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Florida Kidnap Victim Takes Gun Away From Kidnappers

September 8, 2008

Oldsmar, Florida

From the September 8, 2008 Suncoast News:

OLDSMAR – After he was forced into the back seat of a car at gunpoint, kidnapping victim Gregory Longley saw his opportunity.

When one of the kidnappers – sitting next to Longley – put his gun on his lap to text-message someone, Longley grabbed the gun and killed him, according to the Pinellas sheriff’s office. Longley also shot and wounded another kidnapper sitting in the front passenger seat, the sheriff’s office said, and told the driver to stop the car.

A clearer picture of the Sunday night kidnapping and shooting – along with the names of those involved – was released this morning by the sheriff’s office.

Longley, 20, of 7823 Bay Drive, Tampa, was kidnapped at the Aday Motel, 501 Bayview Blvd., Oldsmar, at about 11 p.m., Sgt. Jim Bordner said. The three suspects were looking for a man with whom there had been a dispute over stolen coins, but they kidnapped Longley instead, believing he could lead them to the man they were seeking, Bordner said.

Longley was forced into the back seat of a white 2000 Chevrolet Malibu at gunpoint, Bordner said. Sitting next to him was Javon Strange, 18, of 4717 N. Habana Ave., Apt 711, Tampa; in the front passenger seat was Juan Carlos Morales, 17, of 12510 Memorial Highway, Tampa; and driving was Abdusbasiyr A. Blake, 18, also of 12510 Memorial Highway, Bordner said.

Near the motel after the kidnapping, Strange laid his handgun in his lap to text-message someone, and Longley grabbed the firearm and fatally shot Strange, Bordner said. Then Longley shot and wounded Morales, Bordner said.

Longley then ordered Blake to stop the car, Bordner said. Longley got out of the car and called 911 to report what happened, the spokesman said, and Blake drove to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant at 4085 Tampa Road.


Arizona: Avondale man shoots at armed robbers trying to take his baby

July 8, 2008

Avondale, Arizona

From ABC15 of July 7, 2008

Avondale man shoots at armed robbers trying to take his baby

An Avondale man shot at armed robbers Saturday night when they tried to take his infant during a robbery, according to a police report released Monday.

The Avondale family had started to unload groceries at their home near Main Street and Litchfield Road when three men approached the car with guns and demanded money.

When the victim, 52, said he didn’t have any cash, one robber said, “get the baby”, according to Avondale Police Sergeant Memo Espinoza.

The victim pulled out a handgun and the three robbers started shooting at the man and the house. The father shot back.

The robbers ran away, and one was crawling on the ground as if he had been shot, according to Espinoza.

The victim and baby were not hurt in the shootout.

The three armed men left in a black SUV with chrome trim and chrome wheels.

They were described as Black males, between 19- and 25-years old.

One wore all black clothing, one had black pants and a brown shirt and the third wore blue shorts and a white shirt.

Avondale police notified Valley hospitals to look out for someone with a gunshot wound.

Another similar incident occurred Sunday at an Avondale family’s home near Indian School Road and 107th Avenue.

Three men pulled into the family’s garage and forced their way into the home rummaging through their belongings.

The family wasn’t hurt, however their truck was stolen by one of the three suspects.

The truck was pulled over by police near the home and the man was taken into custody.

Espinosa said the two incidents are not related.

Anyone with information should call Avondale police at 623-333-7000.

Mother Scares Off Child Molester

June 10, 2008

Coral Gables, Florida

From June 10, 2008 NBC channel 6:

IBSYS.nbcvideo.appendVideo( 16557792, 261429, 220, 240, 22024); A woman said she used a gun to scare away a man who was trying to lure her teenage daughter into a truck.

The mother, who did not wish to be identified, said the man approached her 16-year-old daughter on Alhambra Circle near their home.

“She was walking her dog in the median right out in front of our house here, and a man approached her in a truck and tried to get her to come to the truck,” the woman said.

The teenager ran to nearby Coral Gables Elementary School, calling her mother and 911. The mother confronted the man and showed him her 9-mm gun.

“It’s not until I showed him that I was armed and that I meant business to protect my daughter that he backed off,” she said.

