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Idaho: Prison escapees meet their match in Idaho mom with gun

July 28, 2009

Cottonwood, Idaho

From KTVB of July 27, 2009

Prison escapees meet their match in Idaho mom with gun

The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office had honored a Cottonwood woman with a certificate of achievement saying she showed true courage in the face of danger for fending off two prison escapees who tried to break into her home.

Cassidy Lockett was home with her young children late last month when she says two men tried to break into her home. She hid the children behind the couch, grabbed a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol and aimed it at a man who was already halfway through a window, climbing into her home.

Lockett says she pointed the gun at him and told him to get out or she’d shoot. She says he complied, and left along with another man who was trying to get through the locked front door.

The sheriff’s department says the two were Richard Nieves and Ben Westley Perez, who are both facing escape, burglary and other charges.


Boise Thief Arrested By Bystander

July 19, 2009

Boise, Idaho

From July 18, 2009 KIVI channel 6:

Boise Police received a call of a man with a gun this afternoon at approximately 1:18 p.m. in the area of Americana and River Streets. As multiple Boise Police units arrived on the scene, they located two men with handguns and de-escalated the situation.

According to BPD spokesman Charles McClure, “Witnesses tell police that the original suspect, later identified as John Dickey, had stolen personal property from the victim at a nearby homeless shelter. The suspect fled on foot traveling Eastbound on River Street. As the victim chased the suspect on foot, a third man intevened in the chase by producing a handgun and ordering the suspect to stop. The suspect was on the ground and held at gunpoint when the third citizen — who was also a concealed weapons permit holder and only saw a man with a gun pointing it at someone, intervened and demanded that the other man drop his gun. Officers then arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody.”

At this time, the original theft suspect — John W. Dickey, 46 — has been taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor petit theft. Dickey has no known address.

Idaho: Neighbor shoots loose pit bull

July 12, 2009

Boise, Idaho

From the Idaho Statesman of July 12, 2009

Neighbor shoots loose pit bull

Police say an Ada County man shot and killed an attacking pit bull.

Josh Hobson says he was responding to pleas of help from a jogger on Saturday night. Armed with his shotgun, he says he shot one of two dogs as it turned on him.

Neighbors say the jogger, with his own dog, were running down the sidewalk when the two pit bulls ran out an open door and across the street, snarling and barking. The jogger took refuge in a pickup truck.

Ada County officers say Hobson did nothing wrong. Deputy Nicole Hudson says the dogs were in Hobson’s yard and threatening another person or animal, so the shooting was justified.

Idaho: Kamiah man shot and killed during alleged break-in in Stites

April 26, 2009

Stites, Idaho

From KLEW of April 24, 2009

Kamiah man shot and killed during alleged break-in in Stites

The FBI and Nez Perce Tribal Police are investigating a fatal shooting at that took place at a grocery store in Stites early Thursday morning.

It happened during an apparent attempted break-in

The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a 21-year-old Kamiah man was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity was being withheld until family was notified.

He was one of two men who were reportedly trying to break into the Stites Grocery Store. He was shot and killed during the alleged break-in. The Sheriff’s Office says the other suspect ran from the scene. Witnesses say the pair came in through a fan vent in the back of the store.

The grocery store owner, who asked to not be identified, said a man was working on an upstairs computer at the store when he heard a noise. She said that’s when one of the alleged would-be burglars “came at” the man who then shot the alleged burglar in the leg. She says when the alleged burglar didn’t stop, the man fired a second shot into his chest.

The Idaho County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center said the call came in at 3:24 a.m. from the man who had done the shooting, saying he had shot an intruder in the store.

It was unknown if either alleged intruder was armed.

Upon arrival, deputies secured the scene while the Clearwater Valley Ambulance stood by.

The FBI is leading the investigation because the man who was killed is believed to be a Nez Perce Tribal member and the shooting took place on reservation land.

Idaho: Boise man arrested after handgun standoff on Table Rock

August 24, 2008

Boise, Idaho

From the Idaho Statesman of August 21, 2008

Boise man arrested after handgun standoff on Table Rock

A 37-year-old Boise man is being held in the Ada County Jail on a felony aggravated assault charge after a handgun standoff late Wednesday night on Table Rock.

Damon Glenn Smith was also charged with felony DUI and misdemeanor resisting arrest after the incident, which occurred at 11:48 p.m. Wednesday on top of the Table Rock mesa, a popular sightseeing spot overlooking Boise.

Witnesses told police the trouble started when a car passed Smith’s truck as both vehicles were on the way up to the top of Table Rock.

Witnesses said when Smith got to the top of the mesa, by the giant fluorescent cross which overlooks the city, he got out of his truck and pulled out a handgun, first threatening the driver of the other car, and then pointing it at other people on top of the mesa and threatening them.

