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Kansas: Clerk kills would-be robber and critically wounds another, police say

June 29, 2009

Kansas City, Kansas

From the Kansas City Star of June 26, 2009

Clerk kills would-be robber and critically wounds another, police say

A Kansas City, Kan., corner-store clerk fought back when two men tried to rob him tonight, shooting and killing one suspect and critically injuring the other, police said.

Officers were called to the 5th Avenue Convenience Mart at Fifth Street and Quindaro Boulevard shortly before 7 p.m., Officer Mike Golden said.

The clerk told them two men with long guns entered the store and demanded money, Golden said. When one of the suspects fired a shot, the clerk grabbed a handgun from behind the counter and shot both suspects.

One ran halfway up the block before collapsing, dropping a gun in the middle of Quindaro. An ambulance took him to a hospital, but he died before arriving, Golden said.

The second suspect made it slightly farther and went to the hospital in a private vehicle.

The clerk, mildly injured in the scuffle, was checked by paramedics at the scene.

Detectives and crime-scene technicians were on scene investigating the incident — the sixth homicide in five days for Kansas City, Kan.

“It’s been a very busy week,” Golden said. “We don’t have an answer for why.”


Missouri: KC police identify robber shot by store owner

February 23, 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of February 16, 2009

KC police identify robber shot by store owner

Kansas City police today identified a robbery suspect who died after being shot by a store owner and involved in a car wreck Sunday afternoon.

Christopher L. Kublic, 28, moved to Kansas City from the state of Washington within the past month, police said.

Along with another man, Kublic allegedly tried to hold up a hydroponics store using a stun gun about 5:15 p.m. Sunday in the 3600 block of St. John Avenue, in the city’s Northeast neighborhood. The store owner told police he pulled his own gun and shot the robber.

Shortly after the holdup, a vehicle matching the suspects’ was found overturned about three blocks away.

Kublic was lying next to the wrecked vehicle. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The second suspect remained at-large this afternoon, police said.

Kansas: Armed resident defends home against burglars

January 18, 2009

Miami County, Kansas

From the Miami County Republic of January 8, 2009

Armed resident defends home against burglars

A home intruder got more than he bargained for Thursday morning at a residence in rural Wellsville.

Miami County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 37895 W. 239th St. after a resident reported hearing a break-in at his home, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

The lone resident hid in the closet on the second floor until he heard the suspect enter the room and open the closet door. The resident then declared he had a firearm, and the suspect fled the house, according to the release.

The suspect is described as a white male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing about 215 pounds. He was wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans and a ski mask.

The armed homeowner watched the suspect flee in a newer blue Chevrolet extended cab S-10 pickup truck, according to the release. Deputies searched the area but could not locate the vehicle.

A short time later, another resident in the area reported suspicious people at her home fitting the same appearance and vehicle description.

According to the release, the homeowner met them at her door and was asked if an unknown person lived there. When she told them “no,” they left.

Sheriff’s officers warn that this type of activity can also be a ploy of residential burglars. They knock on the door, and when nobody answers, they break in. If contacted at the door, they ask for a fictitious person.

Kansas: Son Shoots Ex-Stepdad To Protect Her, Mom Says

November 26, 2008

Leavenworth, Kansas

From KCTV5 of November 21, 2008

Son Shoots Ex-Stepdad To Protect Her, Mom Says

A teen took aim with a gun, his mother said, but it was the shooting victim who was in trouble with the law Friday night.

The teenager’s mother, who was caught in the middle, said her son pulled the trigger and shot her ex-husband to save her.

She agreed to talk anonymously to help other women who may be stuck in a domestic violence situation.

The woman’s 16-year-old son shot her ex-husband Friday morning on the front lawn of their Leavenworth home, but she said he did it to protect her.

“He started ranting and raving, and I told him he needed to leave and go home, and he got mad,” the woman said.

The woman said her ex-husband had been abusive many times before, so she divorced him two years ago.

But at 2:30 a.m., he suddenly barged into her home. She said he pulled out a knife and dragged her into the front yard, and that was when she said her son grabbed a gun from the house and pulled the trigger, hitting his ex-stepfather in the stomach.

“He’s a very quiet kid, and he’s not the type to do anything like that, but he had had enough,” she said.

Her wounded ex-husband jumped into his truck. Instead of heading to either of the two hospitals in Leavenworth, he drove himself all the way to Kansas City, Kan., to Providence Medical Center, where police said he lied about what happened.

