney said.

No charges were filed against the man who shot the intruder currently, but the case will be presented to the Franklin County grand jury for review.

Anyone with additional information on the city’s 49th homicide of 2009 was asked to call the CPD homicide squad at 614-645-4730.


Ohio: Owner of store shoots robber

July 12, 2009

Barberton, Ohio

From the Akron Beacon-Journal of July 11, 2009

Owner of store shoots robber

A Barberton store owner opened fire on two robbers Thursday night, and police believe one of them was a man whose body was later discovered outside Akron General Medical Center.

The body has yet to be identified. His accomplice has also not been identified.

Barberton Police Chief Michael Kallai said the robbery occurred at 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the 619 Brew Thru at Fifth Street Southeast and Snyder Avenue.

One of the men robbed a clerk and then, after being shot, fled with an undisclosed amount of money in a red Nissan Maxima sedan.

Police said store owner Morad A. Fares fired at the robbers. Fares, 22, declined comment Friday afternoon.

Kallai said the case remains under investigation. He said a prosecutor would ultimately decide whether Fares acted in self-defense.

Fares has told police that at least one of the robbers was armed.

Ohio law generally allows shop owners and homeowners to protect themselves when their lives are threatened.

Earlier this year, a West Akron pizza shop owner was exonerated of criminal charges by Summit County prosecutors, who ruled he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed an armed robber.

”I’m not going to say. That’s up to the prosecutor,” Kallai said of Fares. ”We’re still waiting to get all the facts. We have to ID the deceased and the vehicle’s driver before we make any decision.”

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, a man with bullet wounds was dumped outside Akron General. He later died.

The body remains at the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office as authorities try to identify him.

Police say the shooting victim was a light-skinned black male, standing 6-foot-2 and weighing about 200 pounds. He had a goatee and a discolored front tooth. He wore white jogging pants, a blue ”BOSS” labeled T-shirt, a green hooded sweat shirt and a blue baseball cap.

The driver of the vehicle is described only as a white male in his 40s.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Barberton police detectives at 330-745-2181.

Ohio: Man Shoots Pit Bull Attacking Teen

June 21, 2009

Columbus, Ohio

From WBNS of June 19, 2009

Man Shoots Pit Bull Attacking Teen

A man shot a pit bull in the leg Thursday evening to stop the dog from attacking a teenager.

Police said the dog tore part of the 15-year-old boy’s ear and bit his arm and leg, 10TV’s Kevin Landers reported.

According to police, the attack was the culmination of an argument among neighbors on Diane Place on the south side. The argument escalated into a fight involving the boy and others on the street.

A witness told detectives they heard the owner of the dog say “sic ’em” before releasing the animal to attack the boy.

“During the fight, the male released the dog and it bit one of the people they were fighting,” Sgt. Thomas Nance told 10TV News. “Another man approached and shot the dog as it was attacking the 15-year-old.”

The boy was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. His condition was not known Thursday night.

Police were still investigating the cause of the argument.

The dog was taken into custody by animal control officers.

Lima, Ohio Burglar Shot

May 31, 2009

Lima, Ohio

From the May 8, 2009

LIMA – A wannabe burglar may be walking around with a lead reminder of a Friday break-in.

Lima Police believe the man who reportedly broke into a home in the 800 block of West Wayne Street early Friday morning may have been shot by the home’s owner.

The incident occurred just before 4 a.m. Friday, according to Lima Police Detective Kent Miller. The home’s owner was sitting in his living room, just about an hour after coming home from working third shift, when he heard a bang from the next room. He walked in and saw a man in his house by the front door. The homeowner turned around and grabbed his .22 revolver and yelled at the intruder, who then rushed at him, Miller said. He fired one shot before the would-be burglar fled.

Police believe the bullet may have struck the intruder, but found no blood or other evidence of injury at the scene.

“We think he hit him mainly because of the distance between them. He was just three or four feet away, but we didn’t find any blood,” Miller said.

Police have notified hospitals around the region to keep an eye out for a man seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. Miller said he believes if the man is wounded he may try to treat himself or ask friends for help.

Columbus Gas Station Robber Shot

May 6, 2009

Columbus, Ohio

From May 5, 2009 WBNS channel 10, Columbus:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Police said a man was shot when he tried to rob a northeast side gas station on Tuesday morning.

The armed robber entered the BP gas station, located at 1959 17th Ave., shortly after midnight, 10TV’s Tino Ramos reported.

The man confronted the clerk, who had a gun behind the counter. The clerk shot the robber and he collapsed outside.

Ohio: Clerk Opens Fire On Would-Be Robber

April 23, 2009

Columbus, Ohio

From of April XX, 2009

Clerk Opens Fire On Would-Be Robber

Two men were hospitalized on Wednesday after they were shot during a hold up at a drive-thru on the city’s northeast side, 10TV News reported.

The shooting occurred at about 3:30 p.m. at Dani’s Drive-Thru, located near the corner of Westerville and Agler roads.

Investigators said a man walked inside and tried to rob the clerk, but the clerk produced a gun and opened fire, wounding the man in the legs, 10TV News reported.

The man was apprehended about a block away near a home on Cleveland Avenue.

The other person wounded in the shooting may have been an innocent bystander, police said.

The injuries were not considered to be life-threatening.

No other injuries were reported.

Ohio: Suspect Shot During Gas Station Robbery

April 4, 2009

Columbus, Ohio

From 10TV of April 2, 2009

Suspect Shot During Gas Station Robbery

Police said a man was shot during a robbery at a northeast side gas station early Thursday.

