Texas: Man killed during grocery store robbery

Texas City, Texas

From the Galveston Daily News of December 15, 2007

Man killed during grocery store robbery

A would-be robber met the same fate at a Texas City convenience store Friday night as another robber did years ago.

The man, armed with what appeared to be a rifle or shotgun, reportedly went into Jones Grocery, 616 Ninth St. N., about 8:40 p.m. Friday. He demanded cash, and the owner complied.

However, when the robber grabbed the money and ran, he only made it as far as the door, police said. The store owner had reached under the counter and grabbed his own gun, a clear description of which was not available Friday night.

The owner fired three shots, one of which hit the fleeing robber in the head. The man fell, dead.

The robber had not been identified Friday night, but police described him as an African-American man in his late 20s or early 30s.

Police cars and fire trucks blocked off Ninth Street around the store, while investigators talked to witnesses, including the store owner.

The store owner was the same man who shot and killed another robber at Jones Grocery about eight years ago. In that case, an armed man became distracted while robbing the store, and the owner shot him.

Police Capt. Brian Goetchius said detectives would have to conclude interviews with witnesses and collecting evidence at the store.

Texas law does contain a provision allowing a person to shoot someone who is committing a crime on the person’s property.


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