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Texas: Clerk armed and ready for robbers, kills one

August 16, 2009

Houston, Texas

From KHOU of August 15, 2009

Clerk armed and ready for robbers, kills one

Life can change in a second. It can also end. Cell phone store owner, Javid Iqbal saw both on Wednesday afternoon, in just 17 seconds.

“It is a part of my life that I will have to remember all of the time,” Iqbal recalls.

It was amazingly fast. Security video released to 11 News showed Iqbal behind the elevated counter, when the would-be robbers rush the store.

Two men with bandanas covering their faces, the leader gun in hand, vaulted over the case.

But in the five seconds that it took, Iqbal was already around the corner in the back, gun in hand.

“I see that guy come in the back pointing a gun. I just started shooting,” Iqbal says.

The two men were just inches apart, arms and guns extended. Iqbal fired three times, hitting 34-year-old Bryan Thorn.

Both robbers tried to flee after shots were fired, the second (still unidentified) man made it out, but Thorn did not. He collapsed dead in the doorway.

Iqbal said he could only think about the three most important people in his life, “I was thinking about my family; my little girl, my wife, my father,” he said.

All of them were within six feet of the shooting in the back of the store.

“My little three-year-old girl was in the store playing on the computer. The first thing wasn’t mine. I have to save my family,” Iqbal said, recalling the 17 seconds he will never forget.

This isn’t the first time. This store’s prior owner back in 2005 was also the victim of multiple robberies. One of those resulted in a shootout, which was also captured on video.

Not long after that, the owner-who was held up by three men and was not hurt- would sell this store to Iqbal.

Iqbal went on to do great business; but not all for profit, sometimes it came at a price. In all he’s been robbed four times, but no suspects were ever caught.

That is why his wife forced him to buy a gun and learn how to use it.

“Four robberies? Now I am not going to go through that again. All this happens. I have to take a stand somewhere,” Iqbal says.

The store is now open again after the shooting. His customers are standing with him.

“What if a stray bullet would have hit their daughter or hit his wife? Oh I’m sorry? For $20? Come on man,” said Carl English, who was in to pay his cell bill.

The store is still open, but Iqbal doesn’t know how long that will remain. He is now looking for a new, safer location.

Iqbal said that being robbed four times in a little over a year is all that his family can take. They are planning to move on soon.


Florida: South Florida Store Clerks Go Vigilante

August 14, 2009

Miami, Florida

From the Miami News Times of August 4, 2009

South Florida Store Clerks Go Vigilante

It was pouring rain just after 1 p.m. Monday, July 20, when a man burst into a Honduran grocery store on NW 36th Street in Miami. A shirt was wrapped around his face as he gripped a black semiautomatic handgun. Twenty-year-old Charles Bell shoved the pistol into the face of a manager behind the counter. Then he demanded the contents of the cash register and cartons of cigarettes in a plastic bag.

Next he began herding customers to the back of the small market.

But when he returned to the counter to collect his loot, a short, well-built 24-year-old manager named Valentin Fiallos pointed a .38 and squeezed the trigger. As Bell scampered from the store, he turned and shot back several times. Fiallos, shielding himself, squeezed off several more rounds.

The would-be robber missed every time, but the manager’s aim was true. Bell burst out of the store and ran several steps before flopping onto the wet asphalt. A bullet to the chest killed him.

Cops termed it “justifiable homicide.” The ruling is backed up by former Gov. Jeb Bush’s 2005 “Stand Your Ground” law, which offers wide-ranging legal protection to violent-crime victims who open fire on their aggressors before trying to make peace.

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Texas: Store Clerk Shoots Robber

August 14, 2009

Beaumont, Texas

From KBMT of August 7, 2009

Store Clerk Shoots Robber

Beaumont police are looking for a man witnesses say has a gunshot wound to the arm after he robbed the Gulf Street Liquor Store in Beaumont.

Beaumont Police Officer Crystal Holmes tells KBMT 12 news around 10:30 a.m. Friday patrolmen were called to the 3000 block of Gulf Street in Beaumont where a 9-1-1 caller reported an armed robbery. The store owner told police a man with wearing a black cap, long sleeve black shirt, black baggy jeans and an orange bandanna used a large-caliber handgun in the robbery. As the robber started to leave the clerk grabbed his own handgun and chased the suspect into the parking lot. Police say the clerk told officers the suspect turned and pointed a gun in his direction so he fired a number of shots at the suspect. He said one of the slugs hit the man in the arm.

“I ran out to get his license plate,” said Farid Ali who owns the Gulf Street Liquor Store in Beaumont. “When he saw me he tried to shoot me and that is when I shot back.”

Although he and witnesses say the suspect was hit, there was no evidence found at the scene to show that a bullet had actually hit the man.

The suspect fled the scene in a green Ford Mustang with a ragtop.

A witness to the robbery followed the green Mustang through the North end of Beaumont until it reached Lucas. The witness last saw the car heading west on East Lucas near the railroad tracks and Helbig Road.

At 12:45 p.m. officers found the suspect car in the 5000 block of Landry. Police obtained a search warrant and found the suspects bloody clothing. Police also searched his car where they discovered blood stains and bullet holes on the side of the car.