Coral Gables police arrested Ramon del Risco in connection with the incident.

The mother said her gun made the difference in the situation.

“I’m licensed. I shoot almost every week,” she said.The woman said she recommends a day at the shooting range for every parent.

Robbery Victim Shoots Robber With Own Gun

April 23, 2008

Cleveland, Tennessee

From the April 21, 2008 Cleveland [Tennessee] Daily Banner:

One person was shot today during an alleged kidnapping and robbery which unfolded at an Oak Street address. The victim of the kidnapping and robbery was apparently the person who struggled with one of the alleged offenders and caused a gun to go off.

Police were called to 383 Oak St. SW after being alerted of the incident.

Luis Velasquez was found bleeding from his head and face, according to reports. Josh Dunn, 20, has been charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and especially aggravated robbery.

A second suspect has not been charged; however, warrants are pending against Josh Snyder, 19.

Snyder was reportedly shot when Velasquez began to try to wrestle the gun away from Snyder.

According to reports, the suspects went to Velasquez’ door and asked him to help them jump start a vehicle.

One of the suspects pulled a gun, then forced Velasquez back into his home.

At that point, Dunn and Snyder allegedly demanded money from Velasquez.

Reports indicated the suspects began to beat Velasquez after he stated he had only a small amount of cash.

During the alleged beating, Snyder apparently cut his hand and had placed the gun under his arm while attempting to clean blood from his hand.

Velasquez then went for the gun and it discharged, according to reports.

October 31, 2007

El Paso, Texas

From the El Paso Times of October 31, 2007

In brief: El Paso police arrest 2 men in home invasion

Two men were arrested after an incident in which gunshots were fired in the 3300 block of Wyoming in Central El Paso, police said.

About 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, police were called after a 35-year-old man fired rounds into the air when he was allegedly threatened at his home by two men. When officers arrived, the men forced their way into the man’s home and held him against his will before surrendering, police said.

The two men, ages 31 and 21, were charged with evading arrest and unlawful restraint. Names were not immediately available.

April 17, 2007

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Wichita Eagle of April 16, 2007

3 men charged in botched kidnapping in Kansas City

Three men face second-degree murder charges in an attempted kidnapping that left a fourth suspect dead.

According to police, the four men plotted to kidnap another member of their gang and demand a $50,000 ransom. Police said the suspects lured the man to a house Saturday claiming they wanted to buy drugs from him, then bound him with duct tape and called his brother, demanding the ransom be paid within 30 minutes.

The kidnap victim, a man in his 20s, managed to escape without injuries and call police after shooting one of his captors, police said. Police Sgt. Richard Sharp said the shooting was considered self-defense and the man has not been charged.

However, Marlyn L. Standifer, 18; Robertico Cooper, 19; and Antwan Wooden, 21, were charged with second-degree murder, kidnapping and armed criminal action. Standifer and Cooper were in custody, but police were still looking for Wooden, who also is wanted in an unrelated shooting death in January.

According to court records, the shooting happened when Antwan Wooden, Standifer and Cooper went to meet the victim’s brother, who had gone to the police station.

Court records say the victim was left alone with Keith Wooden, 24, the older brother of Antwan. The hostage worked his hands free from the duct tape and took Keith Wooden’s gun from him, court records say. When Wooden lunged at him, the victim fired, court records say. He then fled the house.

Wooden was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cooper also faces assault charges from a previous shooting. He is being held on a $250,000 cash bond, Sharp said. Standifer was being held on a $500,000 cash bond. Standifer had been sought on murder and assault charges involving shootings in December, January and March.

March 30, 2007

Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of March 29, 2007

Attacker strikes same place twice, but runs out of luck

A man who stopped a kidnapping and the woman he saved are telling their stories.

Their stories begin with a tale of a man who came looking for his ex-girlfriend. He threatened her life and took her money. He got away with it once.

He was not so lucky the second time around.

Sharon Hamblin worked as a caregiver for 85-year-old Louise Hardin.

Last week, Hamblin’s past came back to haunt her.

“I came here to kill you but I changed my mind” were the words she remembered coming from her ex-boyfriend, Gary Stewart, who police say broke into the home through a bedroom window.

