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North Carolina: Duke student shot during struggle with would-be robber

August 14, 2009

Durham, North Carolina

From WRAL of August 9, 2009

Duke student shot during struggle with would-be robber

A Duke student struggled with a man who tried to rob him, resulting in gunfire that wounded him and possibly the would-be robber, Durham police said.

The student and a woman were walking in the 500 block of Watts Street shortly before midnight Saturday when a man armed with a gun approached them from behind, police said. He ordered the pair to put their hands on their heads and started to search them.

A struggle ensued over the gun, and two shots were fired, police said. The student was shot in the abdomen, and the attempted robber fled.

“I was pretty sure that it was shots, not firecrackers. … It was like right here, and the woman, she was screaming her guts out,” said Anita Akella, a Duke graduate student who lives nearby.

The victim, whose identity hasn’t been released, was treated at a nearby hospital. The woman was uninjured.

The gunman was limping when he fled and might have been shot, police said. He was described as black, approximately 40 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, with a stocky build. He has bulging eyes. He wore a gray shirt and dark jeans.

The shooting happened one block from Duke’s East Campus, where first-year students are to move in next week.

Graduate student Melanie Oberman said the shooting happened outside the apartment she recently rented.

“I definitely don’t feel comfortable living in the house until I have security put in,” she said. “I had no idea that something could happen right outside my door like that.”

Residents said Trinity Park neighborhood has long been a safe area.

“It makes me very sad, more than it does fearful,” homeowner Sally Spears said. “But the world we live in now has turned into the situation that it is.”

Anyone with any information about the shooting should call Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for information leading to arrests in felony cases, and callers never have to identify themselves.


Texas: Watauga homeowner stabbed, shot with own gun during robbery

November 1, 2008

Watuagua, Texas

From the Dallas Morning News of October 29, 2008

Watauga homeowner stabbed, shot with own gun during robbery

A Watauga homeowner was stabbed several times and shot once with his own gun during a robbery early this morning, police said.

The incident occurred in the 6000 block of Sundown Drive in Watauga about 10 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

According to Watauga police, a man heard someone trying to break into a trailer parked in his driveway around 3:30 a.m.

Armed with a shotgun, the man confronted the intruder who stabbed him several times. The gun went off during the scuffle, and the homeowner was shot in the arm.

A neighbor who came to the help the homeowner was also stabbed multiple times, police said.

The homeowner, who police did not identify, was taken to Harris Methodist Medical Center in critical condition. Police said the neighbor drove himself to the hospital.

Police have no suspects or a detailed description of the intruder.

Indiana: Burglar takes gun from Franklin man, wounds him

July 18, 2008

Franklin, Indiana

From the Franklin Star of July 17, 2008

Burglar takes gun from Franklin man, wounds him

A Franklin man shot in his garage by an intruder Wednesday night remained at Methodist Hospital today, but Franklin police said the man was believed likely to make a full recovery.

James Duncan, 28, encountered the intruder shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday after he went to investigate a sound in his garage. Duncan lives in the 500 block of Hanna Place in the Canary Creek neighborhood.

After advising his wife to call 911, Duncan took a .22-caliber bolt-action rifle from his home before confronting the intruder. In an ensuing struggle, the intruder grabbed the gun from Duncan and shot him in the shoulder. The suspect then dropped the gun and fled.

“I’d just like to know who did it, and that’s what we’re working on,” said Det. Chris Tennell of the Franklin Police Department.

Police said the man was wearing a T-shirt worn by carnival workers at the Johnson County Fair, which is being held this week in Franklin. But Tennell emphasized that they do not know whether the suspect has any connection to the fair.

Duncan and his family had just returned from the fair themselves and were putting their two children to bed when Duncan heard the noise in his garage, Tennell said.

Doctors opted not to remove the bullet from Duncan’s shoulder, Tennell said, fearing they might damage muscle tissue or an artery in trying to extract it.

