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South Carolina: Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

August 14, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

From the SC Now of August 14, 2009

Husband, wife hold off robber until police arrive

An Horry County husband and wife fight off would-be robber inside their business.

According to a press release, a man tried to rob Ron’s Busy Corner, 5709 Juniper Bay Rd, Conway, Thursday afternoon when he placed a knife to the back of the store’s owner.

Police said Roger Lee Green, 34, of Galivants Ferry came into the store and pointed a knife to the back of the store owner while he was sitting at a table.

The owner stood up, struggled with Green, along with a customer, and took the knife away.

The owner’s wife was then able to get a pistol and hold the man there until police arrived.

Green is currently in J. Ruben Long Detention Center charged with Armed Robbery.


Montana: ‘Castle doctrine’ law forces shooter’s release, prosecutor says

August 14, 2009

Billings, Montana

From the Billings Gazette of August 11, 2009

‘Castle doctrine’ law forces shooter’s release, prosecutor says

A man who police said shot his Wal-Mart co-worker in a dispute over the length of a work break has been released from custody because his actions may be protected by Montana’s recently enacted “castle doctrine” law.

The shooting, which took place Monday evening, is under investigation by the Billings Police Department and could still result in charges. But Yellowstone County Attorney Dennis Paxinos said language in the “castle doctrine” bill passed during the last session of the Montana Legislature required him to release the shooter until more information becomes available.

The law asserts, among other things, that a person has a “natural right” to use firearms for self-defense and is not required to summon law enforcement assistance before using “justifiable” force to ward off an attack.

“The play of (House Bill) 228 with the current law causes us some pause to do a much more thorough investigation to determine if we can charge anyone,” Paxinos said.

When police arrived at the Wal-Mart on King Avenue West at about 9:15 p.m. Monday, they found Daniel Lira, 32, inside the store’s loading dock area with a gunshot wound.

Billings Police Sgt. Jay Berry said that Lira hit co-worker Craig Schmidt, 49, in the face. Schmidt fell backward, then pulled out a .25-caliber semiautomatic Beretta handgun and shot Lira, police said. The single shot was fired at a range of 10 to 15 feet.

Lira, 32, was taken to St. Vincent Healthcare and later released. Police Sgt. Kevin Iffland said the bullet grazed the side of his head from front to back.

Paxinos said that prior to passage of House Bill 228 authorities would have had probable cause to arrest Schmidt for assault with a weapon.

Now, he said, they need more details about whether there was a history of aggression between the two men, what they may have said to each other when the incident occurred and other information that will shape whether it was reasonable for Schmidt to believe his life was threatened. Other details such as the size of the two men – Schmidt weighs 150 pounds and Lira weighs 300 pounds – could also affect whether a self-defense claim is reasonable, Paxinos said.

“I’ll have to do the investigation while the guy is free to move around,” said Paxinos, who along with other county attorneys opposed House Bill 228 during the legislative session.

The “castle doctrine” bill, which was sponsored by Republican Rep. Krayton Kerns of Laurel and supported by the National Rifle Association, sparked passionate debate about self-defense rights before passing the Legislature.

“Once somebody punches you, and you’re down and incapacitated, that person has already demonstrated an intent for violence and you can’t tactically assume that they’re only going to hit you once,” said Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, who crafted the bill.

But those opposing the “castle doctrine” legislation argued that existing law already protects those acting in self-defense, and that the new code would only create unnecessary burdens for prosecutors and police officers.

“There’s just such a disconnect between words on paper and what happens on the streets of Montana, and I think legislators had to be more sensitive to what’s happening on the street,” said Jim Smith, spokesman for the Montana County Attorneys Association.

Aside from potential legal charges, it was unclear if Schmidt or Lira will face disciplinary action from Wal-Mart. Schmidt has a permit to carry the concealed weapon, but a spokesman for the company said it would be inappropriate to discuss whether Wal-Mart has a policy about employees carrying guns.

“We are still gathering details at this time, and we’re now most concerned about the well-being of the people involved,” Kelly Cheeseman said.

Indiana: Armed homeowner stops enraged man

August 14, 2009

Whiteland, Indiana

From WISH of August 13, 2009

Armed homeowner stops enraged man

A Columbus resident is accused of trying to break into a rural Whiteland home.

Patrick F. Ianni, 33, 4440 Post-horn Court, Columbus, was arrested on charges of residential entry and public intoxication.

At about 1:40 a.m. Thursday, Ianni kicked the door of a rural Whiteland home and broke the door jam but walked away after the owner threatened to shoot him if he entered the home, according to a police report.

“The only smart decision he made was not to enter that home,” Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Doug Cox said. “He’s alive today because he didn’t enter that house.”

Ianni had visited a comedy club in Indianapolis with his girlfriend earlier that night and they got into a fight, according to a police report. He demanded to be let out of the vehicle and she let him out near the Whiteland Road interchange of Interstate 65.

He woke two rural Whiteland residents by pounding on their door. He claimed he was a police officer who wanted to ask them a question.

The homeowner warned Ianni that he had a gun and would shoot him if he entered the house and Ianni responded that he had a knife and would stab the homeowner.

