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Lima, Ohio Burglar Shot

May 31, 2009

Lima, Ohio

From the May 8, 2009

LIMA – A wannabe burglar may be walking around with a lead reminder of a Friday break-in.

Lima Police believe the man who reportedly broke into a home in the 800 block of West Wayne Street early Friday morning may have been shot by the home’s owner.

The incident occurred just before 4 a.m. Friday, according to Lima Police Detective Kent Miller. The home’s owner was sitting in his living room, just about an hour after coming home from working third shift, when he heard a bang from the next room. He walked in and saw a man in his house by the front door. The homeowner turned around and grabbed his .22 revolver and yelled at the intruder, who then rushed at him, Miller said. He fired one shot before the would-be burglar fled.

Police believe the bullet may have struck the intruder, but found no blood or other evidence of injury at the scene.

“We think he hit him mainly because of the distance between them. He was just three or four feet away, but we didn’t find any blood,” Miller said.

Police have notified hospitals around the region to keep an eye out for a man seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. Miller said he believes if the man is wounded he may try to treat himself or ask friends for help.


Female Home Intruder Shot

May 31, 2009

Columbia, South Carolina

From the May 28, 2009 Columbia The State:

A 29-year-old woman who broke windows at a house behind Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia was shot in the head by the homeowner, a Richland County sheriff’s spokesman said.

The bullet grazed the woman, who was slightly injured, the spokesman said Tuesday.

The woman who broke the windows at the house at 618 Hatrick Road was trying to get in and will face charges, the spokesman said.

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The homeowner will not face charges, the spokesman said. Officials did not disclose the names since no charges had been filed.

Oklahoma City Burglar Gets A Surprise

May 31, 2009

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From May 19, 2009 KFOR channel 4:

OKLAHOMA CITY — One burglar may be considering a different profession after nearly losing his life during a break-in, last Wednesday.

Heather Fitzgerald says she was checking e-mail in her garage with the garage partially open. Shortly before 3:00 a.m., however, an intruder crawled in.

Heather immediately worried for her children, who were sleeping inside the home. She grabbed her 9-milimeter pistol and fired two shots at the man.

Police do not believe he was hit because they found no blood at the scene. As he was running away, she says she lined up the gun’s laser sight on his back, but did not pull the trigger again, most likely sparing his life.

“I just, I couldn’t do it,” Fitzgerald says. “And it took everything that I had, not to. Seems like you should be able to be in your own garage at night when it’s dark and not have to worry about that kind of stuff.”

San Antonio Pharmacy Owner Shoots Robber

May 28, 2009

San Antonio, Texas

From the May 27, 2009 San Antonio Express-News:

An attempted robbery at a North Side pharmacy turned deadly Wednesday morning when the business owner pulled out a gun and shot the suspected robber.

No other injuries were reported at the incident that happened about 10 a.m. at Babcock Square Pharmacy, located at the intersection of Babcock and Huebner Roads.

Police Chief William McManus said the suspect handed an employee behind the counter a note that demanded the narcotic drug OxyContin. The chief said the employee was somehow able to alert the pharmacy’s owner, who retrieved his gun and confronted the suspect.

“The suspect saw his gun, and said, ‘Let’s get it on,’” McManus said.

The owner, who saw a cocked revolver in the suspect’s hand, pointed his gun at the suspect and shot him point-blank, McManus said. Only the owner, his wife, an employee and the robbery suspect were inside the store at the time of the shooting, according to authorities.

The chief said no charges would be filed against the owner, who was not immediately identified.

“He was in fear of his life, so this appears to be justified,” McManus said.

Oklahoma City Homeowner Shoots Burglar

May 28, 2009

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From the May 27, 2009 Oklahoma City Oklahoman:

Police identified a man fatally shot Tuesday inside an Oklahoma City man’s home as Ronald Penn, 29.

Penn and another person had broken into the house of Scott Henson, 41, in the 2200 block of SW 57 when Henson came home for his lunch break about 11:30 a.m., police said. Henson, whose wife said has a concealed weapons permit, pulled out a handgun and shot Penn to death.

