Lubbock, Texas

From Lubbock’s of November 5, 2007

Authorities Continue to Investigate Robbery and Homicide

Authorities are still asking questions to find out what exactly happened in East Lubbock County Saturday afternoon. That’s where a suspected robber ended up dead in the store clerk’s Jeep.

It’s expected this case will eventually go to the grand jury, but for now the investigation begins at the Carl’s Corner on 98th and MLK.

Authorities say around 3 p.m. Saturday, Jesse Jermane Pearson tried to rob Carl’s Corner Convenience Store. Just minutes later, a store clerk reportedly chased him and about two miles from the store, Pearson was fatally shot.

“He waited until all of the other customers left and he came up to pay and instead of pulling out money he pulled out a big switch blade,” says Alex Hamil, the Carl’s Corner Convenience Store Clerk who was held up at knife point Saturday.

Hamil says 32-year-old Jesse Jermane Pearson of Lubbock was a frequent customer at the store. But Saturday afternoon, he visited the store for another reason.

“He got real close and put it right there so if he needed to he could cut somebody with it. He probably took $800 tops,” says Hamil.

But Pearson would not get far. As Pearson was leaving, another store employee, Jace Martin, was arriving for work.

“Follow him and get his tags and he was like ‘what?’ I said follow him. He just robbed me, follow him and get his tags,” says Hamil.

Barely two miles down the road Pearson’s Toyota Tercell broke down at the intersection at MLK and US 84.

“Jace and I were both talking to 911 at the same time and he said he sat back and the guy looked around and got out of his car and Jace said he got out of his car because he didn’t want to be in a vulnerable, prone position,” says Hamil.

Pearson allegedly ran toward Martin. That’s when Martin allegedly grabbed his deer rifle. Hamil tells us that Pearson allegedly jumped in Martin’s Jeep Cherokee and took off.

“And he tried to hit him with the car and that’s when Jace shot him,” says Hamil.

Moments later, Lubbock Police and Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene to find Pearson sitting in the driver’s seat of the Martin’s Jeep bleeding from the left side of his body. Pearson died in route to the hospital.

As for Martin, he was questioned and released Saturday. He has not been arrested or charged with anything in connection with the shooting, however it is standard in any homicide, for the grand jury to look at the case to decide if it’s self defense or if charges should be filed.


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