Columbus, Ohio

From September 24, 2007 Ohio News Now:

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Police were searching for three armed men who broke into a house on the city’s east side Monday morning.

Cynthia Davis said she had just gone into the basement of her home on Picard Road when she heard the back door being kicked in, 10TV News reported.

“I guess God sent me to the basement right at that moment, because I would have been sitting there when they kicked the door in,” Davis said. “I had just been sitting on the couch there moments before.”

Davis’ husband, Frank Watson, yelled to her to stay downstairs and call 911, 10TV News reported.

Watson, 60, picked up his gun and started towards the men. When he saw the burglars, one of the men opened fire, police said.

“Nothing was taken,” Davis said. “When they saw Frank with a pistol, he scared them off and they started to run.”

Davis said she could not tell Watson had been shot at first.

“He said, ‘They shot me,’ and that’s when I could see his T-shirt was soaked with blood,” Davis said.

Watson (pictured, left) was taken to Grant Medical Center in serious condition.


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