A sheriff’s deputy found Ianni staggering down the road with a bloody nose and he asked the officer if he could give him a ride.

Ianni yelled at officers, threat-ened to beat them up and told them he was a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who just wanted to ask the homeowners a question, according to the police report. The sheriff’s office checked with the FBI, who confirmed that Ianni isn’t an agent.

He’s being held at the Johnson County jail on $4,000 bond.

Florida: Palm Bay homeowner fights off two would-be robbers

August 14, 2009

Palm Bay, Florida

From Florida Today of August 7, 2009

Palm Bay homeowner fights off two would-be robbers

Police continue their search for two armed men who they say pretended to have car trouble before being rebuffed by a resident in an apparent robbery attempt.

The botched hold-up happened late Tuesday night along the 500 block of Windswept Avenue. Police said the two men pulled up to the home and told the resident that they were having car trouble, said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Palm Bay Police Department.

“They told him their car overheated. He went inside to get a bucket of water and that’s when they pulled a gun on him,” Martinez said.

The resident dropped the bucket then grabbed for the gun, struggling with the men in the front yard for several moments, officials said. Police said the resident overwhelmed the two men, tossed the weapon back at them and ran inside to get his own shotgun.

The two men ran back to their car and drove off in an unknown direction, police said.

“Nothing was stolen,” Martinez said.

It was not immediately known if the two armed men targeted the resident or acted randomly.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call police at 952-3456.

Kentucky: Homeowner subdues intruder until police arrive

July 19, 2009

Louisville, Kentucky

From WAVE of July 16, 2009

Homeowner subdues intruder until police arrive

Police in Oldham County are investigating another apparent home invasion attempt. This time the homeowner subdued the alleged intruder until police could arrive.

According to a press release from the Oldham County Police Department, officers were sent to the 1000 block of Goshen Lane about 1:30 a.m. Friday on a report of a home invasion burglary.

When police arrived on scene, they found the home owner, Wes Johnson, and a houseguest, Richard Rackleffe, restraining 34-year-old Sherman Ellis from Louisville.

Johnson told us it was about 1 a.m. Friday when Wes Johnson, his wife and their two out-of-town guests went to bed. About a half-hour later, Johnson says they heard something strange: the garage door opening and closing.

“We got out there and the garage was closed and we couldn’t really figure out what was going on,” Johnson said.

They didn’t know it then, but Ellis had cut open the top of the Johnson’s convertible and used the garage door opener to get inside their home. “When I walked back inside, I asked my wife to go up and call 911 and notify them that something was wrong,” Johnson said.

That’s when he noticed something in the basement. “I saw a closet door in our basement close. When I approached the door and kicked it open the guy came out and started to assault me,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he and Ellis continued to struggle. “When somebody’s coming at you in the darkness in the night and somebody comes at you with something in their hand to hit you, it helps you realize real quick that something’s not right.”

Johnson says he yelled for his wife to bring him a pistol he had in the house. In the meantime, Johnson’s guests – both former FBI agents – came running downstairs.

“The guy was fighting all he could,” said Johnson’s guest, Richard Rackleffe. I used to work with defense tactics and all I did was take the arm and put it in a twist, where he quit fighting and he just succumbed or submitted at that point.”

They held Ellis at gunpoint until police arrived and even then Johnson said Ellis fought officers, slightly injuring one before being handcuffed.

Even though Johnson managed to get the upper hand, the experience has left him shaken. “It definitely takes all the peace and comfort you have of going home and closing the door and knowing that you are in a safe place.”

Police say Ellis lives in Portland, and told Johnson he was in Oldham County for a party. When he got left behind he said he planned to steal a car to get home.

But Johnson says that doesn’t explain why Ellis decided to enter his home.

Ellis has a long criminal past, including multiple rape charges. And he’s listed on the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Ellis is charged with burglary, robbery, assault, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and possession of burglary tools. He is being held in the Oldham County Jail on a $10,000 full security bond.

West Virginia: Mason County man fatally shoots his son

July 15, 2009

New Haven, West Virginia

From the Charleston Daily Mail of July 12, 2009

Mason County man fatally shoots his son

State Police say a Mason County man is claiming self defense after fatally shooting his son during a dispute in his New Haven home.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee fired a single shot at his son Charles Scott Greenlee, 35, of Point Pleasant. The incident happened about 10 p.m. Friday, said Trooper A.D. Wooton, the investigating officer.

Charles Greenlee died of his injuries.

Charles Greenlee had gone to the Seventh Street home of his father and stepmother earlier Friday evening and the three of them got into an argument, troopers said.

State Police spokesman Michael Baylous said Charles Greenlee assaulted his father and then began assaulting his stepmother, whose name has not been released. At that time, Lyman Greenlee retrieved a small- to medium-sized handgun and ordered his son to stop, Baylous said.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee then fired one shot, which struck his son.

State Police said alcohol might have been a factor in the incident.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee was questioned Friday night and that the man has cooperated fully with the investigation. He told officers he shot his son in self-defense, Baylous said.