Two men went into Sam’s Gas and Food, located at 1773 Fifth Ave., shortly after midnight as it was closing, 10TV’s Tino Ramos reported.

Police said the men had guns and attempted to rob the store. One of the clerks grabbed a gun and shots were exchanged between the worker and the robbers. One of the suspects was shot in the back.

The victim was dropped off at The Ohio State University Medical Center East. He was transported to OSU Medical Center where he was treated and arrested in connection with the robbery, Ramos reported.

Police continued to search for the second suspect.

The employees at the gas station were not injured.

Ohio: Pizza shop owner describes robbery, shooting

April 2, 2009

Akron, Ohio

From the Akron Beacon Journal of April 1, 2009

Pizza shop owner describes robbery, shooting

John Hayes wants only to sell pizzas, not shoot robbers.

But the day after his West Akron pizza parlor was held up and he shot and killed the shotgun-armed robber, Hayes remains concerned about his business, his life and the health of his six workers.

He wants the public to know why he opened fire: He didn’t want to be killed, like other robbery victims around the city. He wants only to sell pizzas.

”I’m devastated,” he said inside Your Pizza Shop, the West Exchange Street parlor he purchased two months ago. ”It’s an unbelievable situation I’ve been put into because of some person’s carelessness and thoughtlessness.

”I’m in fear of my life, my employees’ lives and the lives of everybody I know.”

Hayes, 37, was behind the counter Tuesday night when 20-year-old Patrick Finney, wearing an orange ski mask, walked in and pointed a sawed-off shotgun at his head just before 8 p.m.

A customer, an older woman from the neighborhood, was seated at the counter watching the Cavaliers game while waiting for a stromboli.

”He said, ‘Give me the [expletive] money. This is an [expletive] robbery,” Hayes said.

Hayes cooperated, giving the robber a stack of $10 bills. The robber wanted more and pointed the shotgun within inches of Hayes’ head, he said.

”As soon as I gave him the money, I pulled my gun out from my hip, pointed it and fired four shots,” Hayes said.

Finney fell to the floor, then stood back up. Hayes fired three more shots from his Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol. Finney staggered outside and collapsed across the street. The cash he sought was dropped outside.

Hayes then called 911.

”I just got robbed at my pizza shop, 1077 West Exchange Street,” Hayes says on the recording released by Akron police.

”OK, what kind. . . .does he have a weapon?” a dispatcher asks.

”He had a weapon, a gun. I shot him. He’s across the street laying down right now,” Hayes says.

”You shot him?” the dispatcher replies in a startled voice.

”I shot him right in front of me while he was holding a gun on me,” Hayes replies.

Finney was taken to Akron General Medical Center. He died within the hour. An autopsy on Wednesday showed he was shot multiple times in the torso. The death has been ruled a homicide.

Akron police are investigating the shooting, but there is no indication that Hayes, who has been questioned by investigators, acted unlawfully. It was the fourth robbery at the shop since 2007.

Police Lt. Rick Edwards said Finney had no felony convictions, but he had been arrested in 2008 and charged with marijuana drug abuse. Finney failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Finney’s mother, Patricia, lives six blocks south of Buchtel High School on Winton Avenue, but a neighbor said that Patrick Finney had lived with his grandmother until she died a few years ago. Efforts to reach other family members for comment were unsuccessful.

An acquaintance of Finney, Kenneth Amos, 20, of Akron, was arrested after the shooting and charged with tampering with evidence. He had items that belonged to Finney, Edwards said. Police would not say whether the items were connected to the robbery.

Hayes said the neighborhood reaction to the shooting has been troubling. A woman stood outside his shop taking pictures, for no apparent reason. Others have called and hung up. Business was slow Wednesday afternoon.

His delivery drivers are concerned about retaliation. He said he carries a weapon, with a concealed carry permit and regular shooting practice, to avoid being a victim. He cited the recent case of the North Hill man shot in a carjacking as reason for his fear of being shot during a robbery.


Ohio: Would-Be Robber Ends Up As Shooting Victim

March 25, 2009

Mt. Auburn, Ohio

From WCPO of March 24, 2009

Would-Be Robber Ends Up As Shooting Victim

A would-be thief ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound after a failed robbery attempt in Mt. Auburn overnight.

Police say the would-be robber, 20-year-old Anthony Walker of Corryville, approached two men at a home in the 120 block of Malvern Place and threatened them with a gun.

One of the men, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, reportedly shot Walker during the altercation.

Both of the intended victims then drove to the Cincinnati Police District One station and reported the incident.

Rescue crews transported Walker to University Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the chest. He is now facing charges of aggravated robbery.

Ohio: Bond Hill Apartment Resident Shoots, Kills Robber

March 7, 2009

Bond Hill, Ohio

From Local 12 of March 4, 2009

Bond Hill Apartment Resident Shoots, Kills Robber

A Bond Hill man shot and killed a robber who tried to break into his home this morning.

Police were called to the 7600 block of Glenmeadow Lane around 9:45 a.m.

Two men reportedly broke into an apartment there. The apartment owner was shot in the leg. The victim then opened fire on the suspects. One robber, 19 year old Gerald Womble of Avondale was shot and killed in the hallway outside the hallway. The second robber escaped.

One man who was waiting in the parking lot for his granddaughter told Local 12 he heard four or five shots. It’s not clear whether the apartment resident pursued the robbers out of the apartment.

The resident who was shot in the leg was taken to University Hospital and he is expected to be okay.