Jacksonville, Florida

From the Jacksonville Times-Union of October 29, 2007

Restaurant employees ‘Wok N Roll’ on robber

Employees at a Jacksonville Wok N Roll restaurant not only disarmed a robber Saturday night but also got his sweatshirt.

Police responded to the robbery call about 10:40 p.m. at the 8011 Merrill Road restaurant where employees said they had left the front door propped open because of the heat. That’s when a gunman walked in and pointed his weapon at two of the employees behind the counter, the Sheriff’s Office report said.

One of the employees opened the register and handed the cash to the gunman. As the man grabbed the money, the 5-foot-8, 150-pound employee grabbed the handgun and he and his co-worker chased the robber out the store. The victim threw the gun at the assailant’s head but missed, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

The other employee grabbed the robber’s hooded sweatshirt and pulled it off, the report said. But the man ran through the parking lot into the Paddock Club Apartments and jumped a wooden fence into the Sandy Beach Lane neighborhood. He got away with about $480, the report said.

The victims gave police the sweatshirt and gun, which turned out to be a BB gun.

The robber was described as a black man with a goatee, about 35 years old, 5-foot-8 and 170 pounds. He was wearing a white, hooded sweatshirt, dark shorts and red shoes.


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