Olive Branch, Mississippi

From Memphis’ WMC.com of October 30, 2007

Police investigate carjacking, shooting near Olive Branch

Police are investigating a carjacking that lead to a chase and a shooting Monday afternoon near Olive Branch, Mississippi.

The shooting happened in an area near the intersection of State Line Road and Riverdale Road in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Investigators said 71-year-old Bobbie Gray was unloading groceries in the driveway of her south Shelby County home when a man approached her with a shotgun, demanding her car.

“He just walked up behind me as I was taking the groceries out and stuck the gun at me and demanded the keys,” Gray said. “There was nothing I could do and I started screaming and I was surprised he didn’t shoot me for screaming.”

Gray’s son Keith, who was inside her house, came outside when he heard the altercation.

Seeing the carjacker pulling out of the driveway in his mother’s car, Keith jumped into his own car and followed the man. The pair traveled nearly three miles during the brief chase.

While driving, the suspect pulled a gun on Keith, who was also carrying a gun. He fired at the suspect.

The carjacker veered off into a field, with Keith in pursuit. There, both men jumped out of their vehicles.

Keith approached the carjacker with his gun drawn and ordered the man to stay still. When the carjacker moved, Keith again fired on the man.

“That’s when the son confronted the suspect and said to stay put,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Steve Shular. “The suspect did not do that. The suspect kept getting up and that’s when the son fired twice, hitting the suspect in the leg.”

The victim was transported to a local hospital.

Marshall Gray, Bobbie’s husband and Keith’s father, warned others to be cautious.

“Pass the word on,” he said. “You never know the next person you’re going to carjack may have a gun bigger than yours in their car.”

“What he did, I knew he would. He was trying to protect me,” Bobbie Gray added.

Keith Gray is licensed to carry a gun in Mississippi, but not in Tennessee.

Officials said they were still working out who would be in charge of the investigation into the incident.


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