Georgia: Mother Shot, Son Shoots Stepfather

Union County, Georgia

From WGCL of December 24, 2007

Mother Shot, Son Shoots Stepfather

A Fulton County woman was shot twice in the stomach early Monday morning by her estranged husband, police said.

Fulton County police said the woman was being escorted to her car in front of her home on Leisure Lane in south Fulton County by her son when her estranged husband shot her with a shotgun.

The woman’s son returned fire, shooting his stepfather before calling police, investigators said.

“I had just come outside to walk my dog and I walked back in the house,” said neighbor Mary Ann Washington. “As soon as I walked back in the house, I heard a girl scream and then I heard shots — a lot of shots.”

Police said the couple was involved in an on-going domestic dispute, with the woman obtaining a restraining order against her estranged husband before the shooting.

The woman’s son had been walking her to her car in front of her home daily in order to provide protection for her, investigators said.

Both the woman and her estranged husband are in serious condition at a local hospital.

No information has been released on any charges that may be filed against the woman’s son.

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