Fairfield, Alabama

From the Birmingham News of October 10, 2007

Fairfield man kills pit bull that attacked mother, dog

A Fairfield man shot and killed a dog that was attacking his mother and her pet dog Tuesday morning.

Joann Farley said she had let her small mixed-breed dog “out to go to the bathroom” in front of her house on 50th Street about 6:40 a.m. when a pit bull, which lived at a neighbor’s house, jumped the dog, she said. Her son, Raymond Farley, was able to pry the pit bull’s jaws open to get the small dog released, she said.

“I ran out in nothing but my gown. I picked up my little dog and it (the pit bull) bit me on the arm, trying to get my dog again,” she said. “When he bit me I dropped my dog and he got it again.”

Finally, Raymond Farley shot the attacking dog twice with a .38-caliber pistol, killing it.

Joann Farley went to Trinity Medical Center for treatment of her arm, where she received 12 stitches, she said.

Terra Cotromano of The Emergency Animal Rescue Service said she was called to come help with the injured dog.

“When I got there the little dog was lying there on the ground. It couldn’t get up. He (Raymond Farley) was trying to deal with his mother. I took the dog to the vet. It really doesn’t look very good for it,” she said.

Joann Farley, who has several small dogs, said the pit bull has attacked them before.

Fairfield Police Chief Mardis said he expects to charge the pit bull’s owner, who lives in Birmingham, with violating the city’s leash law. It wasn’t clear why the dog was at the address in Fairfield.

Joann Farley said she is also concerned with whether the pit bull had been vaccinated for rabies. She said she was told it been vaccinated, but the remains had been removed from her yard by the time she returned home from the hospital.

“I’ve got to try to find the body (for testing) or get some proof that it had been vaccinated,” she said.

Cotromano said the incident lends further support to people who want to see a dangerous-dog law in place.

“There are some who want it breed-specific, but I believe it should be addressed by the (individual) animal that presents a danger to the public.”


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