“He said give me all the money you got,” she recounted.

Stewart then forced her and Hardin into the car and made them drive to West Memphis so Hamblin could cash a check for nearly $300.

Stewart took the money and let the two of them go.

“Officer first on the scene told me it’s possible this man may come back,” said Louise Hardin’s son Kent. He came to live in the house to protect his mother and her caregiver.

Three days later, as the officer had warned, Gary Stewart was back after breaking the glass on this garage door.

“I woke up and looked out and saw the perpetrator with a knife to the caregivers throat,” said Kent Hardin.

That’s when Hardin grabbed his gun. Meanwhile, Hamblin was being forced to the car again.

“I was backing up and I saw Kent come out the back door,” she said.

“I ran out with the gun, opened up the car door and stuck it in his face,” added Kent Hardin.

“I put the car in gear and I jumped out of the car and got on the ground,” said Hamblin.

Kent Hardin added, “When he looked up and saw the gun he just kind of faded, melted.”

“He told Gary Stewart, get out of the car get out of the car!” said Hamblin.

“He just rolled out of the car and laid down here in the garage floor put his arms in front of him, his feet back and I held the gun on him.”

Hardin says five minutes later, the police arrived.

Stewart is charged with kidnapping, assault and burglary. He also faces robbery charges in West Memphis.

On top of that, he could face federal charges as well. His court date is set for April 13th.

Sharon Hamblin says her biggest mistake was telling Stewart where she worked. Hamblin is no longer working for the Hardin family.

January 28, 2007

Greybull, Wyoming

From the Casper Star-Tribune of January 28, 2007

Suspect surrenders after brief standoff

A man wanted in connection with a shootout outside Bozeman, Mont., was arrested here without incident following a brief standoff Thursday.

Chris Wagner, 33, will be held at the Big Horn County jail in Basin until he can be transferred to Montana’s Gallatin County to face a charge of attempted murder.

Authorities say Wagner tried to kidnap Michael Peters, 33, southeast of Bozeman on Jan. 17. Both men began shooting, and both were wounded. Peters, who was shot in the torso, face and hand, was hospitalized. Wagner fled.

Investigators said they traced a call Wagner made from a pay phone in Greybull and began looking for him around the town. When they found where he was staying, they surrounded the house and locked down a nearby school.

Wagner stayed in the house for about 10 minutes before coming out.

October 31, 2006

Jacksonville, Florida

From WJXT channel 4 October 21, 2006:

A man who could have spent his life behind bars for the 2005 kidnapping of a 10-year-old boy pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 30 years on Friday. Last October, David Nieves broke into a Westside home and grabbed the child from his bedroom. Police credit the boy’s father with saving his son.

During his testimony, the victim’s father also said that he had stopped Nieves and had a gun to his head and held him there for 35 minutes until police arrived. He said during that time he considered shooting the kidnapper, then looked at the judge, saying, ‘It’s not my job to punish him, it’s your job.”

October 29, 2006

Vallejo, California

From the Vallejo Times-Herald of October 28, 2006

Abduction interrupted

Oakland Hills home invasion ends in shootout; women safe; police seek suspect

A masked man abducted an Oakland Hills woman and her maid at gunpoint Friday before driving the pair to a Vallejo marsh, where authorities speculate he was about to kill them when a property caretaker interrupted the crime.

The suspect had just forced one of the women to lie down in a ditch when the caretaker, armed with a shotgun for protection against thieves, arrived around 2 p.m., authorities said. The suspect and caretaker exchanged shots before the suspect sped away in the Oakland woman’s Lexus sport-utility vehicle.

No one was hit, and the women were not injured, though they had been bound and gagged. Tape could still be seen around one woman’s neck as investigators questioned her at the Highway 37 scene.

The suspect had unsuccessfully robbed the women, and authorities suspect he was trying to find an isolated spot to kill them.

“I don’t know why else he would take her over there and make her lie in the ditch,” Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Brackett said.

The shaken-up caretaker, Doug Paul of Vallejo, said: “I think he was doing something bad. It’s pretty f—ed up to have a woman gagged and bound.”

Authorities are on the lookout for the dark gray 2006 Lexus RX 400H Hybrid with California license plate number