“He indicated that he had been shot somewhere else besides Leavenworth,” said Chief Pat Kitchens, of the Leavenworth Police Department.

The mother said she was glad her ex-husband survived so her son wouldn’t have to deal with that burden for the rest of his life. And she is focused on helping her son and daughter heal from such a traumatic ordeal.

“My kids have been through a lot, you know? They’re going through counseling and that’s something that’s very highly recommended because when you’ve got family violence, it’s not easy, especially on the kids,” she said.

Police said the teen was not arrested. He will likely not face any charges because what he did was in self-defense to protect himself and his mother.

In the meantime, the ex-husband is recovering in the hospital. From there, he will be moved to the jail to face possible charges of burglary, kidnapping and assault.

Kansas: Liquor Store Clerk Holds Shoplifter at Gunpoint

November 1, 2008

Topeka, Kansas

From WIBW of October 29, 2008

Liquor Store Clerk Holds Shoplifter at Gunpoint

A store clerk is earning praise from some in the community for holding a would-be shoplifter at gunpoint until police arrived.

CJ said she became suspicious when two men in their 20’s came into the store shortly before 7p.m. Tuesday, and headed straight for a corner of the store and talked about not having much money.

“They realized I was watching them the entire time they were in here,” said CJ, who did not want to give her last name. “They went and picked up a half gallon of Kentucky Deluxe.”

CJ said the two brought the bottle up to the counter and she rang it up. One of the men took off his shoe, looking for money. “His buddy was standing by him and grabbed the bottle and bolted out the door,” CJ said.

CJ said she had another customer in line lock the door. She grabbed the phone and her gun and called police. CJ said the man seemed surprised when she held him at gunpoint. “He looked dumbfounded. I don’t think he realized I would be carrying a gun.”

CJ said the two men had a vehicle on the west side of the store, which is where the first ran after taking the bottle. She said the man she held inside the store was cooperative with police.

“One got away; I wasn’t gonna let the other get away. He went to jail instead.”

Officials say CJ did nothing illegal. “The supervisor that worked the scene out there felt that she was justified and within the confines of the law,” said Capt. Jerry Stanley, Topeka Police Department.

Stanley said it’s important for people with conceal and carry permits like CJ, know when to expose the weapon.

“In this case we’re looking at under $20 worth of merchandise and a loaded firearm pointed at a person,” said Stanley. “Want to make sure they’re properly trained and have proper judgment.”

CJ said a gun may not be for everyone, but people with jobs like her’s should take precautions to protect themselves. “Take self-defense classes. Go through the training. Go through conceal and carry classes if you choose to carry a gun. Learn how to use it. Learn when to use it,” CJ advises. “Just be safe.”

CJ received her conceal and carry license in July 2007 and says she carries it with her at all times. “We have to protect what’s ours and not let them walk all over the top of us. Next time they might not be so lucky to walk out.”

Police and CJ agree the situation had a positive outcome. “This situation definitely worked its way out and came to a positive conclusion,” said Capt. Stanley.

“If it happens again, hopefully, it turns out like it did last night and the guy goes to jail instead of going to the morgue,” said CJ. “The police officers can’t be everywhere at the same time and it’s up to the community to help them do their job, and that’s putting the bad guys in jail.”

Kansas: Homeowner thwarts home robbery attempt

October 22, 2008

Wichita, Kansas

From the Wichita Eagle of October 21, 2008

Homeowner thwarts home robbery attempt

Wichita police are looking for three suspects involved in an attempted residential robbery early Monday morning.

A 54-year-old man said a man kicked open the front door of his house in the 2000 block of South Madison at about 12:40 a.m. Monday and pointed a gun at him and his 21-year-old daughter.

The man told police he grabbed the gun and forced the suspect to the front lawn, where he saw two others.

One of the other suspects fired a shotgun at the victim, and the suspects ran north from the yard. As the suspects drove away from the area, the victim said, one of them fired a handgun at the house.

No injuries were reported.

Kansas: Family Fights Back In Home Invasion

August 16, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri

From KCTV5 of August 15, 2008

Family Fights Back In Home Invasion

A family fought back against a group of armed intruders that broke into a Kansas City, Kan., home early Friday morning, police said.

Police received a 911 call from a house near North 74th Court and Oakland Avenue just after midnight.

A man who lives in the house said when the men burst into the house, his son was able to escape and get help while he and his brother were held at gunpoint.

