Texas: Guard fatally shoots intruder in Dallas business

Dallas, Texas

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram of December 27, 2007

Guard fatally shoots intruder in Dallas business

A man who reportedly sneaked into an east Dallas business late Wednesday was fatally shot by a man who was guarding the place, police said.

The shooting was a reported at 9:08 p.m. at the business in the 4300 block of Elm Street, which is east of the intersection of North Haskell Avenue. The neighborhood is a few blocks east of Baylor University Medical Center.

The man who was shot did not have an identification with him, but he appeared to be in his mid 40s, said Sgt. Bruce McDonald, a homicide detective.

A 24-year-old man who was hired to guard the business told police that he heard a garage door opening, but the remote-control opener had been stolen in an earlier burglary, McDonald said.

The guard then confronted the man, McDonald said. The guard said the man approached him in a threatening manner so he shot him with a handgun, McDonald said.

Investigators are trying to identify the dead man by means of his fingerprints, McDonald said.

The case, he added, will be turned over to a Dallas County grand jury which will determine whether or not the guard should face charges for shooting the man. Texas law states that a person can use deadly force to defend themselves or their property.

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