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Ten Year Old Shoots Home Invaders

July 18, 2009

Port Allen, Louisiana

From July 17, 2009 WAFB channel 9:

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) – A ten-year-old boy left home alone with his sister used his mother’s gun to shoot an intruder in the face, police said.

Late Tuesday, West Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies received a call to a Port Allen apartment complex after several shots rang out from inside one of the apartments. “You are out here trying to work and for someone to come and do that and invade your home is very hard,” the children’s mother said. She asked to not be identified.

Deputies say Dean Favron and Roderick Porter knocked several times on the apartment door. The two young children, a ten-year-old boy and eight-year-old girl, stood on the other side, terrified. “He told his sister to be quiet and seconds later, they started kicking on the door and finally kicked the door in,” said Sheriff Mike Cazes. The two children ran to their mother’s bedroom closet.

In a panic, the ten-year-old grabbed his mother’s gun for protection. “He did what I told him to do. I never told him to get the gun, but thank God he did,” she said. Once the two suspects opened the door, threatening the kids, deputies say the boy fired a bullet into the lip of Roderick Porter. The two men were taken to the hospital by a third suspect, who is a 15-year-old juvenile. Once they got to the hospital, they were later arrested. “It’s just hard. I don’t understand why they would do that. I know they have little brothers and sisters and they wouldn’t want anyone to break into their house,” said the mother.


Sacramento Teenager Protects His Mother

May 22, 2009

Sacramento County, California

From the May 21, 2009 Sacramento Bee:

A 17-year-old boy stands accused of killing a man Tuesday morning, though detectives now believe the shooting was justified, authorities said Wednesday.

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies arrested the boy, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, late Tuesday night on suspicion of murder, said sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran.

Detectives made the arrest based on information they had gathered about the fatal shooting that morning of 30-year-old James Davis on the 2800 block of La Quinta Drive, Curran said.

But after interviewing the boy, Curran said, detectives learned that he had acted in self-defense – and in defense of his mother, Davis’ girlfriend, who had been “beaten severely” before the fatal confrontation.

The boy was booked into juvenile hall on a murder charge but later released – though the murder charge still stands, Curran said. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and will decide if it was justifiable homicide.

Deputies were called to La Quinta Drive, near Folsom Boulevard in south Sacramento about 5 a.m. after reports of gunshots and a woman screaming. They found Davis’ body on the sidewalk, and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. The Sheriff’s Department is not releasing the woman’s name because she is not a suspect and is a victim of domestic violence.

Curran said the victim and his girlfriend had had a “violent fight,” witnessed by the 17-year-old boy, who followed Davis outside and shot him, Curran said. …

Davis had a history of domestic violence in Sacramento County, according to Superior Court records. Most recently, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence in September 2004 and was sentenced to 365 days in jail.

Kansas: Son Shoots Ex-Stepdad To Protect Her, Mom Says

November 26, 2008

Leavenworth, Kansas

From KCTV5 of November 21, 2008

Son Shoots Ex-Stepdad To Protect Her, Mom Says

A teen took aim with a gun, his mother said, but it was the shooting victim who was in trouble with the law Friday night.

The teenager’s mother, who was caught in the middle, said her son pulled the trigger and shot her ex-husband to save her.

She agreed to talk anonymously to help other women who may be stuck in a domestic violence situation.

The woman’s 16-year-old son shot her ex-husband Friday morning on the front lawn of their Leavenworth home, but she said he did it to protect her.

“He started ranting and raving, and I told him he needed to leave and go home, and he got mad,” the woman said.

The woman said her ex-husband had been abusive many times before, so she divorced him two years ago.

But at 2:30 a.m., he suddenly barged into her home. She said he pulled out a knife and dragged her into the front yard, and that was when she said her son grabbed a gun from the house and pulled the trigger, hitting his ex-stepfather in the stomach.

“He’s a very quiet kid, and he’s not the type to do anything like that, but he had had enough,” she said.

Her wounded ex-husband jumped into his truck. Instead of heading to either of the two hospitals in Leavenworth, he drove himself all the way to Kansas City, Kan., to Providence Medical Center, where police said he lied about what happened.

“He indicated that he had been shot somewhere else besides Leavenworth,” said Chief Pat Kitchens, of the Leavenworth Police Department.

The mother said she was glad her ex-husband survived so her son wouldn’t have to deal with that burden for the rest of his life. And she is focused on helping her son and daughter heal from such a traumatic ordeal.

“My kids have been through a lot, you know? They’re going through counseling and that’s something that’s very highly recommended because when you’ve got family violence, it’s not easy, especially on the kids,” she said.

Police said the teen was not arrested. He will likely not face any charges because what he did was in self-defense to protect himself and his mother.

In the meantime, the ex-husband is recovering in the hospital. From there, he will be moved to the jail to face possible charges of burglary, kidnapping and assault.

Ohio: Teen shoots burglar

November 26, 2008

Astabula, Ohio

From the Star Beacon of November 24, 2008

Teen shoots burglar

A 15-year-old shot a burglar late Friday night after the burglar and two cohorts broke into the teen’s West Side home, police said Monday.

