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Indiana: Armed homeowner stops enraged man

August 14, 2009

Whiteland, Indiana

From WISH of August 13, 2009

Armed homeowner stops enraged man

A Columbus resident is accused of trying to break into a rural Whiteland home.

Patrick F. Ianni, 33, 4440 Post-horn Court, Columbus, was arrested on charges of residential entry and public intoxication.

At about 1:40 a.m. Thursday, Ianni kicked the door of a rural Whiteland home and broke the door jam but walked away after the owner threatened to shoot him if he entered the home, according to a police report.

“The only smart decision he made was not to enter that home,” Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Doug Cox said. “He’s alive today because he didn’t enter that house.”

Ianni had visited a comedy club in Indianapolis with his girlfriend earlier that night and they got into a fight, according to a police report. He demanded to be let out of the vehicle and she let him out near the Whiteland Road interchange of Interstate 65.

He woke two rural Whiteland residents by pounding on their door. He claimed he was a police officer who wanted to ask them a question.

The homeowner warned Ianni that he had a gun and would shoot him if he entered the house and Ianni responded that he had a knife and would stab the homeowner.

A sheriff’s deputy found Ianni staggering down the road with a bloody nose and he asked the officer if he could give him a ride.

Ianni yelled at officers, threat-ened to beat them up and told them he was a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who just wanted to ask the homeowners a question, according to the police report. The sheriff’s office checked with the FBI, who confirmed that Ianni isn’t an agent.

He’s being held at the Johnson County jail on $4,000 bond.


Lafayette, Indiana Armed Robbers Get A Surprise

July 18, 2009

Lafayette, Indiana

From the July 17, 2009 Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier:

Investigators here plan to contact authorities in northwest Indiana to help locate three suspects in a Craigs-list exchange that turned into an armed robbery earlier this month.

Eugene A. Hall, 49, of Gary; Edward D. Mercer, 27, of Hammond; and Jarrod E. Rodriguez, 26, of Gary were each charged Thursday with six felony counts.

Warrants were issued out of Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 for their rearrest.

The criminal allegations stem from a shooting July 1 outside a Subway restaurant at 3990 Indiana 38 E. in Lafayette. No one was injured after at least six rounds were fired.

Here’s what took place, according to a probable cause affidavit filed with the charges:

Hall, Mercer and Rodriguez had arranged to meet in the Subway parking lot to purchase tires and rims listed on Craigslist by two Indianapolis men.

But after agreeing upon a purchase price of $3,100 and handing over the cash, two of the buyers pulled handguns and demanded the money back.

Guns were held to both victims’ heads. One of them, Kyle Delord Bostic, also was armed.

Shots were then fired by both parties.

The La-fayette Police Department stopped a van that Hall, Mercer and Rodriguez were in shortly after on Indiana 38 East. Tires and rims allegedly taken during the exchange were in the back seat.

Officers found a revolver and ammunition near the road that a witness said the three men had discarded there.

Detective Mark Pinkard said Thursday criminal charges will not be pursued against Bostic or the other Indianapolis man, Courtney Robinson, because their shots were fired in self-defense.

Bostic also was properly licensed for his firearm.

“We deemed it as a life-preserving measure on their part,” Pinkard said.

Indiana: Gunshot scares off intruder

June 11, 2009

Richmond, Indiana

From the Palladium Item of May 30, 2009

Gunshot scares off intruder

A Richmond woman thwarted a break-in early Friday by firing a warning shot from a gun.

“She confronted him at the door,” Richmond Police Chief Kris Wolski said Friday. “She fired one shot to scare the person off.”

Wolski doesn’t think the incident is linked to a series of home invasions and sexual assaults of women that have plagued Richmond for about two years.

The 41-year-old female resident in the 200 block of North 21st Street heard a noise and rushed to get the semiautomatic gun, he said. Wolski said her possession and use of the gun was lawful.

Police were called to the scene at 1 a.m. The suspect was wearing a baseball cap under a hoodie, but that’s about all the victim could see, Wolski said.

“Hopefully the neighbors saw something,” he said. “We’re doing more scene processing and getting statements.”

