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Boulder County Homeowner Shoots Very Hairy, Very Scary Home Invader

July 30, 2009

Boulder County, Colorado

From the July 27, 2009 Boulder Daily Camera:

— It took three rounds from a shotgun, five bullets from a handgun and two shots from a rifle to kill the 120-pound black bear that broke into a Boulder County home early Monday morning.

The bear break-in was the fifth time in a week hungry bears have gotten into Boulder County residences, all while the residents were home. That has wildlife officials urging area residents to take precautions and bear proof their homes.

Brenda Fischer’s barking dog woke her at about 2 a.m. Monday morning. When she went upstairs to investigate, she found a bear in the kitchen of her home on Poorman Road, between Sunshine and Fourmile canyons.

Fischer quickly returned downstairs to wake her two children and her husband.

“As soon as I knew there was a bear inside the house, I went to gather up both our weapon and our ammunition, because they are in two different places, and went to place myself with the weapon between the family and the bear,” said Paul Fischer, Brenda’s husband.

“As soon as I moved to try and make a place for him to get out, he charged me,” Fischer continued. “That’s when I shot him and he kept charging me. I shot him a second time, and he kept charging me. I shot him a third time and he was finally disoriented enough for me to get away.”

The first two rounds from the 12-gauge shotgun were birdshot and the third was rubber bullets, according to a report by the sheriff’s office. The Fischers escaped through a bedroom window, leaving the wounded bear inside the house.

When officers arrived on the scene at about 2:30 a.m., they found a bloody bear trying to claw his way through a screen door.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Lance Enholm, after determining that the bear was severely injured and would need to be put down, fired his .45-caliber handgun five more times at the animal.


Colorado: Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect

July 10, 2009

Aurora, Colorado

From the Denver Post of July 7, 2009

Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect

The owner of a check-cashing and cigarette store shot and killed an armed robber in his store early Monday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses and a vague police account.

Aurora police said they received a 911 call shortly after 1 p.m. about a gunman who attempted to rob the check-cashing store on the northwest corner of Clinton Street and East Colfax Avenue.

After investigating, police said a “possible suspect” had been shot by a person in the store.

The wounded person was driven by an unknown person to a Denver-area hospital where he died of a single gunshot wound, police said, refusing to identify the victim or the hospital where he was treated.

Police Lt. Bob Friel said detectives were hesitant to release any details until they were sure of their investigation.

However, Ryan Moench, 17, a mechanic at Muffler Pros, which his family has owned for 15 years directly across Colfax from the check-cashing store, said he heard a single gunshot, then saw two men dressed in blue running from the store, out of his view.

“I heard a shot and saw two guys running out of the store and around to the back,” Moench said. He couldn’t recall if one was bleeding and could give no other description.

“I could see the owner of the store in the door on the telephone. Five minutes later, the police arrived,” he said.

The owner of the check-cashing business is a 56-year-old man named Tom, who has owned the business for 22 years, according to his landlord, Jim Rellos. Rellos said he couldn’t remember his tenant’s last name and couldn’t find the lease.

“He’s a good man,” Rellos said. “I never have trouble with him. He runs a good business. His kid went to Machebeuf High School with one of my kids.”

Friel said Tom was taken to police headquarters for questioning after the shooting.

Police also interviewed passers-by, residents and people working in the downtown Aurora neighborhood, just a few blocks west of the historic Aurora Fox Theatre.

Colorado: Bear shot to death after breaking into home

June 18, 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From KOAA of June 13, 2009

Bear shot to death after breaking into home

A man shot a bear to death after it broke into his home in Colorado Springs.

The bear broke in through the back door of a home on Columbia court around 8 p.m. Friday night.

Colorado Springs police say the homeowner loaded his gun, after a roommate yelled that the bear had broken in. The bear roared at the homeowner several times, and went to a part of the house where it couldn’t get out.

The man shot the bear 4 times, and it died. Division of Wildlife investigated, and say the homeowner was justified in the shooting.