Police say they used K-9 unit to track his footsteps which led police to Pine Burr. Police believe the man was picked up there by a friend or family member.

Authorities say they know the suspects identity but they are not going to release his name until they obtain a warrant for his arrest.

Officer Holmes is asking anyone that spots the suspect to call police rather than approach the man. Information that leads police to the suspect could earn a tipster a Crime Stoppers cash reward of up to $1,000. The number to Beaumont Police Dispatch is 409-832-1234.

South Carolina: Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

August 14, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

From the SC Now of August 14, 2009

Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

An Horry County husband and wife fight off would-be robber inside their business.

According to a press release, a man tried to rob Ron’s Busy Corner, 5709 Juniper Bay Rd, Conway, Thursday afternoon when he placed a knife to the back of the store’s owner.

Police said Roger Lee Green, 34, of Galivants Ferry came into the store and pointed a knife to the back of the store owner while he was sitting at a table.

The owner stood up, struggled with Green, along with a customer, and took the knife away.

The owner’s wife was then able to get a pistol and hold the man there until police arrived.

Green is currently in J. Ruben Long Detention Center charged with Armed Robbery.

New York: Harlem Store Owner Shoots 4 Robbers, Killing 2

August 14, 2009

Harlem, New York

From the New York Times of August 13, 2009

Harlem Store Owner Shoots 4 Robbers, Killing 2

They strode into the restaurant supply store in Harlem shortly after 3 p.m. on Thursday, four young men intent on robbery, one with a Glock 9-millimeter pistol, the police said. The place may have looked like an easy mark, a high-cash business with an owner in his 70s, known as a gentle, soft-spoken man.

But Charles Augusto Jr., the 72-year-old proprietor of the Kaplan Brothers Blue Flame Corporation, at 523 West 125th Street, near Amsterdam Avenue, had been robbed several times before, despite the fact that his shop is around the corner from the 26th Precinct station house on West 126th Street.

There were no customers in the store, only Mr. Augusto and two employees, a man and a woman. The police said the invaders announced a holdup, approached the two employees and tried to place plastic handcuffs on them. The male employee, a 35-year-old known in the community as J. B., struggled with the gunman, who then hit him on the head with the pistol.

Watching it happen, Mr. Augusto, whom neighborhood friends call Gus, rose from a chair 20 to 30 feet away and took out a loaded Winchester 12-gauge pump-action shotgun with a pistol-grip handle. The police said he bought it after a robbery 30 years ago.

Mr. Augusto, who has never been in trouble with the law, fired three blasts in rapid succession, the police said, although Vernon McKenzie, working at an Internet company next door, heard only two booms, loud enough to send him rushing to a window, where he heard someone shout: “You’re dead! You’re dead!”

The first shot took down the gunman at the front. He died almost immediately, according to the police, who said he was 29 and had been arrested for gun possession in Queens last year and was the nephew of a police officer.

Mr. Augusto’s other two blasts hit all three accomplices, who stumbled out the door, bleeding.

One of them, a 21-year-old, staggered across 125th Street and collapsed in front of the General Grant Houses, a nine-building complex with 4,500 residents, one of the city’s biggest housing projects. Someone called 911, and an ambulance rushed him to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, where he was dead on arrival. The police said he had a record of arrests for weapons possession and robbery.

Another wounded man left a blood trail that the police followed to 125th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. The fourth wounded man was picked up, on the basis of witness descriptions, at 128th Street and St. Nicholas Terrace. Both were taken to St. Luke’s.

The names of the men who were shot — two dead and two wounded — were not immediately released by the authorities. The two at the hospital, both 21 years old, were in stable condition late Thursday night, the police said.

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From the New York Times of August 14, 2009

Back at Work, Harlem Store Owner Recounts Shooting

A day after shooting four men who tried to rob his restaurant supply store, killing two of them, Charles Augusto Jr., 72, was back at work in Harlem on Friday morning. His feelings the day after he pulled the trigger? “I wish I didn’t need to,” he said.

Mr. Augusto, who goes by Gus, opened the shop, the Kaplan Brothers Blue Flame Corporation, at 523 West 125th Street, near Amsterdam Avenue, at 8 a.m. He was accompanied by an employee who had been hit with a pistol during the robbery Thursday afternoon. After the employee was struck, Mr. Augusto picked up his shotgun and fired it three times.

The shots killed two men, James Morgan, 29, and Raylin Footman, 21, and wounded two others, Bernard Witherspoon and Shamel McCloud, both 21, the police said. The two survivors are being charged with robbery, the police said.

Mr. Augusto said he had bought the gun, a Winchester 12-gauge pump-action with a pistol-grip handle, after a robbery 20 years ago and had a permit for it. “Not even touched in 20 years,” he said. “Not even touched. I wish I didn’t need to.”

The employee, who goes by J. B. and declined to give his last name, said that he “lost my mind” while the robbers tried to restrain him with duct tape, and that when he struggled, he was hit with the pistol. “Better him with a tag on his toe than my mother planning a funeral for me,” he said of the gunman.