The teenager and his 14-year-old brother were home alone when three men came to the house, police said. The teens recognized two out three of the men, according to their mother, who spoke with the Star Beacon Monday.

The identities of the teens is not being disclosed because they are juveniles. The identity of their mother is not being disclosed to protect the teens.

When the boys refused to let the men in the house, one of the men took the butt of a shotgun and smashed the window out of the front door, police said.

That’s when the older boy ran upstairs to retrieve his father’s handgun, his mother said.

In the meantime, the intruders told the younger teen they would kill both of them if he didn’t open the door, the mother said.

“They held a gun to his head,” she said.

Sgt. John Koski said the 15-year-old came down the stairs and shot one of the intruders in the leg. The men then took off.

“The bullet went in the leg and out through his buttocks,” the mother said.

The teens’ parents soon returned home from the store and a relative’s house, and police were called to the scene, the mother said.

In the meantime, police received a call from Ashtabula County Medical Center that a 21-year-old city man showed up with a gunshot wound to the leg, Koski said.

“He said a kid accidentally shot him,” he said. “The wound was in the exact place the 15-year-old said he shot the intruder.”

Police arrested and charged the 21-year-old man with aggravated burglary, a first-degree felony; attempted felonious assault and having a weapon under disability, Koski said, noting the suspect is a known felon.

The suspect’s name is being withheld until his arraignment.

As of Monday afternoon, police were securing warrants for the other two suspects, Koski said.

Wisconsin: 8th Grader stops invader with BB gun

October 11, 2008

Madison, Wisconsin

From WKOW of October 10, 2008

8th Grader stops invader with BB gun

13 year old Jack Theisen had to make a quick decision when two would-be robbers were in the process of coming through an unlocked, basement door, and Theisen was home alone.

Theisen grabbed his Red Ryder model BB gun and shot the first invader in the shoulder, scaring off both men.

“He’s resilient,” Jack Theisen’s father, Mike Theisen told 27 News.

Mike Theisen said his son, an eighth grade student at St. James Catholic School, has taken a hunter safety course and is proficient and safe with guns.

Theisen said his son spotted the two men as they cased the front of the house on Sherman Avenue, perhaps believing the house was empty since most of the lights were out around 8 p.m. Oct. 9. Theisen said Jack Theisen then watched the men make their way to the home’s side entrance.

Theisen said he rushed home from his nearby restaurant after his son called and told him of the emergency.

“I did have a conversation with him that calling 911 would have been the more appropriate thing to do than be a hero,” Theisen told 27 News. “But he’s just that kind of a kid. He’s responsible and wise for his age.”

Theisen said Jack Theisen’s contingency plan was to run from the men and on to the home’s second story roof through a secluded door.

Police officials said they are looking for the two home invasion suspects, who they describe as white men around eighteen years old, with one of the men about 6’0” and 200 pounds.

Theisen said another home invasion in his lakeside neighborhood took place in the spring. Theisen said his family had not rehearsed a plan of action in the event of a burglary or robbery attempt at their home.

Theisen said while he has mixed emotions over his son confronting intruders, he said he is proud of him. “He’s got guts.”

North Carolina: Teenager fends off would-be robbers

July 21, 2008

Charlotte, North Carolina

From News 14 of July 21, 2008

Teenager fends off would-be robbers

Two suspects are on the run after a teenager in the house they were robbing turned one of the criminals’ guns against them.

At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, police said two robbers broke into Danielle Gardin’s home in north Charlotte.

“One guy opened up the garage, let the van in and then they started going upstairs,” Gardin said.

Gardin wasn’t home, but her 14-year-old son Dante was. He had locked the door to his room at the top of the stairs, called 911 and hid in the closet.

“One of the guys kicked the door in, and then he started going through Dante’s stuff,” Gardin said.

The teenager had armed himself with a pocket knife. And with the stranger in his room distracted, Dante attacked.

“That’s when he came out of the closet and that’s when he stabbed the guy in the stomach,” Gardin said.

While the two struggled in the room, the robber’s gun fell to the floor. Dante picked it up and aimed it at the would-be criminal.

The man then took off down the stairs then sped away with his accomplice in the getaway van, damaging part of Gardin’s garage in the process.

“I watch the news all the time and see this on the news all the time,” Gardin said. “You just never think that it’s going to happen to you, but, hey, you can’t ever rule yourself out.”

Hours after the ordeal, the damage to the home was already being repaired. And Gardin said she knows it could have been much worse.

“I was scared not knowing if he was OK,” she said. “Just to know that he is OK, mentally and physically, was just the most important part for me.”

Police said both suspects are black males with dreadlocks. One of the suspects was wearing a long-sleeved black T-shirt and jeans. The other was wearing a blue polo shirt with white stripes.

Texas: 14-Year-Old Shoots, Kills Teenage Neighbor

May 29, 2008

Fort Worth, Texas

From NBC5i of May 28, 2008

14-Year-Old Shoots, Kills Teenage Neighbor

Police said a 14-year-old boy who was stabbed by a visiting teen in his south Fort Worth home shot and killed the boy on Wednesday.

