DeKalb County, Georgia

From December 7, 2007 WSB channel 2:

A father protecting his family during a hold up shot and killed a robber late Thursday night.The family of four had just returned home from a school recital. After parking in their driveway the family was walking up the front walk at their house on Stardust Circle when three robbers stopped them.During the confrontation the father pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing one of the robbers. The other men ran off.”It was a home invasion, but this time the invasion was on the other foot,” said one neighbor.The neighbor says the wounded man died in the family’s yard and the other two men fled on foot.That same neighbor told police that she heard her dog attack one of the robbers as he ran through her backyard.

Also covered at December 7, 2007 channel 11.

More details at the December 7, 2007 Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:

DECATUR, Ga. — DeKalb County police continued Friday to look for two suspects after a man shot and killed a third attacker who tried to rob his family as they returned home from a school event.

DeKalb Police spokesman Jonathon Ware said Ronald Johnson, 36, and his family were returning to their home in south DeKalb County and getting out of their vehicle when the suspects, armed with a handgun and a shotgun, attempted to rob them shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday.

Johnson pulled his own gun and killed one of the suspects, Ware said, and the other two men fled on foot.

Ware said Friday that police had not yet identified the dead man.

He said the shooting “has been deemed justified,” and no charges will be filed against Johnson.

Neither Johnson, nor his family – whom Ware identified as Lekeysha Mattox, 34, and two girls ages 16 and 4 – were injured in the attack.


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