“These guys had us in there for about 20 minutes. One of them came outside and tried to get in my Escalade. When that guy went outside, my brother, who was here with me, jumped up and grabbed the gun from him. I went downstairs and grabbed my gun, and the shootout was on after that,” the man said.

Two of the alleged intruders were wounded in the shooting.

Police took three of the four suspected home invaders into custody.

The homeowner said he thinks these were the same men who broke into his home days earlier. Following that incident, the family decided to get an alarm installed. It was scheduled to be activated on Friday.

Kansas City Robber Shot By Victim

August 3, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri

From the August 2, 2008 Kansas City Star:

A bank customer shot another man who apparently was attempting to rob him about 9 a.m. today, police said.

The alleged robber, who was wounded in the head, this afternoon is in stable condition, police said.

A man and a woman, described as an older couple, were using the ATM at the Bank of America at North Oak Trafficway and Barry Road, police said, when a man approached with a gun and robbed them.

A couple was stopped at the ATM.

The robber was walking away when the male victim got out of the car with his gun and yelled for him to stop, said Sgt. Chris Lantz of the department’s robbery unit.

The robber turned around and pointed his gun at the man, Lantz said. The robbery victim fired his gun, hitting the robber in the head, he said.

At the scene investigators earlier today investigators were collecting evidence from a dark sedan parked next to the ATM machine. An object that looked like a hand gun was lying on the pavement. Nearby were apparent blood stains.

The couple and witnesses were interviewed by police.

The man had a permit to carry a concealed gun, Lantz said. Under the circumstances, Lantz said, that would not matter, because he could legally carry the weapon in his car.

It is unusual where a robbery victim defends themselves with a fire arm.

“You don’t see that very often,” Lantz said.

Kansas: Basehor resident fends off burglar

July 9, 2008

Basehor, Kansas

From the Basehor Sentinel of July 8, 2008

Basehor resident fends off burglar

An 88-year-old Basehor man was attacked in his home early Monday morning after an intruder broke in through a basement door.

According to Basehor Police Chief Lloyd Martley, around 5:25 a.m., an unknown suspect kicked in the basement door of the homeowner in the 15300 block of Parallel Road. The homeowner, who had a shotgun, confronted the intruder at the top of the stairs. There was a struggle over the gun and the suspect eventually gained control of the weapon hitting the homeowner with the butt of the gun. The suspect was then alerted to police in the driveway of the home, left through a patio door and headed into the woods west of the property empty handed.

The police were already in the driveway by the time the homeowner was able to get to a phone to call 911 because a Basehor police officer on patrol noticed a vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence that wasn’t normally there and had stopped to investigate, Martley said.

The homeowner sustained minor injuries and refused medical attention.

Since it was dark outside and there were no lights on in the house, the homeowner was not able to see the suspect’s face clearly, but is described as a short, heavy set Hispanic male wearing a white shirt and a blue baseball hat.

While several police agencies combed the area, they were unable to locate the suspect, Martley said. Police ask that if anyone sees a person matching the suspect’s description, to call the Basehor Police Department immediately at (913) 724-1313.

Kansas: Attempted robbery led to Lawrence shooting deaths, police say

June 9, 2008

Lawrence, Kansas

From the Witchita Eagle of June 9, 2008

Attempted robbery led to Lawrence shooting deaths, police say

Police say an attempted robbery led to Saturday’s double homicide, and a 16-year-old boy arrested in the crime is likely to have his first court appearance today.

Police also identified one of the deceased as Gage Hauk, 18, of nearby McLouth in Jefferson County. Police said Hauk and the 16-year-old suspect attempted to rob the residence just after 2:30 a.m. Saturday when the 20-year-old resident shot Hauk with a shotgun.

The 16-year-old, who has not been identified, then allegedly shot the resident before fleeing on foot, said Lawrence Police Sgt. Paul Fellers. A firearm believed to have been used in the incident was found a block away.

The resident has not yet been identified, Fellers said, pending identification by the coroner.

The two would-be robbers were acquainted with the resident, Fellers said.

The teen was arrested Sunday on suspicion of felony murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery, Fellers said. He is being held at the county’s juvenile detention center.

Douglas County Deputy District Attorney David Melton said it’s possible the suspect could be charged as an adult. Charges are expected to be filed in a preliminary hearing at 4 p.m. today.

Police responded to the home where the incident occurred after several neighbors reported gunshots. One of the bodies was found inside the residence, in the 1300 block of Delaware Street. The other man was found outside.