Broomfield, Colorado

From of October 10, 2007

Police: Broomfield Intruder Shot After Door Kicked In

Police are investigating an early-morning shooting involving a man armed with a pool cue and a renter trying to get some sleep.

According to police, the renter was sleeping at about 2:30 a.m. when the female owner of the house showed up with a friend and didn’t have her keys. She woke the renter to be let in.

Police said the renter asked the woman’s friend to leave around 4 a.m. because they were being loud and he was trying to sleep. The man left, but returned a few minutes later, and police said he was carrying a pool cue.

The renter told police the man with the pool cue kicked in the door and threatened him with the pool cue. That’s when the renter shot the man. He was rushed to a local hospital for surgery after suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach, police said.

No names have been released and the investigation is continuing.


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