Iola, Kansas

From the Iola Register of October 15, 2007

Woman shot in dispute

Allen County Attorney Jerry Hathaway will decide whether to file charges from an incident that involved discharge of a firearm in a domestic setting a mile southwest of Iola Saturday evening.

Sheriff Tom Williams said Don Hammer, when confronted by his wife, Geraldine, holding a handgun and aiming it at him, fired a single shot that struck her hand and sent the weapon flying to the floor. The confrontation came after the couple apparently had argued, William said.

Williams said Gerlandine Hammer, 68, riding a motorized scooter, retrieved a .25 caliber handgun from a cabinet just prior to the shooting. Don Hammer was armed with a .357 caliber handgun.

“When she confronted him with the weapon, he shot it out of her hand,” the sheriff said. “He then called 911.”

Geraldine Hammer suffered a minor wound to a finger. She was taken into protective custody and was released to family after a screening by mental health authorities.

Don Hammer also was taken into custody after Lee Roberts, a 911 dispatcher, convinced him to come from the house and give himself to officers, several of whom were waiting outside.
Hammer later was released.

“We looked at the scene and everything matched statements made by both of the Hammers” that it was self defense on his part, Williams said.

The case will remain open until Hathaway decides whether charges are warranted.


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