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Nevada: Woman, intruder shot during home invasion attempt

August 13, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

From the Las Vegas Sun of July 29, 2009

Woman, intruder shot during home invasion attempt

An attempted home invasion late Tuesday in North Las Vegas resulted in an exchange of gunfire and a woman and an intruder being shot.

Police said someone tried to enter a home shortly before midnight in the 4100 block of Karma Drive, between West Craig and Alexander roads, when the homeowner opened fire. The intruder fired back and injured the woman, authorities said.

Officers were dispatched to the home at 11:52 p.m. and upon arrival found a 31-year-old North Las Vegas resident with gunshot wounds to her leg. The injured woman said she had exchanged gunfire with unidentified men who had entered her home and threatened to shoot her 14-year-old son.

The boy wasn’t injured.

Police found a blood trail that left the residence and ended in the street in front of the house.

Sgt. Tim Bedwell of the North Las Vegas Police Department said he isn’t sure who fired first.

He said the woman suffered a minor non-life threatening gunshot wound and was transported to University Medical Center. At the hospital, officers were notified a male gunshot victim had recently arrived to be treated who matched the description of one of the suspects.

His injuries are described as serious but non-life threatening.

Authorities said they do not know if the woman knew the intruder. Bedwell said an arrest hasn’t been made in the case.


Nevada: Liquor Store Clerk Wounded Would-be Robber

August 12, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

From KOLO of August 11, 2009

Liquor Store Clerk Wounded Would-be Robber

Las Vegas police say a liquor store clerk gunned down during a botched robbery Friday night shot one of his assailants. The Clark County coroner’s office identifies the dead clerk as 62-year-old Arthur Miller of Las Vegas. Police arrested his two alleged assailants – 24-year-olds Antonio Duenas and Michael Cruz – at a hospital where Duenas was treated for a gunshot wound to the abdomen. They’re due in court tomorrow

Nevada: Resident Opens Fire During Home Invasion

June 19, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

From KXNT of June 18, 2009

Resident Opens Fire During Home Invasion

An attempted home-invasion in the southwest valley today ended with shots fired. It happened around 10:30 a.m. at a house on Ocotillo Falls Avenue, near Grand Canyon and Patrick. Police say a homeowner fired five shots in self-defense after a man kicked in his door. No one was hit, but two suspects left the scene in a car. One was caught and arrested, the other fled on foot and is still being sought.

Las Vegas Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglar

February 20, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

From the February 16, 2009 San Jose Mercury-News:

LAS VEGAS—Las Vegas police say a homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar after coming home and finding the person in his home.

Homicide Lt. Lew Roberts says the homeowner likely would not be charged for the Sunday incident west of Nellis Air Force Base, but said the investigation was still in its early stages.

Nevada: Three Men Killed in Winnemucca Shooting on Sunday

May 28, 2008

Humboldt County, Nevada

From KTVN of May 25, 2008

Three Men Killed in Winnemucca Shooting on Sunday

Deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a shooting in Winnemucca early Sunday morning that left three people dead and others injured.

The shooting happened at the Player’s Bar & Grill on South Grass Valley Road.

Investigators say a feud between two local families is behind the early-morning shooting inside the bar. Three men from Winnemucca died from gunshot wounds, and two others are in critical condition at the hospital.

Deputies say about 2:25 a.m., 30-year-old Ernesto Villa Gomez walked into the bar and starting shooting. 20-year-old Jose Torres and his 19-year-old brother Margarito Torres were killed. When Villa Gomez was reloading his semi-automatic gun, a man from Reno took out a gun and shot Villa Gomez. That man has a concealed weapons permit.

The unidentified man who shot Villa Gomez is not expected to be charged in this incident; law enforcement call it a justifiable homicide.

Local police, the Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada Highway Patrol are preparing for retaliation from one or both of the families, and rumors are already circulating in the small town of Winnemucca. There is a sense of sadness for losing three local men in this violent incident.

The Player’s Bar & Grill was full of about 300 people, because a local biker event “Runnemucca” is going on this holiday weekend.

Nevada: New Details in Deadly Home Burglary

May 10, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas Now of May 9, 2008

New Details in Deadly Home Burglary

Police are investigating a shooting at a Las Vegas home that left two people dead Thursday night. Police say a man told them that he and his wife came home and were met by a burglar in their house. According to officers, the burglar shot and killed the woman and the husband then shot and killed the burglar.

Some neighbors were crying as they learned of their neighbor’s tragic death. As of Friday morning, the streets were still littered with bits of crime scene tape.

Neighbors were blocked out of their homes, and the neighborhood was on lock down for hours.

“We waited for about an hour before we could bring the car here,” said Mort Arditti, a neighbor.

Police say the couple returned to their home on Friday night around 9 p.m. and surprised a burglar. Police say the burglar was someone the couple knew and had hired in the past to do work at the home.

The female victim, Sharon Randolph, had lived in the neighborhood for 12 years.

“I just saw her three days ago. Real nice lady. Said how nice the yard looked,” said neighbor Robert Donat.

Donat says she asked why he does all his yard work himself. He said he didn’t want strangers at his house, but he says Sharon was different.

“They bring a lot of strangers over there to do odd jobs for them. You are just asking for trouble. You don’t know the people you are bringing into your house,” he said.

