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Missouri: Armed struggle ends with man shot in Northland

July 12, 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of July 12, 2009

Armed struggle ends with man shot in Northland

A man was shot in Kansas City, North, shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday after he had come, armed with a handgun, to the home of another man.

Police said the two had an ongoing disagreement and that the man they identified as a suspect went into the other man’s home in the 1000 block of Northwest 63rd Street brandishing a handgun.

The two struggled over the intruder’s gun, and the resident pulled out his own gun and shot the other man


Missouri: Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

July 8, 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of July 7, 2009

Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

A homeowner shot a man outside his home with a shotgun early today. Police were investigating whether the gunman was responsible for a shooting that occurred one block away moments earlier.

The incident began about 4:30 a.m. when a caller told police someone was firing a shotgun into an apartment in the 500 block of Gillis Street. The apartment was occupied, but no one was hit.

Officers responding to the call encountered a man in a truck who had suffered a minor wound, possibly from a shotgun pellet.

Moments later, police received another call from a man who heard a commotion outside his home in the 500 block of Troost Avenue. The homeowner saw a man running with a shotgun and told him to drop the weapon. The man with the shotgun allegedly threatened the homeowner and the homeowner shot him.

The shotgun-wielding man suffered serious injuries, police said.

Police were investigating both shootings.

Columbia, Missouri Burglar Shot

May 15, 2009

Columbia, Missouri

From the April 30, 2009 Missourian:

COLUMBIA — A woman whose house was being burglarized is believed to have shot one of the three men caught in her home early Thursday.

The woman arrived at her home in northeast Columbia and found that her back door had been kicked open, according to a release from the Columbia Police Department. Inside, she found three men robbing her house.

She left the house, and the men followed her. She told police that one of the men had a handgun and pointed it at her. She fired one round at the men, the release stated.

Investigators collected evidence that led them to believe that one suspect was shot. Though local hospitals were notified, there were no suspects at the time of the news release.

Missouri: Homeowner Shoots At Burglars, Hits Friend

March 17, 2009

Oklahoma City, Missouri

From KOcO of March 16, 2009

Homeowner Shoots At Burglars, Hits Friend

A man is in the hospital after he was accidentally shot when his friend tried to shoot two burglars, Oklahoma City police said.

It happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning when two men broke into the house near Northeast 42nd Street and Prospect Avenue, police said. The homeowner heard the burglars, grabbed a gun and allegedly began firing. Instead of hitting the burglars, a bullet hit the homeowner’s friend. The burglars ran away from the house.

The homeowner and his friend got into a car and drove to the hospital. Their trip was delayed when they were pulled over by police for speeding a few blocks away, police said. The victim was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police do not have a description of the burglars. Charges are not expected to be filed, police said.

Missouri: Intruder who was shot by homeowner is charged

January 29, 2009

Clay County, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of January 26, 2009

Intruder who was shot by homeowner is charged

Clay County authorities today charged a 40-year-old man who was shot after he allegedly forced his way into a Clay County home last week.

George R. England Jr. of Imperial, Mo., faces one count of first-degree burglary for the incident that occurred about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday at a residence in the 12000 block of Missouri 92, just west of Kearney.

Bond was set at $75,000, and England remains hospitalized in stable condition, authorities said this afternoon.

A 48-year-old woman inside the residence dialed 911 to report a disturbance in progress. The woman said an unknown man drove up to the residence, stood outside the front door and began yelling, according to court records.

“Come out here,” England is accused of yelling to the homeowner. “You know me, I’m Animal.”

As the woman was speaking with 911 dispatchers, England allegedly forced open the front door and began to walk inside. At that point, the caller’s 44-year-old husband confronted the intruder and shot him with a handgun, court records said.

Authorities arrived a short time later and transported England to the hospital.

Clay County Prosecutor Daniel White said today that no criminal charges are being considered against the 44-year-old homeowner who shot England.

“The homeowner in this instance acted with remarkable restraint,” said White. “He ensured the safety of his family, repeatedly advised England that England was neither his friend nor acquaintance, only shot when England forced open the front door of the residence.”

The homeowner’s wife and two school-age children were at the home at the time of the incident. No other injuries were reported. Authorities think the intruder was highly intoxicated.

Gainesville, Missouri Shooting Of Uncle Found Justifiable

December 27, 2008

Gainesville, Missouri

From December 8, 2008 Springfield, Missouri channel 3:

GAINESVILLE, Mo. — The Ozark County prosecuting attorney says the shooting death of a man from Dora was a case of justifiable homicide. He dropped murder charges against Floyd Russell, 24, who was charged with killing his uncle, Terry Russell, in October.

A coroner’s jury found the death was the result of an ongoing family feud that turned violent with another relative.

Missouri: Cape Girardeau woman shoots, kills would-be rapist at her home

November 1, 2008

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

From the Southeast Missourian of October 31, 2008

Cape Girardeau woman shoots, kills would-be rapist at her home

A Cape Girardeau woman shot and fatally wounded Ronnie W. Preyer, 47, a registered sex offender who had broken into her home early this morning with the intention of raping her a second time, Cape Girardeau Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle said today.

Swingle said he will not be charging the victim, an older woman who positively identified Preyer this morning as the man who raped her on Saturday.

