Orange County, Florida

From Orlando’s of October 17, 2007

Police: Stripper-Involved Death Was Self-Defense

Authorities are investigating a twist in the shooting on Tuesday night involving a stripper.

Orange County investigators said the stripper was part of a setup to rob the people who hired her.

One of the intended victims shot and killed a man who detectives now say was there to rob him, and had a gun of his own.

The exotic dancer was invited to a private home, but it seems she was part of a larger, Internet-based scheme to rob the two men who invited her, investigators believe.

“It’s very weird,” neighbor Maria Fernandez said.

Area residents first became concerned after they heard the shooting was the result of an argument over an exotic dancer.

“People have parties, and they have these strippers come to the house in your own neighborhood. You know, i’ts like, unbelievable,” Fernandez said.

Then authorities discovered a new twist in the case on Wednesday afternoon.

“You have two individuals that were just looking for a night of entertainment, unfortunately, they called in the wrong act,” Sgt. Alan Lee of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

Homicide detectives said the two men had responded to an ad for an exotic dancer on Craigslist.

“A lot of times there is inherent risk with that. A lot of times these ads, it’s a setup for you to be robbed,” Lee said.

Detectives said the woman went to the house first to scope it out in order to determine for her accomplice if it was worth robbing.

The dancer’s accomplice showed up with a gun and the homeowner returned fire with his own weapon and killed the man.

Authorities said neither of the two residents of the home will be charged.

“They were acting in self-defense,” Lee said.

Detectives have been working to try to figure out the identity of the man who was shot to death. They strongly suspect the man has a criminal record.

The police are encouraging victims of similar crimes to contact them directly.


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