At that point, witnesses said the driver of the car Smith first threatened pulled out a 9 mm handgun, pointed it at Smith, and told him he was going to disarm him. That man then took the handgun from Smith and determined it was fake.

Witnesses told police Smith got into his truck and tried to drive away but was stopped by police, who were responding to a 911 call about the fight.

Smith, who appeared visibly intoxicated had a hard time standing and failed field sobriety tests, according to police reports.

When officers went to take him into custody, Smith resisted arrest and had to be physically restrained, Boise Police spokesman Charles McClure said.

The other man involved in the confrontation displayed his handgun legally and police determined he was fully within his rights to defend himself at the time, McClure said.

Idaho: Man shoots, kills agressive pit bull

May 30, 2008

Boise, Idaho

From KTVB of May 30, 2008

Man shoots, kills agressive pit bull

Police say a Boise man shot a pit bull with a shotgun after the man says the animal was being threatening towards him.

It happened on the 2700 block of Westland Place in Boise near Ustick and Cole.

Officers say Dave Davies called police just before 8:00 p.m., saying his neighbor’s pit bull was being aggressive toward him. Two minutes later – Davies called back and said he shot the dog.

Davies said he was outside working on his motorcycle when the dog jumped a fence and came toward him in an “aggressive” manner. When Davies was inside calling police, he grabbed his shotgun.

Police say he went back outside and shot the animal. Boise Police Lt. Ron Winegar said the man may have a warranted defense.

“We would never advocate it happening within the city limits in this kind of a neighborhood can be very dangerous,” Winegar said. “At the same time, depending on the circumstances, we always have the right to defend ourselves.”

Davies says he has reported the pit bull in the past – and said he was told he has the right to defend himself on his property if an animal is being aggressive.

Other neighbors said they have not had problems with the animal.

The dog’s owner was not at home at the time of the incident.

Boise County Jury Rules Shooting Self-Defense

December 14, 2007

Boise County, Idaho

From the December 12, 2007 Idaho World:

BOISE COUNTY — David Wallace, 44, of Horseshoe Bend was acquitted Dec. 6 of manslaughter charges stemming from the August 2006 shooting death of Wesley Bennett, who also lived in Horseshoe Bend….

In what was expected to be a two-week trial, the jury took a few hours on the fourth day to return its verdict, finding Wallace not guilty of either voluntary manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. Initially, he had been charged with second-degree murder by the county prosecutor’s office.

Wallace’s attorney argued that he acted in self-defense when he and Bennett got into an argument in a remote area between Gardena and Sweet….

Wallace said that he was sitting in the cabe of his truck with the window down when the two got into a verbal argument. He said that Bennett then climbed onto the running board of his (Wallace’s) truck and punched him three times in the face. Wallace, who had a loaded Ruger .357 Magnum in the cab, said he feared for his life when he grabbed the gun and shot Bennett once in the chest.

October 23, 2007

Boise, Idaho

From Idaho Falls’ of October 22, 2007

Bear named ‘Twister’ that survived Idaho tornado shot by camper

After surviving a howling Idaho mountain tornado, a female black bear cub’s luck has run out.

Twister, as the yearling was called after being orphaned by the 2006 storm, was shot and killed last month by an armed camper.

The bear was raised at the Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation Center near Boise and had been released back into the Boise National Forest in June.

Ever since, Idaho Fish and Game officials say they received sporadic reports of the bear loitering near campsites.

Early September 20th, Twister was shot by a camper who said he caught Twister sticking her nose inside the wrong tent.

Fish and Game officials say this year’s drought has dramatically reduced bear foods such as wild berries, forcing many animals into closer proximity to humans – and into harm’s way.

October 1, 2007

Pocatello, Idaho

From the (WA) Olympian of October 1, 2007

Fists, then neighbors help thwart Idaho home-invasion robbery

An eastern Idaho resident got help from his fists, then his neighbors to thwart a terrifying home-invasion robbery attempt last week. Now, Robert Mandziara is installing a security system – just in case.

“The thing that bothers us the most was that we didn’t even know he was there,” Mandziara told the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello. “He told police he was in the house for an hour.”

Mandziara was sleeping early Monday. His wife was beside him, his three kids in their bedrooms down the hall. That’s when Dean C. Miller, Jr., allegedly entered the garage of their Pocatello home, took Mandziara’s shotgun and then slipped inside the home through an unlocked side door.

Miller, who has since been charged with first-degree kidnapping, burglary, possession of methamphetamine and assault with intent to commit robbery in 6th District Court, was pointing the weapon at Mandziara when he awoke and his wife awoke. Miller held both of them prisoner for roughly 25 minutes, Mandziara said.

“He would move from the door to our master bathroom to the door on our walk-in closet,” he said. “I tried to be patient.”

