Hialeah Gardens, Florida

From CBS4 of December 8, 2007

Man Turns On Would-Be Robbers, Kills One

Four robbers get more than they bargain for when they target an elderly Hialeah Gardens man. Police said he shot and killed one of them while he was being attacked.

Police said 74-year-old, Jorge Leonton was not aware he was being followed from the bank to his home along Northwest 91st Avenue and 119th Street.

“I feel horrible, my body is still shaking,” said Margarita Leonton, who is still shaken up on Saturday, after police said 4 armed men attacked her husband. “I never thought that this could happen especially at 10:30 in the morning.”

Jorge Leonton was questioned by police after they said he drove to a nearby bank, withdrew cash, and began driving back home. On Saturday night he is back at home with his wife.

Little did he know, four men were following from behind, when he arrived home, and got out of his car police said one of the thugs put him in a chokehold position and demanded money he had just withdrawn from the ATM.

“He came to me with such great force, he was so violent and started to choke me,” said Jorge Leonton. He said he told the robber to let go, Leonton has a conceal weapon permit.

“I took out my gun and told him, let me go or I’m going to shoot you, because I have a heart condition,” said Leonton. “I can’t breath, you can’t grab me by the neck, because I’ll die, I told him that 3 times.”

The alleged robber refused to let go and Leonton shot him in a torso. “My vision became blurry and that’s when I shot him,” said Leonton.

The other three crooks drove away. Jorge told CBS4’s Shomari Stone he didn’t want to shoot him, but he had to because his life was in jeopardy. “It’s bad I didn’t want to shoot a human being, he is a human being regardless.”

Paramedics lifted the wounded suspect to Ryder Trauma Center where he later died.

Margarita said her husband’s gun saved his life. “If he wouldn’t been armed, I think he would have been killed,” she said.

They are searching for the other 3 suspects who got away.


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