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November 30, 2007

Middletown, Ohio

From WCPO of November 30, 2007

Middletown Man Found Not Guilty In Girlfriend’s Death

A jury has acquitted a Middletown man accused of killing his live-in girlfriend.

Sixty-year-old Charles Frost was charged with murder in the May 11 death of 47-year-old Deborah Dockery.

Frost told a jury he and Dockery had been drinking and arguing when she came at him with a knife in their Helton Drive home.

Frost said he shot her twice in self defense, and the jury believed him and returned not guilty verdicts on all counts after nine hours of deliberation.

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November 30, 2007

Toledo, Ohio

From WTOL of November 30, 2007

Home invasion suspect lands in hospital

Toledo police are investigating an attempted home invasion that ended with two people shot.

This all happened around 1:45 a.m Friday in the 100 block of Spencer near Western Ave. in south Toledo. Police tell us two men came to the back door of the house and allegedly told the man living inside — who works as a “repo-man” — that they wanted to talk about a tow.

The man told police they then tried to force their way inside. The homeowner was shot once in the arm. He said he fired back on the suspects, hitting one four times.

The suspects took off, and a short time later, the injured suspect was dropped off at University of Toledo Medical Center. His condition is not being released.

November 30, 2007

Porter, Texas

From ABC13 WTRK of November 29, 2007

Homeowner shoots and kills suspected burglar in Porter

A homeowner in Porter shot and killed a suspected burglar Thursday. And the situation became so intense that the homeowner himself was taken to the hospital.

We’re also learning there have been other problems with crime in the neighborhood on West Hammond near Highway 59.

Around 1:30pm, property owner Gary Southworth called 911 and said that he’d shot a man who was stealing from him and that he needed help. Paramedics rushed the suspected thief to Kingwood Hospital, but he died from his wounds.

Paramedics had to also take Southworth to the hospital after the shooting because the 60-year-old was having chest pains. Meanwhile, his wife, Alberta Southworth, says thieves had hit them several times recently.

“It’s beyond awful,” she said. “It’s our whole life, I mean, he’s been so sick and all we have left to live on is what they’ve stolen. We have nothing now. They took our bank account basically.”

“He had reported two thefts in the past two days that had occurred in the nighttime hours,” said Sgt. Bill Bucks with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s my understanding that this is not his primary residence, but he does own the property. He came back to watch and make sure nobody stole anything from his house.”

A new law that just went into effect in September allows Texans to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes, cars and work places. The Castle Doctrine removes the requirement that a person must attempt to retreat before using deadly force.

It’s important to note that the deputy told us that when Southworth called 911, he was requesting help for the man he just shot.

Southworth is in stable condition.

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November 28, 2007

Akron, Ohio

From the November 28, 2007 Akron Beacon Journal:

After several restless nights, Manfreda and his partner’s patience was rewarded.

”Six-eighteen. That’s when we heard the glass breaking at the rear door and John said: ‘It’s happening’,” Manfreda said.

Manfreda said he was amazed at how swiftly Polen made it from the broken rear door to within steps of the office.

”If I had been alone, I don’t know what I would have done,” Manfreda said.

As it was his partner pulled a gun on the intruder and yelled; ”Freeze APD,” Manfreda said.

This immediately got Polen’s attention, Manfreda said. The homeless man dropped to the ground.

Manfreda said Polen had come equipped with a crowbar, a large wrench, a hammer and a razor.

Manfreda said he was surprised when Polen, with a gun pointed at him, grabbed the crowbar and got to his feet.

”I thought he was going to run, but he didn’t. He just said ”shoot me” and start coming at us. It was like he didn’t care about life.

”We had to hit him with the hammer just enough to make him drop the crowbar. We could have shot him,” he said, ”but nobody wants to kill anybody.”

A relieved Manfreda called police. Within two minutes police arrived to take Polen off their hands.

Edwards said Polen was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

”At this time, Kevin Polen is charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools,” Edwards said.

In spite of yelling “APD” (for Akron Police Department), this was not an officer.

November 28, 2007

Cleveland, Ohio

From the Plain Dealer of November 28, 2007

Apartment dweller shoots burglary suspect running away

A man accused of trying to burglarize an apartment building at 11:30 Monday night in Cleveland got a bullet in the left leg. A resident shot him as he tried to run away.

Lawrence D. Cooke, 53, shot the suspect at 11:45 p.m. at East 133rd Street and Woodworth Road.

Police said Daryle R. Mitchell, 41, of Soika Avenue, was treated at Huron Hospital and arrested. Mitchell is charged with aggravated burglary.

An incident report says that the suspect tried to break down a rear door. Cooke heard pounding and went outside to check on it, while his wife called 911. Cooke found the suspect and told him to “stay put.”

The suspect heard sirens approaching and “started reaching into his pockets and running in the field. As I got about twenty feet from him, I told him to stop reaching around. I then shot my gun near his feet to scare him, and I ended up shooting him in the leg.”

Officers found a green flashlight in the field near Mitchell. The report quotes Mitchell; “I was going to buy weed at Coit and Woodworth. I didn’t get any. As I cut across the field near St. Clair Avenue, I used my green flashlight to look out for skunks. Then I got shot. I didn’t see who did it. I was going to catch the bus on St. Clair.”

Police confiscated Cooke’s .357 Magnum revolver.