Investigators said the 14-year-old told police Danny Allen, 13, was visiting his house on Buffalo Springs Drive near Interstate 35 when he began stabbing him at about 5:30 p.m.

According to police, the two teenagers struggled before the 14-year-old grabbed his father’s gun and shot Allen.

Neighbor Charles McDonald found the 14-year-old outside his house covered in blood.

“Blake come running out the door and run across the street, and I got him stopped,” McDonald said. “He was bleeding all over; (his) head and shoulders were completely saturated in blood.”

McDonald said he tried to keep the teenager calm.

The 14-year-old was taken to the hospital. His family told NBC 5 the boy was out of surgery and in stable condition on Wednesday night.

When asked if he thought his 14-year-old neighbor did the right thing, McDonald said the boy “probably” did.

“I don’t know the circumstances. Probably. I would say so. He’s not the kind to go around beating people up,” McDonald said.

Police said they do not expect to file charges in the case.

California: Police: Boy, 13, shot man in self-defense

March 1, 2008

Visalia, California

From the Visalia Times Delta of February 29, 2008

Police: Boy, 13, shot man in self-defense

A Visalia woman whose common-law husband was shot and killed Wednesday was moving out of the couple’s south Visalia home when the incident occurred, neighbors and police said.

Witnesses said Joe Ray Martinez, 38, tried to stop the woman from doing so and got into an altercation with another man.

“That’s when [Martinez] drew a gun and threatened to shoot everyone, including kids,” said Terry Anderson, a neighbor in the quiet cul-de-sac on South Thomas Street near Paradise Avenue.

One of the “kids” at the home was a 13-year-old boy.

The boy emerged from the home and shot Martinez in “a clear case of self-defense,” Visalia Police Department Sgt. Ernie Villa said.

“There will be no arrests,” Villa said.

History of violence, abuse

Martinez had a long history of violent behavior, with felony convictions in 2000 and 2001 for assault with a nonfirearm deadly weapon, according to court records.

Violence was common in the South Thomas Street home, Anderson said.

“The abuse was terrible for the other people living there,” said Anderson, who said the family had moved into the house about four months ago.

Martinez also had 23 vehicle-code violations since 1993 and twice was convicted of misdemeanor witness-threatening, records show.

In 2001, he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He had a gun Wednesday, too.

“[Martinez] waved the gun at everyone there,” Villa said.

“All the stories from all the witnesses we talked to were consistent.”

The case is now being handed over to the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office.

Villa said he expects officials there to agree that the shooting was a matter of self-defense.

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November 27, 2007

Columbia, South Carolina

From The State of November 26, 2007

No charges filed against 15-year-old

No charges have been filed against a 15-year-old boy who police say was trying to protect his mother when he shot and killed his stepfather Saturday.

Deputies had been dispatched to the Fairforest Drive apartment previously for domestic-related calls, said Richland County Sheriff’s department spokesman Lt. Chris Cowan.

Roosevelt Carter, 42, of 100 Fairforest Drive, Apt. No. 7 died at 9:32 a.m. Saturday at Palmetto Health Richland. He had been shot in the upper body.

The preliminary investigation indicates a domestic disturbance occurred inside the home. The boy’s name and age have not been released because of his age.

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Sheriff: Man Shot, Killed By Step-son

November 22, 2007

Douglas, Arizona

From the Douglas Daily Dispatch of November 21, 2007

Domestic violence between teens erupts into gunfire

A teenaged girl fired a handgun at her boyfriend and missed early Saturday morning after she was punched, nearly strangled and held against her will.

The girl then scooped her 1–year-old daughter and fled the boyfriend’s home, police authorities said.

Both teens are 17. Their names were not released by the Douglas Police Department.

At about 1:21 a.m. Saturday the police were dispatched to a Douglas home involving violence between the two teens.

The boyfriend arrived home from work and accused his girlfriend of cheating on him, said Marcus Gonzales, the spokesman for the Douglas Police Department.

His girlfriend attempted to leave, but the boyfriend wouldn’t let her. The boyfriend then became violent and he pushed her, causing her to fall to the floor.

He then punched her and began to strangle her.

She escaped and once again tried to leave the house. The boyfriend held her against her will and struck her on the forehead with a frying pan, Gonzales said.

The boyfriend then took out a handgun from a dresser drawer, pointed it at her, then pointed it to his own head.

She knocked the gun out of his hand, grabbed it, aimed it at him, and squeezed the trigger twice. The gun, though, did not fire.

The boyfriend ran through the hallway of the house and out the front door.

The girl, fearing that he would return, squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot that went through the screen door, Gonzales said.

The girl put the gun down, grabbed her daughter, and ran out of the house, looking for help.

She spotted a Douglas police officer on 10th Street and D Avenue and flagged him down.

Police arrested the boyfriend and charged him with aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment and three counts of endangerment.

Police also found a two-month-old baby in the house.

The boyfriend was transported to the Cochise County Jail, where he is being held on a $250,000 bond. The girl was released without charges