Lyman Greenlee was not arrested, nor has he been charged, police said.

Baylous said the case will be handed over to the Mason County prosecutor’s office and taken to a grand jury, which will decide if the evidence merits an indictment.

State Police still are investigating.

Utah: Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

July 15, 2009

Lehi, Utah

From KSL of July 14, 2009

Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

Tense moments in Lehi Tuesday after police set up a perimeter looking for a suspect in a home-invasion robbery.

The all clear has been given, but there are a lot of worried neighbors. They saw dozens of police cars in the street and officers with weapons and K-9s looking for a man who tried to stab someone inside his home.

Around 2 p.m. a 23-year-old man reported to police that someone broke inside his home near 2400 North and 800 West. He said the man tried to stab him, so he grabbed a gun and fired a shot at the intruder and chased him away through the back door.

Police from Lehi, American Fork and Saratoga Springs, as well as Utah County sheriff’s deputies, searched for the suspect for nearly an hour.

The victim’s sister, Annie, told KSL, “What happened, what we’ve been told, is that someone tried to stop my brother. I guess my brother shot at him and missed and scared the guy off, and he ran away.”

Greg Neer, with the Lehi Police Department, said, “We do not have a suspect in custody. We have a description of him. He’s wearing … he’s described as wearing a black tank top with cammo shorts, some Nike running shoes and his hair was light brown, has a little bit spiky in the front.”

Neighbors were obviously alarmed to be told by police to stay inside their homes, especially after hearing the suspect could be armed with a knife.

In the end, no suspect was found, and right now detectives are interviewing the victim at the police station to try and find out more information.

Police are still unsure if the suspect was hit, and at this point aren’t giving any more information about what happened.

Missouri: Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

July 8, 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of July 7, 2009

Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

A homeowner shot a man outside his home with a shotgun early today. Police were investigating whether the gunman was responsible for a shooting that occurred one block away moments earlier.

The incident began about 4:30 a.m. when a caller told police someone was firing a shotgun into an apartment in the 500 block of Gillis Street. The apartment was occupied, but no one was hit.

Officers responding to the call encountered a man in a truck who had suffered a minor wound, possibly from a shotgun pellet.

Moments later, police received another call from a man who heard a commotion outside his home in the 500 block of Troost Avenue. The homeowner saw a man running with a shotgun and told him to drop the weapon. The man with the shotgun allegedly threatened the homeowner and the homeowner shot him.

The shotgun-wielding man suffered serious injuries, police said.

Police were investigating both shootings.

North Carolina: Business owner shoots intruder

June 30, 2009

Lumberton, North Carolina

From the Fayetteville Observer of June 29, 2009

Business owner shoots intruder

A store owner shot and wounded a man who broke into his business on West Fifth Street Monday morning, police said.

The names of the men involved were not available.

The shooting was reported between 3 and 4 a.m. at The Auction House, said Lt. Johnny Barnes of the Lumberton Police Department.

The man who broke in threatened the store owner with a tire iron, Barnes said. The owner then shot the man in the leg, Barnes said.

The wounded man was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Barnes said.

The wounded man will be charged with breaking and entering, Barnes said.

The district attorney will decide if any charges should be filed against the business owner, Barnes said.

North Carolina: One dead after botched home invasion

June 26, 2009

Wagram, North Carolina

From the Laurinburg Exchange of June 20, 2009

One dead after botched home invasion

Deputies say at least one gunman was killed in an early-morning home invasion near Wagram.

Anthony Martin, of Kale Street in Wagram, was shot to death in the failed robbery attempt while two others masked men fled, according to Shep Jones. The sheriff’s department did not have Martin’s age.

Investigators say one of the robbers was 40-year old William Anthony Strickland, according to Jones. The last-known address for Strickland is 9539 Springview Road in Charlotte. Jones would not say how Strickland was identified as a suspect.

Warrants were obtained for Stricklands arrest on charges of robbery, burglary and felony assault.

Investigators have not released information on the third suspect.

Jones said the trio entered the home of 62-year Edmond Cooper at 23296 Wagram Street at about 12:30 a.m. through the back door, which had been left unlocked.

Debbie Cooper, Edmond’s wife, was still up and a suspect knocked her out by striking her over the head. The men then entered the room of the Coopers’ 15-year old son. The suspects used ziploc ties to restrain the juvenile. The three men then entered the hallway of the residence, according to Jones.

“Edmond Cooper came out of the bedroom with a gun,” Jones said. “He fired several shots, hitting one of the suspects.”

He said the two suspects left standing returned fire, while fleeing from the residence.

“Mr. Cooper was shot in the hand,” Jones said.

Martin was dead when emergency personnel arrived on the scene, according to Jones. Edmond Cooper was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

Jones said the two suspects may have fled with $1,000 from the residence.

“It shows the times we’re living in when families are at home, where they are supposed to be safe, and they are violated,” Jones said.

Wagram police have assisted the sheriff’s department in this case.

If you know the whereabouts of William Anthony Strickland or have information on the third suspect, contact the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department at 276-3385 or anonymously report your tip to Scotland Crime Stoppers at 291-3333.