November 28, 2007

Darlington County, South Carolina

From South Carolina Now of November 28, 2007

Darlington County woman shot after home invasion

Darlington County Sheriff’s deputies are searching for a man who they claim shot a woman after breaking into her residence. According to Darlington County Chief Deputy Tom Gainey, the incident happened around 9:40am on 108 Woodhaven Drive. Gainey says someone broke into the house and a woman inside got her own pistol to defend herself. The suspect then managed to take the pistol away from the woman and shot her in the leg. He then fled the scene on foot through some nearby woods. The woman, who’s name has not been released yet , was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Chief Gainey describes the suspect as a black male, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and toboggan.

Chief Gainey says the Sheriff’s Bloodhound Team is now actively searching the area for the suspect. Nearby Darlington High School is now under lockdown until further notice according to Chief Gainey.

November 28, 2007

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From November 28, 2007 KKTV:

A robbery suspect was shot and killed after trying to rob a liquor store, Spring Police said. It happened just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening at a strip mall off of Jet Wing and Fountain.

The robbery suspect was taken to Memorial Hospital, but he was pronounced dead just minutes later. While the investigation is still on-going, Springs Police said the owner of the liquor store, in his 70’s, shot the suspect in the chest.

This is the 3rd robbery to happen in the Springs in the past 24 hours. In fact, robberies are on the rise in November.

“During the course of this year, we average 25-30 robberies a month, but now, that’s how much we’ve had in the past 2 weeks,” said Detective Don Chagnon with Springs Police. In November there have been close to having 60 robberies. Detective Chagnon said he doesn’t know why robberies are increasing.

November 27, 2007

Derry Township, Pennsylvania

From the November 27, 2007 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

The lead state police investigator in the Aug. 17 shooting death of an Allegheny County man at a Derry Township campground said Monday that evidence collected to date indicates the shooting “points to self-defense.”

Trooper James Simpson of the Greensburg barracks said police are still awaiting a final autopsy report and the results of a few forensic tests. But at this point it appears the shooting of Sherman Shawn Prince, 40, of Mt. Oliver, during an argument with two other campers at the Lazy Acres Campground, near Keystone State Park, might have been justified.

“Believe me, I really do feel for the family who loses a loved one in the shooting, but right now all the evidence we’ve collected points in one direction (self-defense), and I’m not sure that’s going to change with the tests that are still pending. But if it does, we definitely will pursue it,” Simpson said.

“We can only take a case where the evidence leads us,” the trooper said.

Members of Prince’s family, including his father, Sherman, of Pittsburgh, and an aunt, Sharon Josefik, of Clearfield, complained recently that investigators had not responded to their inquiries about the shooting death and that the investigation has stalled. They said some details of the shooting released by police do not corroborate with what they knew about Prince, an automobile detailer, who died at the scene.

Prince’s family members maintain that he did not own a gun. However, Simpson said evidence collected at the scene and through forensic tests to date indicate that he was pointing a loaded .22-caliber handgun at the face of Anthony Verdiglione of McKeesport when he was shot.

Prince was shot by a friend of Verdiglione, Dale O. Miller, 43, of McKeesport. Police have said that Miller and Verdiglione have cooperated throughout the investigation.

According to search warrants filed with the case, Verdiglione and Miller arrived at the campground about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 17. Within an hour, Prince drove to their campsite in a golf cart and began arguing, police said.

Court documents said Miller escorted Prince out of his camper to the golf cart Prince used around the campground after Prince allegedly grabbed Verdiglione’s shirt during an argument. Other campers told police that they could hear Prince cursing Miller and Verdiglione as he drove back to his own campsite, where police said he retrieved a gun from his car and returned to Miller’s trailer.

Police said a second confrontation occurred among the three men outside of Miller’s camper where a witness said Prince pulled out a small handgun and pointed it at Veriglione’s face. Verdiglione swiped at the gun in an attempt to strike it from Prince’s hand, but missed, according to the search warrant.

“Miller, who had been standing behind Verdiglione, then brandished his own weapon (a .38-caliber handgun) and discharged the same, striking Prince one time in the head,” Simpson wrote in the search warrant affidavit.

Prince was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prince’s mother, Paulete, said yesterday she is disappointed police still believe the shooting might have been self-defense.

“It just doesn’t add up. Shawn did not have a gun and the gun they found him with was stolen from McKeesport, where they are both from,” Paulete Sherman said.

November 27, 2007

East Point, Georgia

From WSBTV of November 27, 2007

Businessman Wounded, Suspect Killed In Shootout

One suspect is dead and another man wounded after a shoot out during a home invasion robbery in East Point early Tuesday morning.

Police said two men burst into an apartment at 3029 Dobbs Way around midnight and held several people at gunpoint.

The armed men started ransacking the apartment.

At some point a woman who lives at the apartment, but was outside during the attack called her father for help.

The father, who police describe as a well-known local businessman, rushed to the apartment with his own gun.

When he entered the apartment a gun battle broke out with both the home invaders and the father trading shots. One of the suspects was shot and killed. The father also was hit and wounded.

The apartment residents then attacked the surviving robber and held him until police arrived.

Investigators have not released the names of those involved.

November 27, 2007

Carthage, Missouri

From Fox News of November 27, 2007

Pistol-Packing Grandma Stops Would-Be Burglars

A 63-year-old grandmother with a handgun stopped two burglars at her backdoor in Carthage.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department said a woman and a 16-year-old boy were arrested after the foiled break-in Friday and charged with first-degree burglary.

The grandmother was at home with her grandchild when the burglars broke down her back door.

She grabbed a handgun and stopped the pair, but they ran away when the woman went back inside to call the sheriff’s department.

Deputies arrested the suspects about three hours later in Carthage.

Lt. Aaron Richardson of the sheriff’s department said first-degree burglary charges have been filed against Faith Barrick, 39, of Carthage, and a 16-year-old male accomplice.

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