According to police, a handyman the couple had hired broke into the house and was burglarizing it when they came home. Police say the suspect shot and killed the Randolph.

“Now she’s gone overnight, just like that. And we were all home last night and we heard the helicopter and they were kicking people out of their houses around them. Just amazing,” said Donat.

But neighbors say there might be more too it. Sharon’s husband had died a few years back and she met a new man on the Internet who wasn’t too popular with neighbors.

“A lot of fighting going on, her and her new husband. I guess she found him on the Internet and a lot of U-Haul trucks. She is always taking him back, so not a good thing,” said Donat.

Police say that new husband struggled with the burglar and ended up shooting the man to death in the garage.

Nevada: Victims Fight Back in Home Invasion

February 5, 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada

From the Las Vegas Eyewitness News of February 1, 2008

Victims Fight Back in Home Invasion

One robbery suspect is on the loose and another is in the hospital after four victims fought back.

Police say the four victims were barbecuing when two men with guns entered the home. One of the victims said he made a near-fatal mistake by leaving the garage door partially open. The victims, who do not want to be identified for safety reasons, say they ended up fighting for their lives and thought they might die.

“The look in their eyes, especially when they started beating us in the back of the heads with the guns. It was kind of like someone would torture a little animal and then joking about how they were going to love killing us,” said one victim.

The men were pinned to the floor with shotguns. “It got ugly when they went back downstairs and decided to tell the women to undress their clothes,” the victim added, “The girls were really crying and you could just tell that they were incredibly upset.”

The victim told Eyewitness News that one of the suspects who was preparing to sexually assault the women turned his attention away from the guns and let down his guard.

The two male victims saw their opportunity.

“I grabbed him, threw him down on the ground, grabbed a weight from the weight set and smashed him in the head.”

The women also joined in the fight, hitting the suspects with a frying pan.

“One of the girls completely nude managed to grab a gun and shoot the guy in the chest area and in the leg.”

“She did what she had to do and I have to be thankful that she was able to do what she did and if she didn’t I might not be able to give you this story right now.”

The suspect who was shot has serious injuries and is in the hospital. The second suspect is on the run and as for the victims, they have minor injuries.

The police are very cautious not to make this seem like a heroic act. They say fighting back can sometimes end with the victims being more seriously hurt.

Nevada: Report: intruder shot in NW Reno

February 4, 2008

Reno, Nevada

From the Reno Gazette-Journal of February 4, 2008

Report: intruder shot in NW Reno

Reno police responded this morning to a shooting on Chesterfield Lane in Northwest Reno.

Scanner traffic indicates that a resident shot at an intruder at around 7 a.m. The intruder apparently ran away after the shots were fired and has not been located.

The resident has stated that he does not know if he hit the intruder when he fired at him.

More details were not available.

November 14, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas’ of November 13, 2007

Man shot, killed attempting to carjack security guard

A suspect is dead after messing with the wrong person Tuesday morning. North Las Vegas Police say a man tried to carjack a security guard at about 6 in the morning near Gowan and I-15.

The intended victim and the suspect got into a shootout. The security guard was taken to the hospital with a minor wound. The suspect was taken to UMC where he later died.

Police say the security guard may not face any charges, because it appears he was acting in self defense.

November 7, 2007

Smith Valley, Nevada

From the Reno Gazette Journal of November 7, 2007

Dog attack in SV results in death of horse

A horse was put down in Smith Valley as a result of injuries suffered from an attack by neighbors’ pitbulls and the horse owner would like to inform residents of this situation and perhaps save an animal’s life.

Lisa Adams of Smith Valley said three or four pit bulls attacked her quarter horse gelding “Zack” Sunday morning and inflicted wounds so severe the equine had to be euthanized.

Adams, who helplessly watched her horse, a barrel racer, being attacked by the dogs of neighbors who had just moved into a rental next door, said it will take a while to overcome this attack. She was struck in the head by her horse as they tried to tend to it after the attack and was briefly hospitalized, while a neighbor, kicked by the horse trying to chase off the dogs, also received medical treatment.

The incident began about 7:30 a.m. Sunday in the neighborhood between Day Lane and Artist View in Smith Valley as Mrs. Adams got up and saw a neighbor who had apparently moved in the day before let four dogs out of a small fenced kennel. She said she couldn’t tell what kind of dogs they were but admitted she was a little concerned seeing a neighbor with dogs. Her husband Steve, a LCSO deputy, had already left for work.

Lisa Adams then walked to the other side of the house and noticed her 26-year-old mare, who can barely move, walking in circles, dust kicked up.

She ran outside and heard noise in the other horse’s stall (a third horse the Adams own is on the other side of their five-acre property). She saw an apparent owner crouched down with one dog to the side and three pit bulls in the stall.

So she ran inside to call 911, Mrs. Adams related, and apparently was screaming for help so the three neighbors arrived. Two tried to get the dogs away from the horse, but one was kicked and injured in the leg, so the other and Mrs. Adams dragged her out of the stall.

“Thank God the dogs didn’t turn on her,” she said.

Eventually, Adams went into her home to get a pistol and shot one of the dogs, although it survived, as Bolzle said it was a superficial wound. However, Adams said the other dogs then left her horse alone.