At least eight attacks have been attributed to a man who stands about 5 feet 5 inches and strikes in the early morning hours while wearing a mask and dark hoodie.

Four more attacks are possibly linked. His female victims have ranged from a teen-ager to an 81-year-old woman.

Wolski acknowledged that the attacks are on the minds of residents, including Friday’s victim.

“She was aware of the other incidents,” he said. “Everyone is at a heightened level of awareness.”

The police department is getting numerous calls each day with tips about potential suspects in the attacks.

“I think we are making headway,” Wolski said.

Indiana: Suspect in home invasion robbery shot during struggle

June 11, 2009

Evansville, Indiana

From the Courier Press of June 7, 2009

Suspect in home invasion robbery shot during struggle

A 21-year-old Evansville man was shot in the hand this afternoon as he wrestled with a man he was trying to rob, authorities said.

Bassil Mohammad Kamali was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail after being checked out at Deaconess Hospital for a minor wound.

He is being held without bond pending an initial court appearance Monday. Preliminary charges are listed as robbery with a firearm, armed burglary, intimidation with a weapon and criminal recklessness, all felonies.

Evansville Police Department Sgt. Greg Motz said Kamali was armed with a handgun when he knocked on the victim’s door in the 900 block of Douglas Drive. It happened shortly before 2 p.m.

Motz said Kamali, who also lives in the area, heard that the victim had just sold a stereo and believed he had cash on him.

The victim was asleep and his two children – ages 6 and 8 – answered the door. The children started screaming when the armed suspect barged in, Motz said.

“(Then the victim) comes out and wrestles with the guy with the gun and pushes him out,” Motz said. “At some point, the gun goes off and shoots the suspect in the hand.”

A man nearby heard the children screaming for help during the struggle, Motz said. He then stopped Kamali from fleeing and physically held him on scene until authorities arrived.

“The guy jumped over the privacy fence when he heard the kids screaming,” Motz said. “It was a heroic act.”

Hit And Run Driver Apprehended At Gunpoint

May 10, 2009

South Bend, Indiana

From the May 8, 2009 South Bend Tribune:

MISHAWAKA — Two young girls, sisters, were in critical condition late Thursday after being run down earlier in the evening while crossing the street arm-in-arm after playing with friends.

The driver reportedly attempted to flee, but was stopped at gunpoint by a man who witnessed the accident.

According to witnesses, the two girls, ages 4 and 6, were crossing 11th Street at Dodge Street about 7:18 p.m. when a man traveling west on 11th in a blue Chevrolet Lumina struck both of them at about 40 mph.

“No sooner had they crossed the street than I heard tires lock up and, ‘Boom! Boom!,’æ” said Alan Knepp, who was standing just up the street when the girls were hit.

Knepp said the younger girl passed quickly beneath the vehicle, but her older sister rode the hood for several seconds before falling beneath the front end and then under both driver’s side tires.

The girls behind him, the driver then hit the gas, witnesses said, but stopped when Knepp, who was legally carrying a gun, jumped in front of the vehicle and trained his weapon on it.

Approached by Knepp, the driver reportedly said the girls had jumped out in front of him. He then handed his keys to Knepp and stood silently next to his vehicle until police arrived.

The girls, meanwhile, lay nearly lifeless in the road, witnesses said. The younger one initially was not breathing, and the older one’s limbs and neck were badly twisted.

Fetched by a neighbor, the girls’ mother arrived moments later and reportedly passed out at the sight of her daughters’ motionless bodies.

Both girls were rushed by ambulance to Memorial Hospital in South Bend with critical injuries, Mishawaka police Capt. Pasquale Rulli said. One was immediately admitted into surgery, he said, and the other flown to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Indiana: Man shot by homeowner after attempted break-in

March 17, 2009

Evansville, Indiana

From WFIE of March 15, 2009

Man shot by homeowner after attempted break-in

An Evansville man was shot after, police say, he tried to break into a home.

The home-owner said the man broke through the back door, and that’s when he shot the intruder, but the story doesn’t stop there.

