Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of November 23, 2007

Store Video Shows Bold Robbers In Action

A violent robbery caught on tape. Cops say the bad guys were bold and were ready to shoot and kill to get what they wanted. But a store worker was able to turn the tables on the thugs. And the clerks were saved by sheer luck.

It happened at the Fast Check Convenience Store off Winchester Thursday around 9:30pm. Two robbers busted in, one got away with cash, the other took a few bullets after one clerk chased the robbers out of his store.

“One of the victims inside the store heard click click,” says Lt. Darren Goods with the Memphis Police Department.

The click was the gun… jamming. Both clerks know are lucky to be alive. It lasted just a few seconds — a few seconds that could have ended someone’s life.

Lt. Goods calls them robbers with a sinister motive, “Their purpose was to take-over style robbery. Lets take any and everything we can, lets get as much money as we can. Both armed with guns. And lets get out of here as fast as we can.”

What’s worse say police, several customers – including young teenagers – were inside the whole time. One lady walked into the middle of it.

Police say somebody has to know these brazen robbers. The one robber hasn’t been charged yet. He’s still critical but stable at The MED.


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