Agitated, Miller began to pay more and more attention to what was happening outside the couple’s bedroom window – and less to what was happening inside the house. When the Mandziara’s baby began crying, Miller grew more agitated and told the couple to “make it stop.” After that, Mandziara’s wife had had enough, he said: Holding the wailing infant, she tapped his leg – a signal that it was time to take action.

“I struck him in the face with my fist,” he remembers. “It startled him, but it didn’t put him down.”

As the two struggled, his wife fled to a neighbor’s home for help. Mandziara said he grabbed his shotgun and eventually wrestled the weapon away from Miller. He then hit Miller in the back of his head with the stock of the gun – only Miller didn’t go down.

“It made me realize there was a problem,” Mandziara said, adding he then sprinted from the house to the neighboring home. Another neighbor arrived with a second shotgun, and together Mandziara and he held Miller captive in the garage until police arrived and were finally able to user a jolt of electricity from a stun gun to subdue him.

Friday, Mandziara was back at his job as a sales manager at a local Pocatello automobile dealership for the first time since the incident. He’s spent the last few days overseeing the installation of a security system in his home, rearranging furniture – and trying to soothe his family’s fears.

“Time makes it go away,” he said. “I just wish we could fast forward.”

Meanwhile, Miller likely faces up to life in prison if convicted, with prosecutors hoping to increase the penalty by 15 years because he is suspected of using a firearm.

September 29, 2007

Pocatello, Idaho

From Reno’s of August 29, 2007

Marriage of Former Reno Couple Ends in Tragedy

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly shooting at a home in Swan Valley between a wife and her husband.

Last night, Debra Schultz says she shot her husband once in the chest, claiming it was in self defense. 48-year-old William Schultz died.

Detectives are treating it like a homicide until they get all the facts.

Court and crime specialist Suzanne Hobbs spoke with law enforcement and with the woman who pulled the trigger.

Debra Schultz says throughout her relationship he was physically violent and she never got out, although just last week she did go to a women’s shelter in Driggs for help, and just returned home where she had to fight for her life.

Three months ago, the couple moved from Reno Nevada to Swan Valley. They lived in an apartment just off the Swan Valley Highway above a real estate office.

Tuesday night, Debra says her husband was high on marijuana and drinking. The fight got so bad he grabbed a gun and said he was going to shoot her. She says it was either shoot him or she would be killed.

She even considered jumping out of the second story window, but says William stopped her.

She didn’t want her battered and bruised face to be shown, so when I talked to her, we are showing you her injured leg, hurt as she was running down the stairs last night.

Debra Schultz said, “When he came home last night he told me that he was going to kill me and that was after he beat up my face and he said, “I can’t let you go now because if the cops see this I’m going to go to prison.” And he already has 5 charges in Reno hanging over his head for domestic violence against me.”

Doug Metcalf, Bonneville Co. Sheriff’s Office said, “Right now we are treating it as a homicide and it’ll – we’ll turn it into the prosecutor once we get all the interviews, the evidence from the autopsy and things like that to him, and they’ll make the decision whether it’s homicide or self defense.”

The sheriff’s office says their investigation will take several days. Debra, who is fully cooperating, is already making plans to move back to Reno as soon as she can..

From Idaho Falls’ of October 1, 2007

No Charges Filed In Swan Valley Homicide

No charges will be pressed against the woman who shot and killed her husband a month ago in Swan Valley.

Today prosecutor Dane Watkins says that Debra Schultz shot her husband in an act of self defense.

The shooting came after a violent relationship that lasted a year.

According to Schultz, her husband William put her in the hospital multiple times during their courting period and again once they were married.

They were from Reno, Nevada and moved to Idaho to escape the five pending domestic violence charges against William.

Bonneville County Prosecutor Dane Watkins says he is not pressing charges against Schultz because theres evidence to prove she was the victim of domestic violence the night of August 28th.

She had extensive bruising and other injuries. She also says William made threats against her life.

Schultz tells investigators that William went for the gun and came toward her and that’s when she says she got control of the gun and shot him at close range.

Prosecutor Dane Watkins says her story lines up with the evidence.

In an interview less than 24 hours after Schultz shot her husband she said, “He said I’m going to kill you and so I just pulled the trigger, I didn’t know what else to do. It was me or him, he was, I could tell by the look in his eyes I was dead, I was going to be dead.”

Prosecutor Dane Watkins explains his decision, “In order to prove self defense the defendant must believe she was in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that action was necessary to save her from harm.”

Watkins says that William Schultz’s family is upset that no one is being held accountable for their son’s death.

The case will remain open with the Bonneville County Sheriffs Office, in the case that more information arises in this case.

Debra Schultz has returned to Nevada where her family lives.