Colt, Arkansas

From Memphis’ of November 23, 2007

Deer Attacks Arkansas Grandfather

A deer attacked an 84-year-old man in Colt, AR on Thanksgiving Day. J.W. Mitchell has lived in Colt for a long time. It’s a town of about 300, and who knows how many deer. Mitchell and the deer usually keep to themselves. That changed Thursday.

Mitchell says the deer was attacking his dog, Buddy, in the backyard. Mitchell says the seven point buck turned on him when he went outside to help. Mitchell suffered injuries to his arms and wrists, but says it could have been worse. “Yes it could have. If I hadn’t of had that stick there’s no telling what he would have done,” says Mitchell.

Mitchell uses a walking stick made out of metal from an old swing-set. He was carrying it during the attack. A neighbor came over with a shotgun, and killed the deer.


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