Nicholasville, Kentucky

From the Lexington Herald-Leader of October 31, 2007

Shots fired during home burglary in rural Jessamine County

The Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a burglary in which shots were fired late Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Kevin Corman did not release many details, but he said the homeowner fired after discovering three intruders in his home. The homeowner told investigators that he thought the intruders returned fire. Corman said a neighbor heard three shots fired.

Corman said the confrontation happened on Ky. 169 between U.S. 68 and Keene. Because the matter is under investigation, he did not release the homeowner’s name or address.

It’s not known whether the burglary is related to another burglary in the area that happened Tuesday, Corman said.

From WLEX of October 31, 2007

Police Search For Burglary Suspects

Police are searching for three suspects in a Jessamine County home burglary Wednesday morning who ended up trading gunshots with the homeowner.

The incident happened at around 11:30 a.m. a home on Keene Road. Police say a man was on his exercise bike in the basement when he heard a noise upstairs. He at first assumed the sound was made by his wife, whom had been away from the home. When he went to investigate, the man encountered a man walking out of his bedroom.

The homeowner told LEX 18 that he then fired a warning shot, but the intruder, who police say was in the home with another suspect as a third suspect waited outside in the getaway car, had taken on of the homeowner’s guns and shot back while running out of the home.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, says he hid behind some bushes and exchanged 8-9 shots as the intruders ran down the driveway chasing the getaway car. The two intruders caught the car and fled down Keene Road toward Kentucky 68.

The getaway car is an older model black Oldsmobile with plastic in the black window. The suspects are described as two were black men and one white man, One of the men who was inside the home was about 20 years old and thin, the other was older and stocky. There is no further description of the driver of the getaway car.


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