Colorado: Homeowner Fends off Alleged Armed Burglar With Gun Shot

April 18, 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From KKTV of April 18, 2009

Homeowner Fends off Alleged Armed Burglar With Gun Shot

A suspected burglar is under arrest Saturday morning after police say the homeowner took security into their own hands.

Colorado Springs police say they were called to 3295 West Woodmen Road on a report that a person armed with a knife had just broken into the caller’s home. The caller told police they had used their gun to fire a shot at the armed suspect and the suspect had run away.

Police and K-9 units found the suspect in the woods with non-life threatening wound to his lower leg. He was transported to Memorial Hospital and arrested after he was released.

The suspect, Ricky Hatcher, was booked into the Criminal Justice Center for Felony Menacing.

Police say the homeowner and Hatcher may have known each other. Police say the homeowner is not facing charges pending further review by the District Attorneys office.

Aurora Home Invader Shot To Death

April 11, 2009

Aurora, Colorado

From the April 11, 2009 Denver Post:

A man armed with a box cutter pushed his way into an Aurora home early Friday morning and attacked a male guest who was sleeping on the couch before the intruder was shot to death by the man who lived there, police said.

The alleged attacker, who has not been identified, knocked on the back door of a single-family house at 1672 Jamaica St. around 3 a.m. The man who lived in the house went to the door but was pushed aside by the intruder, police said.

After a brief scuffle, the intruder went into the living room where Frank J. Sanchez, 18, was sleeping. The intruder began attacking Sanchez, who woke up and started fighting back, Detective Shannon Lucy said.

Meanwhile, the resident went into his bedroom, pulled out a pistol and shot the intruder dead, according to police.

“We don’t consider this a random burglary or robbery,” Lucy said Friday afternoon. She didn’t identify the resident of the house, who is not considered a suspect in a crime and was not taken into custody, she said.

Sanchez, wanted on an outstanding burglary warrant in Kansas City, Kan., was arrested.

Colorado: Pellet Gun Scares Would-Be Robber, Suspect at Large

February 28, 2009

Woodland Park, Colorado

From KRDO of February 26, 2009

Pellet Gun Scares Would-Be Robber, Suspect at Large

A suspect armed with a revolver ran away after a Woodland Park store clerk pulled out a pellet gun and told him to leave Thursday. He is considered armed and dangerous by police.

The robbery happened at the 99 Auto Detail on 219 South West Street in Woodland Park just before noon. Police say the suspect walked into the business showed a small revolver and demanded all the money. The owner Glenn Kothe went to the area where the money is kept and picked up a pellet gun pointed it at the suspect and told him to leave. The suspect ran from the business. Nothing was taken, no one was hurt.

The suspect is described by police as a white male, early 20’s, approximately 6 foot, 175 pounds, short brown hair, GI haircut. The suspect was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve crew neck shirt which was darker than the jeans.

The students in Woodland Park Schools were not released for lunch off campus due to the active search for the suspect. The Woodland Park Police Department and the Teller County Sheriffs conducted systematic patrols of all of Woodland Park and the surrounding area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Point of contact is Detective Sergeant Tom Kinney at the Woodland Park Police Department, 719 687-9262.

Colorado: No Charges to Be Filed Against Colorado Man Who Shot Intruder

January 29, 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From Fox News of January 28, 2009


A Colorado Springs resident will not be charged for fatally shooting an intruder who tried to break into a home that he apparently thought was his, prosecutors said Tuesday.

James Parsons is protected under Colorado’s “Make My Day” law, which allows people to use deadly force in self-defense in their home against intruders, according a statement from the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Parsons shot 22-year-old Sean Kennedy, an assistant golf pro at a Colorado Springs golf course, on Dec. 28. Kennedy had been drinking that night and apparently thought he was breaking into his own house, which was a block away.

Police handed over the case to the district attorney’s office, which determined Parsons had “reasonable belief” that he and his girlfriend were in danger.

Prosecutors said Kennedy broke a window in the back door and was reaching inside to unlock it. Two dogs inside barked persistently as the couple shouted for him to leave. The ordeal lasted more than four minutes.

