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Arkansas: Former Blinn player shot during alleged burglary attempt

July 15, 2009

Jonesboro, Arkansas

From the Brenham Banner-Press of July 13, 2009

Former Blinn player shot during alleged burglary attempt

Former Blinn College football player Paul Stephens was shot early Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to burglarize a local residence, according to a report by The Jonesboro Sun.

Stephens, who was listed as the starting cornerback for Arkansas State University after earning the job during spring practices, was taken to St. Bernards Medical Center after being shot in the torso, The Sun reports.

When police responded to an emergency call to investigate a burglary, 25-year-old Antonio Williams told them he shot an intruder at his apartment. Shortly thereafter, police were able to locate Stephens, who had a gunshot wound in his midsection.

Further information will be released when the investigation is complete, investigators told The Sun.

Stephens last played for Blinn in 2007, where he started at cornerback and returned punts and kickoffs. He played for Arkansas State last season, recording 10 tackles and one interception.

From the Associated Press of July 14, 2009

Arkansas St. CB Paul Stephens kicked off team

Arkansas State cornerback Paul Stephens has been dismissed from the team.

Stephens was hospitalized over the weekend with a gunshot wound to his midsection. A man told police that he shot an intruder trying to break into an apartment.

Arkansas State announced Stephens’ dismissal from the Red Wolves on Monday night, saying it was for “conduct detrimental to the team.”


Arkansas: Worker Shoots Burglary Suspect During Break-In

July 9, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas

From KTHV of July 7, 2009

Worker Shoots Burglary Suspect During Break-In

A worker at a Little Rock motorcycle dealership shot a burglary suspect early Tuesday morning.

Around 5:00 a.m., police responded to a burglar alarm at BMW Motorcycles of Little Rock on Jones Street.

An employee, Julius Ceasaer, told officers that he was sleeping in the business when he heard a loud noise. He then saw a dark colored Dodge pick up backing into the business. Ceasaer said that he grabbed his shotgun, approached the front door and saw a man looking around at some of the motorcycles that were on display.

When the suspect, 43-year-old Haywood Patterson, saw Ceasaer, he ran out of the business.

Two other suspects inside the pick up then drove away. Ceasaer saw Patterson crouching down outside. Ceasaer told police he feared Patterson may have had a weapon, so he fired shots at him.

Patterson was wounded in the upper body and face. He attempted to flee the area, but was caught shortly after. He was transported to UAMS where his injuries are life threatening.

No charges have been filed at this time and detectives are working to identify the other two suspects in the truck

Arkansas: ‘Case cleared’ in shooting of dazed intruder

May 6, 2009

Conway, Arkansas

From the Log Cabin Democrat of April 24, 2009

‘Case cleared’ in shooting of dazed intruder

There will be no charges against any involved in an April 11 incident that resulted in a 20-year-old Conway man being shot in the leg after intruding into a home.

Paul Willey told a Conway Police Department detective Brian Williams that he had been awake for several days and had entered “a hypnotized state.”

Willey said this hypnotic trance “is why he was walking on cars and swinging through trees,” Williams wrote in a supplementary report released Thursday.

In his apparently dazed state Willey entered a Baxter Drive residence believing that a friend lived there and jumped out of a second-floor window when confronted by a homeowner armed with a Walther PPK .380 caliber handgun.

This homeowner told Williams that he fired two shots “into the ground in an effort to get the suspect to stop” as Willey fled through a neighbor’s yard. He said he wasn’t aware that one of the bullets had hit Willey in the leg, causing what is described in the report as a “through and through” injury that bled very little. Willey was treated and released by Conway Regional Medical Center that day.

The families of Willey and the homeowner who shot him have “all decided not to pursue charges (against) each other,” Williams wrote, and 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden has “advised that he will not file charges per the victims’ request.”

“No further action taken, the case will be exceptionally cleared,” the report concludes.

Arkansas: LR Man Defends Wife, Wounds Would-Be Robber

March 25, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas

From Today’s THV of March 24, 2009

LR Man Defends Wife, Wounds Would-Be Robber

A trip to Wal-Mart on Cantrell Road ended in a violent struggle for a Little Rock couple.

It happened around 11:20 p.m. Monday night in a Wal-Mart parking lot off Cantrell Rd and Chenal Parkway.

Police say the couple tried to get away from the man, but when it didn’t work, they took action.

Monday night, Jamie Bitely left the store and walked into what police say was a couple turning the tables on a would-be robber.

“The first thing I heard was the first gun shot and that’s when I turned to see what was going on,” says Bitely.

“That’s when I saw the man who was apparently the victim and I seen him fire the his fire arm [SIC] a couple more times at that time that’s when I laid down on the ground until the shots stop,” says Bitely.

According to the police report, a husband and wife were unloading groceries into their Jeep when a man wearing a wig and cap allegedly confronted them, pointing a gun. At that point, the report says the suspect said “‘This is a robbery'” and went after the woman’s purse.

