Douglasville, Georgia

From Atlanta’s of November 26, 2007

Arbor Place Mall Reopens After Shootings

A Brinks employee and a suspected robber were shot as two men tried to rob a Brinks Security truck outside a shopping mall in west Georgia.

Douglasville police chief Joe Whisenant told CNN that at least one suspect fired shots at the Brinks employee as he was leaving the mall with money. Whisenant said the employee returned fire, hitting one of the suspects.

Both the guard and the suspect are recovering in Atlanta hospitals. Whisenant told CNN both are expected to survive, but the suspect was in worse shape than the Brinks employee.

“It was a lot of shots, like nine,” witness Leigh Knight told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “After about the fourth one, we figured out what it was and we threw the kids under the table and we laid down on top of them. I saw a Brinks man laying face up, he was conscious. There was another man next to him laying face down.”

A store owner told the newspaper that police SWAT team members roamed the mall with guns drawn.

The mall is a stand-alone mall in the suburb of Douglasville, which is west of Atlanta.

The mall was locked down after the shootings, but it has reopened.


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