Houston County, Alabama

From the December 9, 2007 Dothan [Alabama] Eagle:

A burglary suspect was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted home invasion just outside Cowarts, and a second suspect is in custody.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said the homeowner dialed 911 at 7:41 p.m. reporting two men had broken into his house, located just east of the intersection of Forrester Road and U.S. 84 East, across the road from Ace Hardware.

The homeowner has been identified as Pete T. Webb.

“The homeowner was inside the residence,” said Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes. “Two black males burglarized the residence and he confronted both of them. The homeowner had a handgun and he ordered both men to the floor.”

Hughes said one of the suspects got up from the floor and charged the homeowner.

“One shot was fired by the homeowner,” Hughes said.

The suspects then ran from the house. One was captured by authorities and the other was found lying about 100 yards from the house. He died at the scene in a lot where Grandview Baptist Church is being constructed.

At 10:30 p.m., Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd said he has not been notified by authorities.

Just before press time, authorities were having trouble identifying the deceased and the suspect in custody. Deputies said the two might be related or could be brothers.

“We have not IDed them,” said Captain Antonio Gonzales. “We are getting false information from people.”

A woman identified as the victim’s mother, Louise Bostick, was brought to the scene but was unable to approach the victim, Gonzales said. “She was on the scene but was too distraught. She wouldn’t view the body,” he said.


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