The second person inside the home ran away, police said.

Pharmacist Defends Employees, Kills Robber

May 23, 2009

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From the May 22, 2009 Oklahoma City Oklahoman:

Jerome Ersland was back at work Thursday filling prescriptions and hoping that by taking the life of a 16-year-old boy two days earlier, he had saved others.

Rubbing an oversized bandage on his left forearm, where he said he was grazed by a robber’s bullet, Ersland related details of what he said was a highly organized hit on the Reliable Discount Pharmacy.

“I just regret anybody would get killed,” Ersland said. “But if I wouldn’t have been here, there would have been three people killed — the other pharmacist and the two techs.”

After the pharmacy near SW 59 and Pennsylvania was robbed two years ago, the owner installed new security measures to try to make sure his employees would never again be forced to a back room and pistol-whipped.

“We have a very good security system,” Ersland said, motioning to the magnetic door locks that won’t let anyone in or out of the store without permission. “The door locks, and they (robbers) knew that. They had cased it because they knew exactly what time to hit us when we’d have all of our narcotics out and our money out.”

About 10 minutes before 6 p.m., Ersland said, two robbers wearing ski masks waited for someone to leave the pharmacy and then grabbed the open door and threw down a board to stop the door from closing.

The robbers went in cursing and yelling, ordering employees to give them money and drugs, Ersland said.

Two women who were working behind the counter ran for a back room where they would be safe, but Ersland said he couldn’t run. Ersland said he’s a veteran with disabilities from wounds he received in Operation Desert Storm, wears a cumbersome back brace and just had his latest back surgery six weeks ago.

“All of a sudden, they started shooting,” he said. “They were attempting to kill me, but they didn’t know I had a gun. They said, ‘You’re gonna die.’ That’s when one of them shot at me, and that’s when he got my hand.”

Ersland said he was thrown against a wall, but managed to go for the semiautomatic in his pocket.

“And that’s when I started defending myself,” he said. “The first shot got him in the head, and that slowed him down so I could get my other gun.”

But as one robber hit the floor, Ersland said, a bullet from the other robber whizzed past his ear.

The pharmacist said he then got his second gun from a nearby drawer, a Taurus “Judge.”

After he had the big gun, Ersland said, the second robber ran.

But as he started to chase after the second robber, Ersland said, he looked back to see the 16-year-old he had shot in the head getting up again. Ersland said he then emptied the Kel-Tec .380 into the boy’s chest as he kept going after the second robber.

“I went after the other guy, but he was real fast and I’m crippled,” Ersland said.

Outside the pharmacy, he said he saw what he thought was a third black male in a car with the engine running and reaching for what appeared to be a shotgun.

“I pulled out my ‘Judge’ and pointed it right between his eyes and he floored it,” Ersland said.

UPDATE: From the May 27, 2009 Oklahoma City Oklahoman:

The charge alleges Ersland shot Antwun Parker, 16, while he was incapacitated and lying on his back. Ersland’s account of the incident doesn’t match the video or the evidence collected at the scene, according to the affidavit written by Oklahoma City Police Detective David Jacobson.

Parker was shot once in the head and five times in the stomach area. The autopsy found Parker was still alive after the head shot and died from the stomach wounds.

The surveillance video does seem to confirm that while the first shot was in self-defense, subsequent shots were not even close to being in self-defense. Nonetheless, the initial use was lawful self-defense.

Sacramento Teenager Protects His Mother

May 22, 2009

Sacramento County, California

From the May 21, 2009 Sacramento Bee:

A 17-year-old boy stands accused of killing a man Tuesday morning, though detectives now believe the shooting was justified, authorities said Wednesday.

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies arrested the boy, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, late Tuesday night on suspicion of murder, said sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran.

Detectives made the arrest based on information they had gathered about the fatal shooting that morning of 30-year-old James Davis on the 2800 block of La Quinta Drive, Curran said.