The intruder was then run-down by his own get-away car.

Neighbors said police were on the scene for several hours processing evidence and looking for clues that would help them track down the accomplices.

Sunday mornings events aren’t easily forgotten.

“I looked out my peephole and saw a man head to toe in blood,” neighbor Katherine Vessels said.

Evansville police said it all started at 5:00 Sunday morning when 26-year-old Derek Shaun Clark kicked in the door of Derrick Murray’s home on East Riverside Drive.

Police said the suspect entered the home and told the victim he was police.

Murray said he could tell from the tone of his voice something wasn’t right.

“They were talking in street slang, so I ran to my bedroom to get my rifle and as he came in with his hand-gun drawn I, I just fired at him,” Murray said.

Police said Clark stumbled out of the house leaving a trail of blood behind him.

He attempted to get in his get-away car, but neighbors said he never made it inside.

“The white car was parked in front of my house and they backed up and ran over him and then he backed up and then they backed up into the alley and into him again,” Vessels said. “Then, they took off.”

Vessels said she now fears for the safety of her children, and is considering moving out.

“It just blows my mind that that would happen right in front of my house like that,” Vessels said. “I have three kids, I wouldn’t want that around anybody’s kids.”

Still shaken up, Murray said he’s here to stay, and also said if those crooks come back, they better beware.

“I think a family man is the most dangerous person because they’ve got more to lose like I do,” Murray said.

Clark is in intensive care at St. Mary’s.

In 2003 he was convicted of drunk driving and in 2007 he was convicted for possession of marijuana.

Detectives said they will release an official statement regarding Sunday’s shooting on Monday.

Bullets Work When Restraining Order Doesn’t in Indiana

February 20, 2009

Indianapolis, Indiana

From January 26, 2009 WHTR-TV:

Indianapolis – A restraining order didn’t keep a woman’s ex-boyfriend from breaking into her home this morning, where she shot him.

Wounded and in handcuffs, 32-year-old Jeffery Seats was taken first to Wishard Hospital, then to jail.

“She’s got a right to protect herself and her children and he forced his way in there, so she shot him,” said IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhammel.

Around 11:30 Sunday morning, police say Seats kicked in his ex-girlfriend’s door at the Cold Springs Manor apartment complex. He grabbed her and hit her with a chair, all in the presence of their two young children.

“She gets away from him, goes upstairs, grabs a gun and then, either he was pursuing her upstairs but she fired a shot, just graze wounds on his head. That’s when he takes off,” Lt. Duhammel said.

Police found Seats’ pick-up truck at an apartment complex at 59th and Georgetown Road. They found Seats upstairs in one of the apartments at a friend’s home.

“They observe the truck here, they see blood inside the truck, he comes to the door and he is wounded to the head,” Lt. Duhammel said.

Police say the couple has a history of domestic violence and that the woman had a restraining order against Seats.

Indiana: Suspected robber dies in liquor store shooting

January 28, 2009

Fort Wayne, Indiana

From WSJV of January 22, 2009

Suspected robber dies in liquor store shooting

Fort Wayne police are investigating a shooting at a liquor store that left a suspected robber dead and a store clerk wounded.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon at Belmont Beverage on the city’s south side.

Police spokesman Mike Joyner says the store employee was shot in the leg and was hospitalized in fair condition Wednesday night.

Police say the robbery suspect entered the store and demanded money. When police arrived, they found him lying in the middle of the street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Joyner says the shots were fired inside the building. He says the suspect was armed with a handgun, which was found at the scene.

The names of the robbery suspect and store employee were not immediately released.

Indiana: National media seek out South Bend woman

January 15, 2009

South Bend, Indiana

From the South Bend Tribune of January 10, 2009

National media seek out South Bend woman

Sandra Hochstedler, the 70-year-old woman who held an intruder at gunpoint earlier this week, is out of the hospital and making the media rounds.

On Friday afternoon, a production crew with the news magazine Inside Edition visited Hochstedler’s home to re-create the harrowing standoff for a segment to air on the show.