Police say the suspect allegedly hit the woman and ripped the bag from the woman’s arm. Police say that’s when her husband took action.

Sgt. Cassandra Davis says the husband fired at Jonathan Terry, hitting him in the rear end.

“The husband than retrieved his own personal weapon. He did ask the suspect to release his wife and the purse. The suspect refused,” says Sgt. Davis.

Police say Terry jumped into a waiting car and his friends, Sherry Battle and Tequila Rice drove him to UAMS. “They were at the hospital and our officers took those individuals into custody also,” explains Sgt. Davis.

All three are facing Aggravated Robbery Charges. This news put some witnesses like David Rollins only slightly at ease. “I’m a little bit more scared going to Wal-Mart late at night,” says Rollins.

Police say Battles and Rice fought with officers and are also facing battery charges.

Today’s THV has the couple’s names, but since they haven’t been charged with a crime, we’ve decided not to mention them to protect their privacy.

Home Invader Shot in Little Rock, Arkansas

January 24, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas

From January 22, 2009 KATV channel 7:

Little Rock – Two people are in custody following a west Little Rock home intrusion during which one suspect was shot.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at 31 Marcella Drive.

Authorities say a resident inside the home exchanged gunfire with one of the intruders, shooting him in the hip before the trio fled. As police officers were en route to the scene, they noticed a suspicious vehicle, and a chase began.

Keaton suffered a gunshot wound to his left hip, and was transported to a local hospital. Davis was taken into custody and charged with attempted capital murder, obstruction of justice, and numerous robbery charges. Charges are still pending against Keaton.

A third suspect remains on the loose.

No one in the home was injured.

Arkansas: 87-year-old scares man

January 13, 2009

Batesville, Arkansas

From the Batesville Daily Guard of January 12, 2009

87-year-old scares man

Altha Rider usually keeps a .38 pistol by her bedside. Thursday night, the 87-year-old woman was ready to use it.

It wasn’t long after Rider went to bed Thursday night that someone tried to kick in the front door of her home at 65 Brushy Road, she told an officer, whom she met at the carport door with pistol in hand.

In a phone interview this morning, Rider told the Guard she is still a little shaken by the incident.

Rider said she had gone to bed around 9 p.m. with a light on in her den, and was awakened by the sound of her front door being kicked in around 10.

“When I heard the racket I screamed and then got up to see what happened,” Rider said. “I couldn’t see anyone, so I got up and went lookin’.”

Rider went looking with the .38 pistol that she keeps by her bedside for protection. She said she also has a .410 shotgun, but realized that would only give her one shot before she would have to reload.

According to Rider, the intruder had tried unsuccessfully to gain entry through a back door before going to the front of her home. The bottom half of the door was broken and splintered from the dead bolt down.

“He unlocked my storm door to get to the wood door,” Rider said. “But he didn’t get the door open — the door lock held.”

After not seeing anyone around her house, Rider said she called a family member, who then called police.

“They (police) were here right away and looked around, but they couldn’t find anybody,” Rider said.

The following day, an arrest was made and a missing person case was closed.

Police say Keith Eugene White, 31, of Batesville, reported missing since Nov. 25, 2008, was reportedly caught on McHue Road Friday morning.

This burglary occurred, police say, following the break-in attempt at Rider’s home.

According to Lt. Brenda Bittle, White was caught when deputies responded to a break-in on McHue Road.

“A key holder went to check on the house and found a door kicked in,” Bittle said. “When deputies arrived they searched the house and found White inside,” Bittle said.

“He had in his possession several items taken from other homes in the area Thursday night,” Bittle said.

White was arrested without incident and taken to jail, where he confessed to several burglaries and is a suspect in several more, Bittle said.

“He was out of prison on parole for burglary,” she said.

White is being held on a “no bond” parole hold pending formal charges.

Fort Smith, Arkansas Woman Defends Herself From Robbers

December 19, 2008

Fort Smith, Arkansas

From December 17, 2008 KFSM channel 5:

FORT SMITH – She’s a woman who knows how to protect herself as two men who tried to rob her found out. What they didn’t know was the woman is licensed to carry a concealed weapon…and yes, she was packing heat.

“A lady was flagged over Sunday evening about 6 p.m. on the interstate between Kelley Highway and the Arkansas river bridge.” Lt. Steve Coppinger with State Police says that two men in a car signaled that the woman was getting a flat tire.

“When she pulled over to check her tires one of those person in that other car got out and attempted to rob her at knife point.”

But what the thief didn’t expect happened next. Coppinger says the female driver pulled out her handgun.

“She pointed that at her attacker and he backed away, got in the car and they fled.”

Investigators say the would-have-been victim was able to turn the tables because she had a concealed carry permit. State police are keeping some details of the investigation close to their vest so they will know when they get the right guys. Right now, officials are saying they believe this to be an isolated incident.

Additional commentary at Weathering the Broken Links.

