Chattanooga, Tennessee

From of October 17, 2007

Man Fights Off Home Invaders

An Eastview Drive man fought off three home invaders and traded shots with one of them on Tuesday night.

Police said 30-year-old Courtney Brown was treated for several injuries, including a shot to the calf.

Around 9:30 p.m., Chattanooga Police responded to a home invasion call with shots fired at 311 Eastview Dr.

Upon arrival, officers talked with the victim, who said he was returning home and was backing his vehicle into the garage when three black males came out of the closet and attempted to rob him.

Mr. Brown said he fought the three suspects and yelled for his daughter to call the police. One of the suspects got into the house and went upstairs to where the daughter had locked herself in the bedroom. The suspect then kicked the door in and demanded she lie on the bed and she would not be hurt. He then took her cell phone.

Mr. Brown continued to fight with the other two suspects and was able to get away from them. He managed to lock the door behind him.

Mr. Brown then encountered the suspect who was inside the house and they fought in the hallway. Mr. Brown broke free, retrieved a handgun from his bedroom and started back to the front door area. The man who was still inside then fired a shot at Mr. Brown, striking him in the calf. Mr. Brown returned fire but did not hit the suspect.

All three of the suspects fled on foot.

Mr. Brown was taken to Erlanger where he was treated for several cuts to his head and face and the gunshot wound to his calf. He was treated and released.

Chattanooga Police are looking for suspect #1 who is tall and thin wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Suspects 2 and 3 were medium build with scarves over their faces and knit caps on their heads.

All three of the suspects were armed with chrome handguns.


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