“Anytime you have a bullet in your body and you’re bleeding, that’s not good,” Tennell said. “But as far as gunshot victims go, they said he should recover fine.”

Oklahoma: Homeowner fire shots at intruder

July 10, 2008

Tulsa, Oklahoma

From KJRH of July 9, 2008

Homeowner fire shots at intruder

A homeowner shot his gun at an intruder Wednesday night. It happened near 49th and South Newport in midtown Tulsa.

Tulsa police tell 2NEWS that the homeowner missed when he fired a shot inside his house. The homeowner then forced the suspect outside, and fired another shot, missing.

There was a struggle, and the intruder got the homeowner’s gun. When police arrived, officers feared the intruder may fire shots at them. Officers quickly tackled the suspect and took him into custody.

Kansas: Basehor resident fends off burglar

July 9, 2008

Basehor, Kansas

From the Basehor Sentinel of July 8, 2008

Basehor resident fends off burglar

An 88-year-old Basehor man was attacked in his home early Monday morning after an intruder broke in through a basement door.

According to Basehor Police Chief Lloyd Martley, around 5:25 a.m., an unknown suspect kicked in the basement door of the homeowner in the 15300 block of Parallel Road. The homeowner, who had a shotgun, confronted the intruder at the top of the stairs. There was a struggle over the gun and the suspect eventually gained control of the weapon hitting the homeowner with the butt of the gun. The suspect was then alerted to police in the driveway of the home, left through a patio door and headed into the woods west of the property empty handed.

The police were already in the driveway by the time the homeowner was able to get to a phone to call 911 because a Basehor police officer on patrol noticed a vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence that wasn’t normally there and had stopped to investigate, Martley said.

The homeowner sustained minor injuries and refused medical attention.

Since it was dark outside and there were no lights on in the house, the homeowner was not able to see the suspect’s face clearly, but is described as a short, heavy set Hispanic male wearing a white shirt and a blue baseball hat.

While several police agencies combed the area, they were unable to locate the suspect, Martley said. Police ask that if anyone sees a person matching the suspect’s description, to call the Basehor Police Department immediately at (913) 724-1313.

Utah: Kearns Shooting Victim Bashes Gunman During TV Interview

May 8, 2008

Kearns, Utah

From KUTV of May 8, 2008

Kearns Shooting Victim Bashes Gunman During TV Interview

A man wounded by a burglar during a home invasion Thursday morning talked to 2News about the incident — in which he was shot with his own gun.

Chad Morley said he found the burglar inside of his home at approximately 9:00 a.m. Thursday after noticing some of his property stacked up by a side door.

Morley decided to go inside the house, located near 6000 West Eaton Way, and retrieve his handgun to fend off the intruder. Moments later, the two men started wrestling for control and Morley was eventually shot in the arm.

“We both fought over the gun and he hit me in the head,” Morley said. “My hands were just completely covered in blood.” (Video)

“We both had a hold of the gun and (he) turned it toward me… and it was so slippery from blood, I couldn’t hang on to it,” he continued. “Then I saw his finger go to the trigger and… that’s when it hit me and knocked me over a loveseat.”

Morley said he was over at his father’s house nearby when the burglar must have entered. Upon returning, and seeing the items stacked near the door, he said it was clear something was wrong.

“I knew something was going on. I catch shoplifters for a living, so there’s a lot of people that would probably like to know a lot about me,” Morley said. “So I always carry my gun with me… constantly, it’s right by me.”

“I didn’t waste any time. I just grabbed my gun… I half-cocked it and made sure there was a bullet in the chamber. I was prepared to shoot him,” he added.

After the struggle, the burglar managed to get away from the home and flee into the neighborhood. He has not yet been captured.

“In a situation like that, it’s either you or them. And people like that don’t have a care for anything and would rather steal people’s merchandise that they worked their tail off for,” Morley said. “They would rather be lazy… and sell it and make their living that way.”

Morley received a gunshot wound to the arm and a laceration to his forehead. When asked if he would have handled the situation differently in a do-over, Morley said he probably would have shot first — and asked questions later.