Arkansas: Mother Shoots, Kills Son In Self-Defense, Police Say

December 18, 2008

Franklin County, Arkansas

From the Fort Smith Times Record of December 16, 2008

Mother Shoots, Kills Son In Self-Defense, Police Say

A Franklin County man was killed by his mother Sunday, likely in self-defense, after he reportedly pistol-whipped her and his stepfather, authorities said.

Cameron Utsler, 22, was shot to death at the Prairie Street residence he shared with his mother and stepfather, north of Charleston, according to Lt. Steve Coppinger of the Arkansas State Police.

“Right now it looks like a justified shooting,” David Gibbons, Franklin County’s district attorney, said on Monday.

Troopers were dispatched to the residence at around 1:20 a.m. Sunday. Utsler was found dead at the scene, Coppinger said.

Utsler’s mother and stepfather, whose names were not revealed by either Coppinger or Gibbons, told investigators that Utsler became violent toward them after they had returned home from a Christmas party, according to Coppinger.

“He was upset that he was excluded from a family Christmas get-together,” Coppinger said.

Utsler reportedly brandished a handgun and at one point struck both his mother and stepfather on the head with the pistol, according to Coppinger. How many times Utsler struck them with the gun was not revealed.

“I don’t believe he discharged the weapon, he just physically beat them,” Coppinger said. “One of the parents, out of a defensive posture, had to get a firearm and shoot him.”

Coppinger described both the mother and stepfather as “very small in stature” and “slenderly built.” Utsler, however, was described as more than 6 feet tall and weighing more than 300 pounds.

“He’s a big guy with a violent history,” Coppinger said.

The mother and stepfather told investigators that Utsler had physically abused them in the past.

Because the shooting is believed to be self-defense, an arrest was not made.

“For this to occur right at the Christmas holiday must be very traumatic for the mother,” Coppinger said.

Both the mother and stepfather were treated and released from a local hospital, according to Coppinger

It is not known if Utsler had a history of mental instability, Coppinger said.

Gibbons said that until the State Police investigation is complete, he cannot officially clear the shooting as an act of self-defense.

Utsler’s body was transported to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in Little Rock, where an autopsy will be conducted.

Arkansas: Malvern Man Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

December 18, 2008

Malvern, Arkansas

From KTHV of December 17, 2008

Malvern Man Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

A Malvern family gets an unexpected visitor in their home and the next to arrive is police.

It started out as a normal morning for the Newborns last Thursday, but as Lester Newborn was getting out of the shower he says his worst fears were realized as he heard his daughter scream “There’s someone in the house!”

Lester Newborn adds, “I have no idea what she was planning on doing all I know is she came in my house.”

Newborn says the intruder probably walked through the neighborhood looking for an open door or window and happened to find theirs. “I was messing with Christmas lights outside and I left a window unlocked and that’s the window she came through.”

His daughter Brittney Newborn adds, “She came in through my bedroom window and she took the screen off and she just came in. I heard her making noise in my room I was in another room I just came in to see what it was and she was just standing right there.”

Brittney says as she screamed for her dad she left the room and he walked in with a .357 hand gun.

Newborn adds, “We’re all blessed because evidentially she was on some kind of drugs or something because she didn’t resist at all. The weapon is for protection in my home and I’m glad and thankful I didn’t have to shot her.”

Malvern Police tell us they do patrol more often during the holidays, but it is up to you to make sure your home is safe and secure and if you have a registered gun you have the right to protect yourself.

Detective Randy Neal with Malvern Police says, “You don’t want to take anyone’s life and chances are you never know what their intentions are he did the right thing he never pulled the trigger on her.”

Detective Neal says they’ve had a string of robberies this holiday season. He continues, “Just keep everything locked that’s a big deterrent usually when we get residential burglaries because it’s not locked 90 percent of the time.”

The Newborns say they learned their lesson and this Christmas will be especially meaningful.

Brittney says, “It will be different for me because it will make me extra thankful for my family and so thankful that this situation didn’t turn out tragically.”

Police say the intruder is 30-year-old Jennifer Draper. She’s being charged with residential burglary and held on $5,000 bond.

Days earlier in Hot Spring County a homeowner held two intruders at gun point. Police say they had items in their car from previous burglaries.

Arkansas: Ark. man forces way into wrong house, fatally shot

December 9, 2008

Trumann, Arkanas

From WXVT of December 8, 2008

Ark. man forces way into wrong house, fatally shot

Police in northeast Arkansas say a Trumann man looking for his wife after an argument went to the wrong home and was shot to death by the homeowner when he tried to force his way inside.

Trumann police say Saturday’s shooting death of 34-year-old Todd Short appears to be a justifiable homicide. Police Chief Larry Blagg says Short apparently got into an argument with his wife, and that she went to a family friend’s home. According to police, Todd Short went to a nearby home – thinking that’s where his wife was staying – and tried to force his way inside.

The homeowner, Jimmy Hand, then fatally shot Short with a shotgun. Police say the two homes were “cookie cutter” and that both had similar cars in the driveway.

The shooting remains under investigation, and no charges have been filed against Hand.