Glenn Heights, TX: Home Invaders Driven Away

Glenn Heights, Texas

From January 6, 2008 WFAA channel 8:

GLENN HEIGHTS – An attempted break-in early Sunday morning led to a terrifying and unexpected wake up call for a woman in Glenn Heights.

While four men failed to break into Carrie Shannon’s home on Brentwood Street, their attempt was captured on surveillance video.

Shannon was home alone when the men tried to kick in her door around 4:35 a.m.

“I immediately jumped up,” she said of when she heard the loud kicking.

After hearing the men, Shannon said she got out of bed and called police on her cell phone.

“I grabbed my handgun and I proceeded right to the back, because as soon as I saw a shadow, I was going to go ahead and start shooting,” she said.

After several kicks, the men gave up and took off.

“I just want to be safe here in my own home,” Shannon said. “That’s it. That’s all I want.”

Signs of the attempted home invasion were everywhere in the form of broken glass, damage to the door and a broken lock.

Shannon’s home security camera didn’t miss a beat either. It even caught one of the men cutting the phone line. The video was turned over to police.

Shannon said she believes the incident may be connected to a burglary that happened at her home nearly three weeks ago. In that case, four men stormed into her home through the front door.

“[I’m] just a hard working woman trying to live, trying to support her son and trying to support herself and live a better life,” she said.


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