“A reasonable person in those circumstances would have believed that [Kennedy] was going to do a crime against them or property,” said newly elected District Attorney Dan May, who oversaw the review of the shooting.

Kennedy had been drinking at a Colorado Springs golf course, and his blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit for driving in Colorado when he pulled up to the Parsons’ house in his pickup truck, The Gazette newspaper reported.

Friends and family members believe Kennedy thought he had arrived at his own home, which he shared with roommates.

He got out of his pickup and began shouting and beating on Parsons’ door.

“[Kennedy] continued to beat and pound on the door, during which time the resident told his girlfriend to call 911, and he went into the bedroom to get his gun, a revolver,” the DA’s office said.

Kennedy went to the back of the house, forced open a screen door, smashed a window and was reaching to unlock the deadbolt, investigators said. Parsons then shot at him three times.

Two bullets went through Kennedy’s arm and into his torso, May said.

Militant Atheist With Knife; Christians With Shotgun Win

September 15, 2008

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From the September 14, 2008 Denver Post:

A man who came to the home of two women whom he had threatened to decapitate with a knife received a blow to the head that could cost him an eye, according to Colorado Springs police.

Russell Bowman, who claims to be an atheist, threatened the women because they are Christian on Sept. 8. On Friday, he arrived at their apartment and stood in a hallway, according to a police report.

“Another resident of the apartment retrieved a shotgun and approached Bowman, who was by then walking away. The resident ordered Bowman to put the knife down,” according to the report.

Bowman refused and approached the resident, who hit him with the butt of the shotgun, injuring his eye.

“Bowman was treated at Memorial Hospital where it was determined the injury to the eye was so severe, the eye would need to be surgically removed.”

Police will likely pursue charges of felony menacing against Bowman. Police couldn’t be reached for comment Sunday.

Colorado: Man walking with wife shoots mountain lion near New Castle

August 7, 2008

New Castle, Colorado

From the Rocky Mountain News of August 7, 2008

Man walking with wife shoots mountain lion near New Castle

A man shot and killed a mountain lion north of New Castle Tuesday night after the animal came too close to him and his wife, according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Randy Hampton, a spokesman for the DOW, said the agency received a call about the shooting a little after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The man and his wife were out for a walk in the area when the mountain lion came out of the brush and was in a “crouch position,” Hampton said. The couple’s names were not immediately available late Wednesday.

“(The mountain lion) began to approach them,” he said. “The husband was carrying a firearm, and he shot and killed the lion as it got really close.”

The animal was about 6 feet away from the couple when the man shot it, Hampton said. He added that the couple tried to scare the mountain lion away by screaming at it, but that the animal continued to approach.

The man said he had no other choice but to shoot the animal, Hampton said.

“He handled the interaction properly,” he said. “They were certainly scared from the incident.”

Neither the man nor his wife were injured, and no charges are expected to be filed, Hampton said.

Colorado: Would-be robber shot in Aurora

May 7, 2008

Aurora, Colorado

From the Denver Post of May 6, 2008

Would-be robber shot in Aurora

A man shot by a security guard while allegedly attempting to rob a Check into Cash store in Aurora this morning was in grave condition, according to Aurora Detective Bob Friel.

As of 3 p.m., the suspect was still alive and being treated by doctors at a local hospital, the spokesman said.

Friel said Aurora police dispatchers received an alarm from the Check Into Cash shortly after 10 a.m., and officers — who were nearby — arrived at the store within a minute.

Friel said the security guard told officers he had spotted the man in the store holding a handgun and believed there was a robbery in progress.

Friel said the suspect was shot at least once in the body by the security guard.

“We are not sure if the security guard was employed by the business or the shopping center,” said Friel. “The security guard has been cooperative” and is currently being interviewed by police at police headquarters.

At the time of the incident, there was a clerk in the store. She was not injured, said the police spokesman.

The store is at 15270 E. Sixth Ave., which is at the intersection of East Sixth Avenue and Chambers Road.

Detectives were at the scene investigating the shooting. Check Into Cash outlets offer “payday advance services.”