“Honestly… probably shoot him before he had a chance to take my weapon away and then putting me in 10-times more danger,” he said.

“It’s not something you want to get in front of a news camera and say, ‘oh I should have shot him’… but it could’ve been a lot worse for me,” Morley added.

The burglar is described as a Hispanic man, about 6’0″ tall and weighing between 165-175 pounds. Morley said the suspect wore a baseball cap and a blue bandana around the lower part of his face.

Anti-gun advocates are constantly claiming that a defensive weapon is far more likely to be taken away and used against you. However, this story (the 3,459th story posted on the Civilian Gun Defense Blog to date) may possibly make the third or fourth such story, while we have documented 147 incidents of a criminal’s gun being used against him (also to date). Since our news searching methods are unbiased (that is, they will turn up shootings both by citizens and by criminals), the real world stories are clearly in contrast to this claim.

Ohio: Grocer killed with own gun

February 5, 2008

Lorain, Ohio

From the The Morning Journal of January 31, 2008

Grocer killed with own gun

Lorain grocer Jose Gonzalez was fatally shot with his own gun during a struggle with the suspect in a ”botched robbery” at Gonzalez’s store last Friday, police said.

Gonzales had bought the gun to protect himself and his store following a previous holdup, according to neighbors.

Police said a man armed with a weapon that was not a gun walked into the Gonzalez Grocery at 2522 Lexington Ave. at about 10 a.m. on Jan. 25. A fight ensued between the man and Gonzalez, and Gonzalez’s gun somehow got into the hands of the intruder, according to police.

Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera would not specify what weapon police believe suspect Decio Rodrigues, 24, of Lorain, brought to the store, but said it was not a gun. The chief said he does not believe Rodrigues entered the store with the intent to kill Gonzalez.

As the suspect ran from the store with cash in his hand, he was spotted by an Allied Waste worker.

Police released a composite sketch of the suspect shortly after the killing and tips started rolling in.

Lorain detectives worked around the clock with the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Task Force to capture Rodrigues. He was taken into custody Saturday night and was charged with aggravated murder.

At an arraignment Monday morning, Rodrigues appeared on live video from the Lorain County Jail. Rodrigues kept his head down for most of the proceeding, but when he did look into the camera, he had a black eye and scratches on his face.

Rivera said the injuries were from the struggle that had taken place at the grocery store when Gonzalez was fighting for his life.

Tuesday night, the community gathered with Gonzalez’s family to honor his legacy and to protest violence. His son vowed to reopen the store.

Beaver Man Shoots Home Invaders

January 18, 2008

Darlington Borough, Pennsylvania

From January 18, 2008 WTAE channel 4:

Police said a man shot a robber during a home invasion in Darlington Borough, Beaver County, Friday morning.

According to police, two robbers entered a home, taking control of the homeowner’s rifle. At that point, police said, the homeowner pulled out a handgun, shooting one of the robbers.The second robber fled the scene with the man’s rifle, police said.

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Homeowner Cleared In Shooting Of Intruder; Suspect Charged

December 12, 2006

Harrison Township, Ohio

From the Dayton Daily News of December 12, 2006

Woman shot with own gun

The Harrison Twp. resident, 70, fought with intruders, who shot her during the struggle.

Montgomery County — A 70-year-old woman was shot and seriously injured by her own gun during a struggle with an intruder Sunday night.

Shirley Rose lives alone in a mobile home at 3801 South Trail Drive in Harrison Twp. She was dressed for bed and in her living room when two men in masks forced their way in about 10:40 p.m. and demanded Rose’s purse, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff Papanek said.

Rose refused and struggled with one of the intruders. The intruder fired the gun during the struggle, hitting Rose in the stomach, Papenek said.

Detectives believe the intruders took the gun when they fled. Deputies searched the area but found no suspects.

Rose had surgery at Miami Valley Hospital, Papanek said, and was in serious condition Monday.