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Plainfield, Connecticut Man Scares Off Burglar With Shotgun

July 30, 2009

Plainfield, Connecticut

From the July 21, 2009 Stamford (Conn.) Advocate:

PLAINFIELD, Conn.—Plainfield and state police are looking for an intruder who apparently was scared off when a homeowner fired his shotgun.

Police say John Gold heard noises inside his home late Monday night and got out of bed to investigate and saw the movement of a flashlight.

Police say when Gold couldn’t immediately find his cell phone to call 911, he grabbed his shotgun and began loading it when the intruder confronted him.

Gold told police he fired one shot and the intruder, who apparently was not injured, took off.


Connecticut: State says killing of bear was justified

August 15, 2008

New Milford, Connecticut

From the Waterbury Republican American of August 14, 2008

State says killing of bear was justified

An Indian Trail Road homeowner was justified in killing a black bear Wednesday after it chased his dog and then acted threateningly toward him, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

James Galvin killed the female bear with three blasts from a 12-gauge shotgun while standing outside his front door about 7 a.m. Galvin said he fired after the bear stood on its hind legs, lowered itself and started toward him.

“I thought it was going to attack,” Galvin said. “It was about 15 feet away from me.”

The bear had been chasing Galvin’s sheepdog, Geno, through the yard, but stopped when Galvin emerged from the front door. Galvin said he was awakened by Geno’s barking and looked out the window to see the bear, which had two cubs nearby, pursuing the dog.

The shotgun was already loaded when he walked out the front door. Numerous bears have been spotted on his 51 acres of wooded property at the northern end of town, he said, and keeping the gun loaded was a way of being prepared in case a bear became aggressive.

“I had the gun by the door because I knew sooner or later something like this could happen,” Galvin said. “If necessary, I wanted to have the ability to protect myself, my dog and my property.”

DEP conservation officers who responded to Galvin’s home declared the shooting justified after interviewing him, according to DEP wildlife biologist Paul Rego. Black bears, which are rarely aggressive, are a protected species under DEP regulations and shooting them is illegal, although they can be shot in circumstances like Galvin’s, Rego said.

The bear weighed about 200 pounds and stood about five feet tall when it reared up, Galvin said. Its cubs had climbed up a tree before the shooting, Galvin said, probably as a result of Geno’s barking.


Connecticut: EW man fires shot to scare off burglar, both arrested

December 28, 2007

East Windsor, Connecticut

From the Journal Inquirer of December 24, 2007

EW man fires shot to scare off burglar, both arrested

Two men were arrested on numerous charges Saturday, police said, after a homeowner fired his shotgun out his window to drive away a would-be burglar.

Alan Pelletier, 45, of 95A Main St. in the Broad Brook section was charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge of firearms, and second-degree breach of peace by threat, police said.

Delroy A. Martin, 24, of 794 South St. Suffield, was charged with second-degree assault, criminal mischief, breach of peace, and criminal attempt to commit burglary, police said.

Officers responded to a call about 8:15 p.m. Saturday, police said.

“It appears Martin was attempting to break into 93 Main St. when shots were fired,” Capt. Roger T. Hart said.

“It appears Pelletier shot a 12-gauge shotgun out the rear window of 95A Main St., presumably in an attempt to scare away the suspect,” according to Hart.

No one was injured from the shooting, police said.

“When we arrived several people were holding a black male down,” Hart said.

That man, Martin, was “attempting to break into a residence, using a garden tool to break down the door,” according to Hart.

Martin appeared to have been intoxicated, and damaged multiple unit doors, Hart said.

Martin was held in lieu of $100,000 bond and was scheduled to appear at Enfield Superior Court today.

Pelletier was released on $10,000 nonsurety bond and is to appear on Jan. 22 at Enfield Superior Court, Hart said.

The Civilian Gun Defense Blog does not usually accept stories where the citizen is charged with a crime in relation to the shooting. Nevertheless, we feel that, as reported, Mr. Pelletier’s actions fall within the scope of this blog and should be included.

December 7, 2007

Stratford, Connecticut

From December 6, 2007 WTNH channel 8:

Stratford (WTNH) _ Two teens are under arrest after breaking into a home in Stratford this morning. Police say the homeowner fired several shots at the boys before they ran off.

It all happened around 10 a.m. at a home on Graham Street. Police say the burglars entered through a back window into the garage where they encountered the homeowner.

“Our information after the arrest was that it was essentially a burglary. The suspects and the homeowners confronted each other and neither expected each other to be there,” explained Capt. Chris Marino of the Stratford PD.

The startled homeowner fired shots at the young men but did not hit them. The two burglars then fled on foot but were apprehended a short time later by police.

The teens now face burglary charges. Their names will not be released because of their age.

November 5, 2007

Southbury, Connecticut

From Rocky Hill’s of November 4, 2007

Man Shoots Home Intruder In Southbury

Intruder Involved In Car Crash, Police Say

State police said they received a call Sunday from a man who said he had encountered an intruder at his house.

John Nagy told police that he may have shot the intruder at his home, located at 44 Berkshire Road in Southbury.

Nagy told police that he was awakened at about 2 a.m. by a noise in the basement area of the house. Nagy said he went to investigate the basement area armed with a weapon.

He stated that he encountered a man who had entered the basement. The man advanced in the direction of the Nagy, and Nagy said he shot his gun in the direction of the intruder and left his home to wait for police.

Nagy told state police that he believed that the intruder was still in the basement.

State troopers entered the home with a state police K-9 to search for the intruder, police said.