But after interviewing the boy, Curran said, detectives learned that he had acted in self-defense – and in defense of his mother, Davis’ girlfriend, who had been “beaten severely” before the fatal confrontation.

The boy was booked into juvenile hall on a murder charge but later released – though the murder charge still stands, Curran said. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and will decide if it was justifiable homicide.

Deputies were called to La Quinta Drive, near Folsom Boulevard in south Sacramento about 5 a.m. after reports of gunshots and a woman screaming. They found Davis’ body on the sidewalk, and paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. The Sheriff’s Department is not releasing the woman’s name because she is not a suspect and is a victim of domestic violence.

Curran said the victim and his girlfriend had had a “violent fight,” witnessed by the 17-year-old boy, who followed Davis outside and shot him, Curran said. …

Davis had a history of domestic violence in Sacramento County, according to Superior Court records. Most recently, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence in September 2004 and was sentenced to 365 days in jail.

Cross-Dressing Robber Shot By Liquor Store Owner

May 20, 2009

Macon, Georgia

From May 18, 2009 WMAZ channel 13:

A Central Georgia man is recovering from a gunshot wound; he got shot after robbing a Macon liquor store at gun point.

A news release from Sgt. Melanie Hofmann with the Macon Police says 50-year-old Ricky Nell Johnson robbed the ABC Liquor Store at 1194 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. on Saturday.

The release says Johnson entered the store around 6:45 p.m. wearing a wig and skirt. It says he showed a handgun, jumped on the counter and demanded money.

After getting some cash, Johnson fired a shot and ran out of the liquor store. The release says an employee returned fire.

According to the release, Johnson was found near a parking deck at the Medical Center. He was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where doctors treated him for a gunshot wound to the torso near the buttocks.

From looking at the picture–I doubt anyone was fooled by the wig and skirt.

New Jersey Resident Shoots Intruder

May 19, 2009

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

From the May 12, 2009 New Jersey Star-Ledger:

BERKELEY HEIGHTS — A resident shot a man last night when the would-be intruder tried to enter a home in the Deserted Village of Feltville, authorities said.

The shooting in the secluded section of Watchung Reservation occurred around 9 p.m. on Cataract Hollow Road, Union County Police Chief Dan Vaniska said. He said the victim, whose name and address were not available, was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital and was listed in stable condition.

“An unwanted guest forced himself into the residence and a resident responded by shooting him,” Vaniska said at the scene.

Details were scant last night, but Vaniska said the home’s residents were brought to county police headquarters, where they were being questioned.

It was not known where on the premises the shooting occurred, but a sedan parked near the porch of the two-story, wood-frame house had a shattered left rear window.

Cataract Hollow Road is part of the historic Deserted Village of Feltville. The site in Watchung Reservation was inhabited by small businesses, a mill and families on and off from 1845 to 1916. Visitors can stroll the village, which includes homes the county leases.

Sacramento Jewelry Store Owner Shoots Burglars

May 19, 2009

Sacramento, California

From the May 18, 2009 Sacramento Bee:

Sacramento County sheriff’s detectives continue to investigate the fatal shooting this morning of a man they say was breaking into a coin and jewelry.

The suspect was killed by the owner of the store on the 4900 block of Marconi Avenue. The 65-year-old owner has not been arrested, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The district attorney will determine if any charges are filed against the owner, based on results of the sheriff’s investigation.

The shop owner was inside the store when the incident began at about 4:15 a.m. Investigators are gathering evidence that will help determine if the shooting was justified.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran said two men approached the store, which had been the target of another break-in on April 29. This time, the owner was inside and called the sheriff’s department to report two men in their mid-20s and wearing black ski masks trying to enter.

Curran said that as the owner spoke on the phone with department personnel, the person taking the call heard several gunshots.

“Then the business owner said one subject was down in the parking lot,” Curran said.

Deputies arrived to find a body in the park

ing lot. Fire department emergency personnel pronounced the man dead at the scene.