Georgia: Accused robber shot by Macon store employee

August 13, 2009

Macon, Georiga

From of August 5, 2009

Accused robber shot by Macon store employee

A 19-year-old man has been charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery in connection with a Saturday night robbery at a Fort Hill neighborhood store, Macon police said.

Laadrian Javonte Wilson is being held at the Bibb County jail without bond, according to jail records.

Three men entered the store at 406 Woolfolk St., at about 10:30 p.m., according to a police report.

One of the men pointed a gun at a store worker. A second store worker picked up a shotgun. He and the alleged robbers fired shots at each other, according to the report.

The three men ran north on Woolfolk Street. Minutes later, police received a radio call about a man with a gunshot wound at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, according to the report.

Sgt. Melanie Hofmann said Wilson was shot in the buttocks and was arrested at about 4 p.m. Monday upon his release from the hospital.

Alabama: Bingo hall robber shot and killed by security guard in Walker County, Alabama

August 13, 2009

Walker County, Alabama

From the Birmingham News of August 3, 2009

Bingo hall robber shot and killed by security guard in Walker County, Alabama

A Walker County man who authorities say shot up a bingo hall Saturday night during a robbery was shot and killed by a security guard, according to the Walker County sheriff.

William G. Cantrell Jr., 43, was declared dead at the scene after he was shot multiple times by a security guard at It’s Your Lucky Day Charity Bingo at 20 Pineywoods Sipsey Road, Walker County Sheriff John Mark Tirey said.

According to Tirey, Cantrell entered through the front door around 11 p.m., fired his shotgun into the ceiling and yelled: “This is a robbery. Everybody get out of here.” As he headed toward the cashiers’ cages, Cantrell fired more shots at the ceiling, then fired at a cashier’s cage and a safe, Tirey said. As two security guards approached, Cantrell turned his gun toward them and one of the guards shot him multiple times, the sheriff said.

Security cameras captured much of the scene, Tirey said. Authorities also interviewed about 40 to 45 witnesses, he said.

“It is a regrettable situation,” Tirey said. “We’re very fortunate we didn’t have a lot of injuries. The potential was there.”

Tirey said Cantrell arrived at the bingo hall in a vehicle he had stolen a couple of hours earlier. He robbed a Jasper business of the vehicle around 8:40 p.m., the sheriff said.

Pennsylvania: Would-be thief shot inside pizza shop

August 13, 2009

Port Richmond, Pennsylvania

From WPVI of August 9, 2009

Would-be thief shot inside pizza shop

A pizza shop owner in Philadelphia fought back when a man tried to rob him at gunpoint.

The attempted robbery happened inside Tony’s Place pizza shop on the 2900 block of Frankford Avenue in the city’s Port Richmond section.

Police say an armed gunman walked into the pizza shop at 11:45 Saturday night demanding money, but the owner pulled out his own gun and shot the robber in the back.

The would-be thief is now in critical condition at Temple University Hospital.

Louisiana: No charge against business owner who shot intruder

August 13, 2009

Shreveport, Louisiana

From the Shreveport Times of July 22, 2009

No charge against business owner who shot intruder

No charge is expected to be filed against the owner of Central Station who fired a shot at an intruder when the man lunged at him Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re not new to this,” Joseph Giglio, 68, of Shreveport, said of someone breaking into the defunct railroad terminal-turned-bar. The business in the 1000 block of Marshall Street has been burglarized 20 or 30 times, he said.

None of the previous burglaries ended in a shooting, Giglio said.

Jason Funderbunk, 35, hometown unavailable was rushed into emergency surgery at LSU Hospital in Shreveport in serious condition for treatment of a gunshot wound to his torso, according to a Shreveport Police Department news release.

Funderbunk was charged with one count of burglary and placed in police custody at the hospital Tuesday night. Hospital officials said they could release no information about his condition because of his status as a prisoner.

The security company that monitors Central Station detected an intruder in the unoccupied business shortly before 4:30 p.m. and alerted Giglio, who was at another of his operations, a plumbing outlet, according to police. Giglio armed himself and he and an unidentified bartender went to the bar, authorities said.

Giglio found someone hiding behind the counter and him to get on the ground while he called police, Giglio and authorities said.

Instead, the intruder leapt over the counter toward Giglio and tried to disarm the business owner. Giglio said he held the man away from the weapon with one arm and fired one shot.

“I tried to shoot him in the leg, but I don’t know where I got him,” Giglio said, explaining that police soon arrived and whisked him into a police cruiser.

The intruder “apparently entered the structure through a hole in the roof and was burglarizing the business there,” the police news release states.

Giglio alleged the intruder was attempting to access the cash register and safe, which are behind the counter.

The intruder did not brandish any type of weapon, Giglio said, but didn’t “leave me much choice.”

Texas: Store owner fatally shoots would-be robber

August 13, 2009

Houston, Texas

From KTRK of August 13, 2009

Store owner fatally shoots would-be robber

Police say a cell phone store owner took action when two people tried to hold up his northeast Houston business.

According to the store owner, two men walked into his store on Laura Koppe near Lockwood around 5pm yesterday and tried to rob him. That’s when he says he pulled out a gun and fatally shot one of the suspects.

The other suspect got away.