The intruder was located by troopers in the basement of the home suffering from an apparent single gunshot wound.

EMS responded, provided emergency care at the scene and transported the wounded suspect to Waterbury Hospital, where he underwent surgery for his injuries.

The identification of the suspect is being withheld pending notification of family, police said.

Initial investigation by state police determined that the man was in fact the operator of a vehicle that had been involved in a one-car crash on River Road in Southbury.

The man fled the crash scene on foot and walked for about a half a mile and then entered the Nagy’s house, where he encountered the homeowner.

State Police Western District Major Crime Squad will handle the investigation at the crime scene by collecting physical and forensic evidence and conduct follow-up investigation, police said.

Nagy was not injured in this incident, police said.

At the conclusion of the investigation, all facts and circumstances of this incident will be reviewed with the state’s attorney, officials said.

October 4, 2007

Wolcott, Connecticut

From Hartford‘ of October 4, 2007

Homeowner Chases Men Out Of House

Wolcott police said officers arrived at 4:41 a.m. at the site of a home invasion on Chestnut Drive. Police said a woman was home alone with her sister when the two men entered the house.

Police said the homeowner was armed with a gun and chased the men out of the house.

The two men remain at large Thursday morning. Police described one man as 5 feet 11 inches tall with a medium build. He was last seen wearing dark-colored clothes.

Police described the second man as having a large build and said he was last seen wearing blue jeans and shorts.

June 14, 2007

New Haven, Connecticut

From WTNH of June 11, 2007

Armed citizen patrol in New Haven

One group armed with guns is ready to make their New Haven neighborhood a safer place by patrolling in the area around Edgewood Park.

The Edgewood Park Defense Patrol will be patrolling the 16-block area from Whalley to Edgewood and Winthrop to West Park. They believe that the police are not doing their part to keep the streets safe.

Their uniform is a black tee-shirt with Edgewood Park Defense Patrol and their mission is to keep peace on the streets with armed bike patrols.

“It’s certainly not the substitute that one would want but when you’re missing what you’re supposed to have and things are slipping out of hand then you’re left with no choice but to do something about it,” said Eliezer Greer.

Members of Yeshiva New Haven decided to take matters into their own hands after Rabbi Dov Greer was physically assaulted Sunday night. They say they’ve been appealing to the city for years with no results and are tired of sitting by while the vandalism, robberies and muggings increased.

“Being home with our families in the evenings is what we’d rather be doing than having to ensure that there’s safety and security in the neighborhood,” said Aviad Hack.

They will be patrolling in pairs every night from 6-10 PM, with one person carrying a concealed gun.

“Anyone who patrols with a gun in an attempt to use it as a deterrent is putting themselves and other citizens at risk and I absolutely discourage it,” said Mayor John DeStefano.

DeStefano says he has looked at the deployment levels in the Edgewood Park area and believes the police coverage is sufficient. News Channel 8 saw squad cars and officers walking the beat, but one man who is running for mayor, says he does not believe in vigilantism, but supports the residents move to protect their neighborhood.

“Perhaps it’s time to look at contacting the Governor and asking the Governor to provide state police department’s oversight in helping New Haven,” said Jim Newton of New Haven.

The Defense Patrol says that they don’t believe this will make them targets, rather it will wake up the neighborhood and encourage others to join in. They say they will continue the patrols as long as necessary.

May 31, 2007

New Haven, Connecticut

From the New Britain Herald of May 31, 2007

New Britain man takes gun, bullet in left hand from attempted robber

A 32-year-old New Britain man was shot in the hand during an attempted robbery Tuesday in Newhallville.

The victim was identified as Walter Mills.

According to police, Mills and his brother were selling sneakers on Brewster Street when two gunmen pulled up in a car and ordered them to “run it.”

One had a handgun and the other a shotgun or rifle.

When one of the gunmen tried to force the victim to the ground, however, Mills resisted and grabbed the gun, which discharged and struck him in the left hand, police said.

He nonetheless managed to disarm the gunman and tossed the weapon as the robbers fled.

April 24, 2006

Danbury, Connecticut

From Danbury’s of April 23, 2006

Homeowner fires gun at invaders

Police were searching for two males Saturday who fled the scene of a home after an occupant of the home fired a gun.

The two men, whose names were not known, and a third man, broke into a house on Cleveland Street around 10 a.m. Saturday and used force on an occupant, Danbury Det. Capt. Mitch Weston said.

The home’s occupant managed to grab a hand gun and fired several shots.

Police are not sure if any bullets hit the two men that fled, Weston said.

The occupant of the home was not injured, and the third man was caught and taken into custody. Police would not release his name Saturday until after he was booked.

The two that fled from the home drove away in a black Cadillac with tinted windows and New York license plates.

Police would not release any further information Saturday, including the address of the incident.

November 18, 2005

New Britain, Connecticut

From Hartford’s of November 17, 2005

Suspect shot during home invasion in New Britain

One homeowner in New Britain says he took no chances when an intruder entered his home, and pulled the trigger.

Angel Bennitez says he did what he had to do to defend his family and his home.

“I got my pistol and saw the guy outside”, says Bennitez.

Wednesday night his wife was mopping the floor when a masked man came in. Bennitez says he pushed his wife as he came in.

After hearing his wife scream for help, Angel came out with a 357 Magnum, and shot the gunman.

The bullet grazed the gunman and ended up in the stove. The gunman ran out of the house.

Angel is not in any trouble with police because his gun was registered. He said if he had to he would do it again.

State lawmakers say you do have the right to defend your property when you are threatened. That does include the use of force, but the amount of force depends on the circumstances.