“It was quite a production. It was really interesting,” Hochstedler said early Friday evening, shortly after the crew and host Les Trent had left her Portage Road home in northern St. Joseph County. “I really had to act. It was almost like I was in a studio.”

“I’m hoping it will be inspiring to others,” she said of the reason she agreed to film the segment, “to let them know that they can do this, that they can protect their homes. And if it comes to it, they can take extreme action.”

On Sunday evening, as Hochstedler was hauling firewood from her garage into her home, a man reportedly came running at her from the street and chased her inside.

She grabbed her gun and dialed 911, she said, and after the man burst through her living room window she held him at gunpoint until police arrived, threatening to shoot him dead if he moved.

The story was immediately picked up by local media outlets, and soon, the national media came calling as well.

Besides Inside Edition, Hochstedler said she has been contacted by ABC News, Good Morning America, and the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends.

Although flattered, Hochstedler said she is still a bit baffled by all of the attention.

“It takes my breath away,” she said her newfound celebrity, “because I’m like, ‘What? How did it get national attention? What is the big deal about? Doesn’t everyone try to protect their home?’æ”

Hochstedler said she has been slow in responding to some requests for interviews because she was only released from the hospital on Thursday. She was taken there Sunday evening after complaining of chest pains.

“By the time I was done being a tough woman and yelling at (the intruder) like I wasn’t afraid, I sat down at the dining room table and it just all came out of me,” she recalled.

At the hospital, Hochstedler said, doctors informed her she had actually suffered a heart attack and needed to have a cardiac catheter inserted to check for arterial blockage.

“I was resisting having it,” she said of the procedure, explaining that she doesn’t normally require a lot of “doctoring,” “but they told me this was life threatening, that part of my heart had already died.”

“It was due to shock,” she continued. “It happens to people sometimes. That’s what they call being scared to death.”

Now that she’s feeling better, Hochstedler said she wants to help others. As vice president of the German Township Neighborhood Association, she said she’d like to organize seminars to educate her neighbors on how to better secure their homes and protect themselves and their families.

Indiana: Police: Man shoots, kills suspect in Hammond robbery attempt

January 13, 2009

Hammond, Indiana

From the Northwest Indiana Times of January 12, 2009

Police: Man shoots, kills suspect in Hammond robbery attempt

An attempted robbery early Sunday morning turned fatal for one of the suspects, police said.

A 38-year-old man and his girlfriend were exiting their sport-utility vehicle in the parking lot of McTavern’s bar in the 7400 block of Indianapolis Boulevard when two people attempted to rob the couple, according to a Hammond police news release.

Another person is believed to have been an accomplice in the attempted robbery, Police Chief Brian Miller said.

The owner of the vehicle took a handgun from the SUV and shot one of the suspects in the chest, the release states. The shooting victim died at the scene before Hammond Fire Department personnel could provide further treatment and he could get to a hospital.

Kenneth Denson, 17, of the 600 block of East 131st Street in Chicago, was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest about 1:30 a.m., a Lake County coroner’s office spokeswoman said Sunday.

The second robbery suspect and an accomplice fled from the scene in a vehicle and traveled north on Indianapolis Boulevard into East Chicago, where they crashed and police apprehended them. Miller said an illegal narcotic drug was found in the vehicle.

Police said the investigation continues. The man who shot Denson has cooperated with police and has turned over his handgun.

Charges could be filed today against the other two suspects in custody, Miller said.

In September, a 40-year-old Gary man, Eric Lowe, was shot and killed outside of McTavern’s following a dispute. Lowe was a security worker for the bar.

From the Northwest Indiana Times of January 12, 2009

Police: Statements support self defense claim in fatal shooting

Hammond police believe a man who shot and killed a would-be robber outside of a bar there early Sunday legitimately acted in self defense.

Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said the 38-year-old Gary man was released after providing a statement to police about the incident.

“We do believe that his version of the story is true and credible,” Miller said, adding that the man had a valid license to carry the weapon and purchased it legally.

Statements from witnesses to the attempted robbery and shooting assisted as well, he said.

“We had some outstanding participation by witnesses,” Miller said.