South Carolina: Man won’t face charges for shooting roommate in Summerville

Summerville, South Carolina

From WISTV of January 4, 2008

Man won’t face charges for shooting roommate in Summerville

Prosecutors have decided not to charge a man who shot his roommate three times.

Authorities say 25-year-old Joseph Harriott threw 24-year-old Brian Sessoms out of his Summerville home New Year’s Day after Sessoms hit his 16-year-old girlfriend, then warned him he would shoot if he broke back in the home.

Police say Sessoms climbed back into the house through a window on the second floor, and Harriott shot him as he came down the stairs.

Prosecutors say Harriott then tried to treat Sessoms’ wound to the stomach, but Sessoms kept fighting. Harriott shot his roommate two more times.

Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson says she decided not to charge Harriott because state law for self-defense says if the first shot is justified, a person can keep shooting until a threat is eliminated.

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