“It is clear that under Missouri’s self-defense law the woman was justified in using deadly force upon the intruder in her home because he was in the process of burglarizing her home when she shot him,” Swingle wrote in a letter to police chief Carl Kinnison.

Cape Girardeau police had been keeping a close eye on the woman’s home, in the southwest part of Cape Girardeau, since she reported the rape nearly a week ago.

In that instance, she’d heard the glass break in a basement window around midnight on Saturday, and decided to make a run for it through her front door, according to police reports of the incident. When she opened the door, Preyer attacked her.

He punched her in the face and forced her into the bedroom, where he raped her.

She reported the rape that night, and described her rapist.

Police were actively working the unsolved rape case, Swingle said, and had been frequently driving past the woman’s home in case her attacker returned.

This morning, the woman called 911 after hearing a car door close near her residence. An officer responded, checked the doors and windows, including the one that had been broken during the first attack.

Her landlord had recently repaired the window for her, Swingle said.

Once the officer determined that no one had entered the home, he left.

About two hours later, the woman was at home watching television, when Preyer broke the same basement window and came in, getting the still-wet calking on his clothing as he did so, police reports said.

He found a main fuse panel in the basement and shut off the electricity. The victim immediately tried to call 911, but the phone would not work because there was no electric.

Having recently purchased a shotgun, she grabbed the weapon and when Preyer began banging on the basement door, she was ready for him. When he crashed through the basement door into her kitchen, she shot him once in the chest and ran, heading for a neighbor’s house, where she called the police.

It only took officers 45 seconds to respond to the 911 call, Swingle said.

When they arrived, they saw Preyer stumbling away from the home, and an officer ordered him to stop. When he didn’t, a female officer drew her own weapon and they forced him to the ground.

He was transported to Saint Francis Medical Center where he died several hours later.

Early Friday morning, the victim identified Preyer out of a photo line-up as both the man who raped her on Saturday and the man who broke into her house today.

Preyer’s criminal history is speckled with home invasions and assaults, and he has been convicted of failing to inform the county of his change of address in compliance with registered sex offender laws. Swingle was getting ready to charge him with rape, attempted rape, burglary and attempted burglary this morning, armed with the positive eyewitness identification, when he learned around 9:30 a.m. that Preyer was dead.

Preyer was convicted in 1989 of raping and robbing a woman in New Madrid County and he served 15 years in prison on both charges.

He was also arrested last December and charged with attempted rape and second degree felony assault, but Swingle’s office dismissed the charges because he did not think he could get a conviction, he said.

The victim in that case, a woman in her early 30s, allegedly went for a drive with Preyer, knowing of his sex offender status, and he attacked her while in the car.

After talking with the victim in that case, Swingle decided to dismiss the charges because the woman did not use a nearby phone to call for help, and because she went with Preyer because she was “bored,” even though he was a sex offender, he said.

“We know in at least one case, he did a good job of picking his victim, this time, he didn’t do such a good job,” Swingle said.

Missouri: Police say Scott County burglary suspect stopped by armed homeowner

October 24, 2008

Benton, Missouri

From the Southeast Missourian of October 23, 2008

Police say Scott County burglary suspect stopped by armed homeowner

Scott County deputies arrested a 35-year-old Sikeston man Wednesday in connection with an attempted burglary, according to a Scott County Sheriff’s Department news release.

Jason Roach allegedly approached a residence on County Highway 538 on Tuesday and rang the doorbell. Police say Roach turned the doorknob and would have gained entry, according to the homeowner, were it not for the safety latch on the door.

Roach entered the home through a rear garage entrance where he was greeted by the homeowner, who held a handgun, according to the news release.

Roach allegedly told the homeowner he was lost and asked for directions.

Roach had recently been charged with another burglary and was currently out on bond. He is currently held at Scott County Jail on $5,000 cash-only bond.

Missouri: Security Guard Shoots Man At Liquor Store

September 25, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri

From KCTV of September 24, 2008

Security Guard Shoots Man At Liquor Store

A man was shot by a liquor store security guard on Tuesday night, police said.

Officers said the guard told them a man, who he thought had a gun, was causing problems at the Royal Liquor Store on Southwest Boulevard about 9 p.m.

After telling the man to leave, the guard said the man became violent and during a struggle, the security guard shot him.

The man ran off, and police later found him in an alley about a block away. They did not find a gun.

The man’s injuries are considered life-threatening, police said.

Missouri: Police: Would-Be Robber Shot

September 24, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri

From KCTV of September 24, 2008

Police: Would-Be Robber Shot

A clerk at a 7-Eleven stood up to a robber, police said, and shot him dead.

An 18-year-old man was attempting to rob the convenience store near East 27th Street and Van Brunt Boulevard at gunpoint when one of the two clerks in the store pulled out his own gun and shot the man, police said.

When officers arrived at the store, which is across the street from a police station, they found the teen dead behind the counter, shot once in the neck.

“It is fairly unusual for us to have problems here, but convenience stores are one of those targets of opportunity, especially late at night. There were two clerks working at the time. One had on a uniform, one did not. The one that actually ended up doing the shooting was the one who was not in a uniform, but it is rather ironic to have something like this happen in such proximity to a police station,” said Capt. Rich Lockhart of the Kansas City Police Department.

The man who was shot was carrying a gun, police said. And they said the clerk who had a gun had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.