Niceville, Florida: Burglars Shot At

Niceville, Florida

From the December 19, 2007 Northwest Florida Daily News:

Not long after Niceville resident Harold Crown fired a handgun at three would-be burglars, a teenager turned up at Twin Cities Hospital with a bullet wound to his torso.


The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office thinks not.

Crown, 64, told authorities someone knocked on his door at about 10 p.m., Tuesday and when he opened it two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and ski masks “rushed in and knocked him down,” a Sheriff’s Office news release said.

The 23rd Street resident said a third man followed the first two into the house and began beating and kicking him.

“Crown grabbed a .45 caliber handgun from a shelf of a bookcase and a struggle ensued over the gun,” the news release said.

The homeowner told deputies he fired once and didn’t hit anything. He fired a second time, the release said, “but wasn’t sure if anyone was struck.”

Crown’s assailants fled the scene after the second shot was fired. He went to a neighbor’s house and called 911, the release said.

“A short time” after the incident a 19-year-old arrived at Niceville’s Twin Cities Hospital wounded from a gunshot to the torso, the release said. He was treated and transferred to West Florida Hospital.


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