Mississippi: Teen kills intruder in county’s 1st homicide of the year

Vicksburg, Mississippi

From the Vicksburg Post of January 1, 2008

Teen kills intruder in county’s 1st homicide of the year

A teen shot and killed a home intruder Sunday night, stopping a theft in progress and sending the intruder’s accomplices scurrying, said Sheriff Martin Pace.

Found dead in front of a mobile home in South Warren County was Jonathan Bruce, 21, 3341 Sunnybrook Drive in Jackson, said Coroner Doug Huskey.

Bruce had been shot once with a .410 shotgun and had stumbled out of the mobile home, Pace said.

The teen, who was not identified, was not arrested or charged. Pace said details of the investigation will be presented to the district attorney, but it appeared the shooting — Warren County’s first homicide of the year — will be deemed justifiable.

Pace said the adults who lived in the home where Bruce was shot made a living as street vendors. He said Bruce and two other men had forced their way into the mobile home at 25 Red Oak Drive about 7 p.m. after inquiring about purchasing shoes. The teen and several other juveniles were alone when the trio entered.

Pace said after the men got inside, they started “loading up merchandise” until the teen got a shotgun and fired it at Bruce, who had a handgun in his pocket. After being shot, Bruce turned and walked out onto the lawn, where he was found when deputies arrived. The other men fled in a sedan.

Pace said Warren County officers were working with counterparts in the Jackson Police Department to identify Bruce’s companions, said to have been in a white sedan without a tag.

The City of Vicksburg recorded 10 homicides in 2007. Until the next-to-the-last night of the year, Warren County outside Vicksburg had recorded none.


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