Sharpes, Florida

From Orlando’s WFTV,com of October 17, 2007

Woman Calls 911 To Say She Shot Her Boyfriend

A Sharpes woman called 911 saying she shot her boyfriend after he attacked her.

Rescue crews tried to help the man as he stumbled from the house after being shot in the abdomen. Investigators said the woman claimed it was self-defense.

An unidentified friend said the man was trying to move out of the home off Canaveral Groves Boulevard.

“He was taking a minute to get some clothes and, bam, gunshot. He ran out and came and called the cops,” the friend said.

Investigators were not releasing the names of anyone involved. The man who was shot was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition.

From of October 17, 2007

Deputies respond to shooting

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a shooting that happened this afternoon at a Canaveral Groves home.

At about 2:16 p.m., a woman called 9-1-1 and reported that she shot her boyfriend in the stomach after he threatened her with a knife, said Lt. Andrew Walters. The man, whose name the sheriff’s did not release, left the residence in the 500 block of Canaveral Groves Blvd. on foot.

The man was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition, Walters said.

No arrests have been made, he said. Deputies are still interviewing witnesses, and haven’t released the name of the woman involved.


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