Gainesville, Florida

From Gainesville‘s of October 5, 2007

Man Killed in Act of Self Defense

Investigators say a man from Gainesville was shot to death, while robbing his neighbor’s home. The accused shooter says it was an act of self defense.

A Gainesville man is shot to death and deputies say his neighbor is responsible, but he isn’t facing any charges.

Alachua County deputies say 33-year-old John Wilds shot 42-year-old Robert Aden in the chest while they were at Wilds home.

Wilds and a witness told deputies that Aden tried to forcefully enter Wilds home, and even broke off the front door’s handle. Wilds then grabbed his 22 caliber handgun, told Aden to leave, and fired a warning shot in the air. Aden then came at Wilds with his fists clenched and shouting obscenities. Fearing for his life, Wilds shot Aden in the chest. Wilds isn’t facing charges at this time, but deputies say they will talk with the State Attorney’s Office about possible charges when the investigation is complete.


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