Lawton, Oklahoma

From Lawton’s of October 23, 2007

Burglar killed by homeowner

Lawton police have towed away a truck that they say may have been involved in the shooting in the 1700 block of Northwest 70th that has left one person dead.

Deputy Chief James Apple says a family came home and found a burglar in their house. Apple says there was some type of confrontation between the family and the burglar, and it led to shots fired.

A neighbor says the homeowner was on the phone with the police holding the burglar on the front lawn until authorities arrived. But, the burglar moved and he fired – killing the intruder.

Eyewitnesses say they thought the two were just goofing around until they found out the burglar was shot and killed. Now, they say it looked like self defense.

From Wichita Falls’ of October 25, 2007

Lawton Teen Killed While Burglarizing A Home

Tonight prosecutors are asking themselves if this is a case of self-defense. The Make My Day Law gives Oklahomans the right to kill intruders inside their homes. Something 40-year-old Jeff Dorrell did yesterday afternoon in his front yard. When he noticed a suspicious truck and found the front door open he immediatly went back to his vehicle and grabbed his pistol. “He has a concealed license so he has a right to carry that pistol.”

Family Attorney John Zelbst says when Jeff approached the house he came face to face with the intruder. “At that time he chambered up the weapon and ordered the man to the ground and called 9-1-1.”

But while waiting for police, he says the intruder came after Jeff, “Jeff charges the pistol and grazes him probably because he is on the phone and sees the guy coming after him.”

Zelbst says the 17 year old laid back down but then tried to attack again, “Goes after the gun hand and jeff discharges and strikes him in the chest.”

“The gentlemen who owns the house and the intruder didn’t know each other as far as we can tell now.” Police say it was all caught on 9-1–1 audio tape, “People remember things different ways and when we have a recording we can go back to see exactly what happened and lot of time it can jar memory and say that’s right it did happen that way.”

But Zelbst says bottom line, this is a case of self defense. “It’s not something he relishes in or enjoys or even brags about. it was a very traumatic experience for him to deal with too, to have shot somebody and they end up loosing their life.”

While in Lawton a family member of the 17-year-old approached us. He says Freddy didn’t come from a broken home and says he was trying to change but was too involved with the wrong crowd. He also says the family doesn’t hold a grudge against the homeowner—but wish the situation would have ended differently.


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